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Samantha I am so gosh darn excited. I'm more excited about this than the final mortal instruments and I sure am excited about that as well!

I guess it seems like more people are for Death but how can she just give up on Jackson!?

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BelleScar I am all for Jackson. I get that Death is lonely and may feel for her. But in the end of the second book his attitude or owner ship of her was sickening to me. Plus they were married in another life not this one.

Samantha i agree completely.

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I think that Jackson Deveaux is going to be one of the Cards, and going one step further I'm thinking the Sun card. It makes the most sense to me, as the Empress of plants and such, Evie needs the sun. Matthew said early on that she needs the sun to draw power from, and she draws her strength from Jack thorughout the books. Also, this 'Arena' persay is a hat tip to the sun card, and Jackson doesn't appear to struggle with anything that happens. There is also the card that is unaware of it's power until it's killed an Arcana. The Sun cards alternative name is Hail the Great Illuminator, you can be illuminated in several ways, it can mean to literally light something up or it can be gaining knowledge. Given Jack has been kidnapped by the Lovers I think it's safe to assume we are about to find out just what he is. To me, it explains everything. Why Jack can't really escape the game, Evie and Jack's desperate need for each other, Death's insane jealousy of Jack. So here's how I think Book 3 is going to go, Evie goes into Death's room with him, but instead of sleeping with him for Jack's sake, she is going to incapacitate Death long enough to escape (maybe even taking Lark with her so we can have some conversation on the way to rescue Jack) with Death hot on their tail. Then, Evie will meet up with Selena, Finn, and Matthew and go in for Jack, and probably end up captured(they always do). From here the story could go in two seperate directions, The Lovers could take an interest in Evie because of Death's fascination with her, bring her into the tent with Jack, Jack watches Evie tortured, breaks free, attacks the Lovers and wins, thus realizing who he is, OR Death could ride in, rescue Evie, he tries to take her away from the camp, she refuses without her friends also coming, they quarrel, Death either gives in or Evie gets away, Evie runs to Jack's rescue, and together Jack and Evie dispatch the Lover's, and thus Jack realizes who he truly is. I've seen specualtion of Jack being the Hanging Man or a Minor Arcana, and where both were my first thoughts as well, I think the Sun is the most likely just because of the Empress's need for the sun and that the farther away she gets from it the less sunlight there is(Like if Jack isn't happy the sun doesn't rise, or if he's just not sane). Or I could be grasping at straws, all I do know is that waiting until October for the third installation is a really LONG TIME! Also, assuming my speculations are right, I wonder if Death knows that Jack is the Sun card, being that he is the only character who remembers prior games. I tried to use Jack's problem solving techniques when I was pondering and, assuming our lovely author has given us all the information we need to put it all together, this is honestly the most fool proof scenario I could think of, what do ya'll think?

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BelleScar Megan wrote: "I think that Jackson Deveaux is going to be one of the Cards, and going one step further I'm thinking the Sun card. It makes the most sense to me, as the Empress of plants and such, Evie needs the ..."

You and I think alike.. In another thread I suggested that he is the SUN card as well for the same reasons. Plus right now the sun isn't really existing in their worlds. It is mostly dark. And for me Jack being the SUN card makes perfect sense because of how he effects Evie. He is what makes her stronger, and the sun is what makes her more powerful.

I also believe that in the last few games The SUN card hasn't been a major contender. I think because it just remains dormant, and I have a feeling that he and Evie in a past game have had some kind of relationship. Who knows Jack maybe one that might have killed her in a past game. Plus Matthew has stated that Jack is 'unexpected' and that when the rain stops and it begins to snow that they will start their group will start to get their strength back. And at the end of the second book they it started to snow. I wish the third book would hurry up.

//tara wolfprism I'm so conflicted! This author has definitely played with my emotions to the point I'm having withdrawal! I do not know who I'm more in love with... Jackson or Death?! I like BelleScar's prediction with the Sun card, nice connection over there!

Stormy I'm very conflicted, too. I don't know which card Jack will turn out to be and I don't know which guy I would prefer Evie to be with. Kresley sure knows how to stir up a girls emotions.

Jack being the Sun card does make sense.

What I've been wondering about is this female card that Death offered to send in after Jack for Evie. He said something about if he did send the card for Jack that Evie wouldn't be very happy with the outcome. What could that mean?

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BelleScar Stormy I'm going to have to go back and read that, then contemplate about it. I remember reading that but at the same time I don't, I guess I fixated to much on Death basically forcing sex into situation. Which I'm still praying that they don't perform the deed.

Which I will bring up I'm not happy with Evie at the moment either because she did allow Death to go down on her and then and only after he went down on her did she think about Jack and remember that she did promise to atleast give him 'time' to get to her. But this is a whole different topic.

Back to the saving Jack card. I wonder, Death does know more than the others so I'm guessing that Death may know that Jack is,to us the readers, a possible card. And that maybe this FEMALE card has history with Jack. This book is taking to long to come out. I think I may have to go back and re-read the books to look for more hints.

Stormy Yes, it's in there. I remember being like, OH NO! But Evie wouldn't ever sit back and let someone else go save someone she loves.

