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Mysti Hey! Well....right now the ceiling, but the sky is up more ;) Sorry...I always say that.

Anywho! Do you have any ideas?

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Mysti Umm......I like doing a lot of things. Something romance! That's all I know.

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Mysti I don't think I've done a student/teacher, but don't worry. I won't make you do that. Hm. How about something supernatural?

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Mysti Man. I hate it when decisions are up to me. I usually just go with it. But just because you left it up to me....I randomly pick demon. Oh...and I'm like half asleep, so if I randomly disappear, it's because I fell asleep.

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Mysti Cool idea. I like it. Think I could possibly be Guy B? Unless you want him. That's fine.

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Mysti Alright. Cool. So what all do you want to put on it?

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Mysti Alright. He should be up shortly. Unless I fall asleep. Then he should be up in the morning.

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Mysti Okay. I'll actually probably do that anyway.

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Mysti It's okay! I totally lost this and lost my guy. Um....I'll remake him and have him up soon. Hopefully.

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Mysti Name: Doyle Dominikov

Age: 19

Birthday: October 13th

Appearance: I'll add when I get to a computer

Personality: TBRP

History: Doyle is human and has been on his own for a long time. After seeing his dad brutally murder his mom, he was never the same. He ran away from his dad and has never looked back. He has been moving ever since, afraid to run into his dad after hearing that he was on the move, as well. He's used to running and not getting attached to anything, or being around someone long enough to get attached.

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Mysti Could you start? And I can't see your picture.

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Mysti ((Oh! I am so sorry! I totally lost this! And I usually try to do as much as the other person does))

Doyle adjusted his duffle bag on his other shoulder, glancing around. The air was cold and crisp, enough to see his breath. He was on an old cobblestone road that was half crumbling away. He kept his eyes on the road, kicking pebbles whenever he came across one. He was suppressed to be moving into a house somewhere around here. He wasn't exactly sure where, though.

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Mysti ((Of course I wanna continue. I'm sorry out took me so long, though... :/))

Doyle finally glanced up at the sky, smiling slightly as he saw birds take off. His smile brightened slightly when he realized the sun was rising. He ran his fingers through his short black hair, biting his lip softly. He finally admitted it. He had no idea where he was. He was completely lost.

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Mysti ((Happy late New Year to you, too!))

The dreamy smile automatically slipped from good face when he heard a twig snap. His head snapped towards the sound and searched for the source. His green eyes looked curious. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up, feeling slightly creeped out. This place was creepy with the fog staying close to the cobblestone ground and a sudden, random noise. He continued searching, hoping to catch sight of whoever or whatever made it.

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Mysti Doyle jumped in surprise when he heard a make voice behind him. He whipped around, trying to get his heartbeat to calm down. "First, I'm not a kid. Second, yes. I am hopelessly lost." He sighed softly, shaking his head at himself.

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Mysti Doyle smiled slightly and nodded at him agreeing to him not being a kid. Just as he mentioned freezing to death, a shiver ran down his spine. "Oh....okay. I'm Doyle. You?" He asked, following him quickly.

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Mysti "Hezekiah. Interesting...." He murmured to himself. Sounded strange for someone who lived in modern day. His parents must have been old fashioned or something. His eyes widened slightly. "There's a storm coming?" He didn't like storms. The night he ran away was a stormy night. That was also the night he found his dad... He ripped his mind from that and focused on keeping up with Hezekiah. "Oh! I was supposed to be moving to done horse somewhere around here. I don't even remember the address..." He sighed in defeat, shaking his head again.

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Mysti Doyle entered the room, looking around slowly. He groaned when he heard how far away his possible house was. "30 miles?" He wracked his fingers through his hair and continued glancing around.

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Mysti "A few more weeks?!" Doyle groaned again, not liking the length. He hated storms. Now he had to deal with one that lasted weeks? He crossed his arms across his chest, frowning slightly.

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Mysti Doyle sighed softly and looked thoughtful. He's been in so many places, they all kind of blended together. He nodded when he remembered for sure where he came from. "London, actually. Far, far from here."

