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What do you think about the project

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message 1: by Austin, Bajan Canadian!!! (new)

Austin (austinking) | 17 comments Mod
The project of making a distopia

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie (slarimer20) how far is your group mine is almost done we just have to make last minute changes and make or prezi

message 3: by Chandler (new)

Chandler Cox | 15 comments Ours is just finishing up on the prezi we just need to make it a little neater and make the ocean blue instead of just gray.

message 4: by Aiden (new)

Aiden Hasley | 1 comments I think this whole "Prezi" thing is pretty awesome, cool, and excitng! I like this project!

message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie (slarimer20) I love the prezi project I hope we get to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 6: by Katie (new)

Katie (slarimer20) I love the project and hope to do another prezi and book report.

message 7: by Chandler (new)

Chandler Cox | 15 comments hi kaitie

message 8: by Katie (new)

Katie (slarimer20) hi

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