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Was anyone pissed at Takumi at the end?

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At first, in his letter, when he admitted everything, I was kinda really angry at him for not telling Chip and Pudge, but then I kinda thought about it... and the whole thing wasn't only HIS fault, so I stopped being mad.

What about you guys?

Janhavi♥herondale Yeah, i was really furious was with, but like you said that when i analyze through everything i saw that all the characters had a little of a part in
in Alaska's death.

Jasmine Agreed^^^^^^^

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Were you guys really sad about her death? I actually couldn't care at all about her I was more upset about the fact that the Colonel had to lose his best friend. Honestly, I wasn't at all affected by Alaska's death, and that's also probably why I wasn't too mad at Takumi and the others.

Sera I wasn't upset. Like, I don't think it would be easy, for anyone, to just tell something that huge right off the bat, especially after a DEATH.
And hell yeah I was sad about her death. I loved Alaska, but I can totally sympathise with you when you say you cared more for the Colonel's loss. I cried so hard during the scene when he finds out and is just yelling "I'm sorry!" on the bleachers. Gosh, that broke my heart so much.

Anyways, it was a damn good book no matter how its analysed lol.

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