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Mysti He nodded and sighed softly, taking the cup from his hands. He smiled slightly and sat down on the couch. He took a stop of the tea and nodded again. "Yes. It is."

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Mysti Doyle shrugged, taking a few more sips of the tea to think about how to answer him. "I've been here and there for a few years now. I've been father from home." He slowly replied vaguely.

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Mysti Doyle nodded and let out a soft sigh. "No family or friends. So I guess you're stuck with me." He smiled slightly and glanced down at his half empty cup.

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Mysti "Careful there. I can be difficult to have around." He replied with a teasing smile. He finished off the rest of his tea and nodded, slowly standing up. "Sure. Love some."

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Mysti Doyle watched him for a couple second, before shaking his head slightly. He made his way back towards the couch, slowly taking a stop of the hot tea. He sat back and relaxed into it. This felt nice. If only there wasn't a storm outside. Then it would be way better.

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Mysti Doyle jumped when he heard thudding sounds around the house. He got up and cautiously followed then. His eyes widened when he reached the kitchen and saw the bloody mess. He dropped his cup, the glass shattering on the floor.

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Mysti "I......uh......I....." Doyle was stunned speechless. Was this guy for real? Did he just kill that thing? He didn't hear any guns go off, but that doesn't mean anything considering how loud the storm had gotten.

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Mysti He stood completely still as he watched the other guy drag the deer away. He nodded when he heard him speak, knowing that he couldn't see him. He bit his lip softly and slowly walked back towards the couch.

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Mysti He plopped down on the couch, resting his hands over his stomach. He glanced up when Hezekiah came back in and groaned inwardly. He felt like he was going to be sick.

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Mysti He glanced at the bucket and sighed. Leaning back into the couch, he squeezed his eyes shut. Usually this helped get the sick feeling away.

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Mysti Slowly, Doyle opened his eyes again when Hezekiah came back. He smiled at him slightly and shook his head, shrugging it off. "Nah. It's alright. I'll be fine." He tried reassuring both of them.

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Mysti Doyle nodded and smiled brightly, yawning at soon as he mentioned sleep. "Well...I could use some sleep. I am pretty tired..." He shrugged and glanced around. He rolled off of the couch so he was laying on the floor. "I'll just sleep here." He murmured.

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Mysti "Thank you..." Doyle whispered, pulling the skins closer to him. The were warm and soft, lulling him to sleep faster than usual.

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Mysti Doyle slept peacefully, dreaming of nothing for once in a long time.

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Mysti Doyle stirred slightly when Hezekiah closed the for, but stayed asleep. He curled up more, pulling the skins closer to him.

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Mysti ((Yup))

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Mysti It took Doyle awhile longer to wake up, bit after a couple minutes, his eyes fluttered open slowly. He sat up and looked around in confusion, trying to remember where he was.

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Mysti Doyle jumped when he heard a loud sound come off from a different direction. He jumped up and slowly walled to investigate, dusky remembering what happened yesterday.

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Mysti ((Sorry! I thought I replied!))

Doyle walked into the kitchen and his eyes widened slightly. "Hey. Do you need any help with that?"

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Mysti Doyle stood in the doorway, biting his lip softly. He shrugged and put his hands over his stomach. "Um....what do you have?"

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Mysti Doyle sighed softly and leaned against the frame if the door. "Um...well whatever should be fine." He replied, shrugging slightly and crossed his arms over his chest.

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Mysti "Yeah. I'm fine." Doyle replied, shrugging off his question. He sighed. "Guess I'm still a little tired."

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Mysti Doyle nodded and yawned. "I think I'll do that." He replied, nodding slightly. He ran his fingers through his hair and left the room to go back to his makeshift bed.

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Mysti "Okay!" Doyle called over his shoulder and smiled slightly. He burrows under the skin when he makes it there and almost instantly falls asleep.

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Mysti Doyle slept fit only about a half hour longer, before waking up. His eyes fluttered open and he sat up, groaning softly. He wasn't ready to get up, but could tell he wasn't getting anymore sleep.

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Mysti Doyle slowly pushed himself off of the floor once he smelt food. He was starving. He wondered into the kitchen and smiled when he saw the plate of food.

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