Oh, yes, I know what you mean. I didn't want them to get physical before I knew more about what he was after and what was going on with Jack. I think it's a little funny that he didn't get anything out of it, too. His first go at being sexually active with someone and he's giving, not receiving a thing. Evie was being totally selfish in that moment, towards Jack and Death.

I know Death knows a lot about the games and the cards, but he doesn't reveal anything unless it's to his advantage. Like, when he told Evie of Jack's secrets from her. It didn't turn out exactly like he expected (she still loves and wants to save Jack), but it did help him to get her into bed and cracked her walls keeping him out.

Jack may very well have history with this female card. I don't know if that could be a good thing or a bad thing, as confusing as this love triangle is. If Evie chooses Death, it would be nice knowing Jack has someone. I'm thinking this female card could be The High Priestess.

Does anyone know if it's coming out in September or October? Publishers say September and GR says October.

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Not sure, but when in doubt I'd go with the publisher!

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Hayley Sue just popping in my random opninon here, but I'm super excited for this book! I'm pondering the thought that maybe Jack is the emperor card... traits associated with that card are similar to Jacks traits I think...

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Zina I am soooooooo annoyed with myself, knowing book 3 won't be out for another 6 or so months, I insist on reading books one and two in less than 4 days. And now, I'm stuck with a cliffhanger! I also think that Jack's the Sun card... He has to be another Arcana (otherwise why would the author string him along for so long?). He carries around a rosary (rose being the key word here) and he's Evie's anchor. Keeping her (a plant) safe when all went awry!
I am also annoyed that a love triangle has thus formed! Again? I mean can't I read a YA book without one? And what's with falling in love with your captor and someone who was clearly wishing for your death?!?! Stockholm syndrome much!

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BelleScar Ha!! Zina you make me laugh. I am set on Jack being the sun card as well. As far as love triangles go, I am none to pleased with it myself. I'm rooting for Jack, he seems to care more for her, I believe Death may care for Evie but I think his is based more on he owns her because he can touch her. Where Jack I believe it was always there.

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Zina I just learned that the author plans six books for this series. 0_0
Will we learn about Jack in the next book? OR will the author leave us hanging for another book or two? Questions... questions...

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I think we will learn about Jack in the next book simply because he will be the card awakened after he kills another card, and I think he will end up delivering the final blow to the lovers when Evie goes to rescue him. Although I'm not entirely sure how the series is going to take six books, although I love the idea of having so many fabulous novels!

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Ana If anybody actually cared enough to look into tarot cards. The next Arcana Chronicles book story line already unfolds. Each person in this story is a representative of a Tarot card. Even Jack. Jack is the emperor, equal to the empress. Although many of you might not know, The emperor card can hide behind his "robe," and hide his true power. Which is exactly why everybody, including Mathew, figures Jack is just a mere mortal. Although The Emperor represents a father figure, protector, strength, stability and safety. Which is exactly how Jack acts. However, The Empress card represents a mother figure, creativity, innocence, life and fertility. The Empress card can not however, reach her full strength without the companionship of the Emperor. If you get both The emperor and the Empress in a Tarot reading, it means unconditional love between lovers. However, Death plays his role as Well. Death represents change and new beginnings. If death is paired with the Empress card it meaning is quite noticeable. It represents the ending of a long relationship. Cole did an amazing job and I enjoy the way her story unfolded into this. I cant wait to see how she made it play out. Sorry for the spoiler.

Stormy It's hard to look into tarot cards when sites tell you total different things and I'm not sure which is correct.

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Ana Stormy wrote: "It's hard to look into tarot cards when sites tell you total different things and I'm not sure which is correct."

That is a valid point but I have a slight advantage because my mother reads tarots.

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Kenyatta If you are following Kresley Cole on Facebook, the new release date of Dead of Winter is January 6 2015. Ughhh im so excited

Stormy Definite advantage and really awesome. :)

2015! wtf

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Kenyatta I know. It broke my heart too

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Zina I am... so.... so... *cries uncontrollably* :'(

The only thing that kept me sane was the fact that I'd only have to wait 6 months... now... ugh...

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Kenyatta Lol I know the feeling

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Hey, Diana, do you have any insights since your mom reads Tarot?

Samantha SO happy they posted a summary.

Valentina Diana wrote: "If anybody actually cared enough to look into tarot cards. The next Arcana Chronicles book story line already unfolds. Each person in this story is a representative of a Tarot card. Even Jack. Jack..."

That is a very good interpretation, and probably will be what happens, but i really don't want it to. However, that's mainly because I am completely 100% Team Aric and will completely lose my shit if she ends up with Jack.

BUT there is one thing wrong with that theory. If it is like you described and the Empress and Emperor have a bond and together they have 'unconditional love' then how come Evie's Grandma didn't warn her about the Emperor. She told Evie about Death and warned her specifically about him, but not about the Emperor. At all. And seeing as though like you said the Emperor and Empress have foretell unconditional Love and Evie cannot be complete without him, then surely Evie's Grandmother would've told her about the Empress Card as that is more important that Evies relationship with Death. She probably would've told evie all about him being mean and nasty like she did with death to try and make her have a negative attitude towards him. Even though you could say that Evie's Grandmother didn't have enough time to tell her, surely she would've prioritized that info before the info she gave Evie about Death, and her grandmother did say that she has told Evie all she has to know, so IF Jack was the Emperor and Evie cannot reach her full strength without him, then she defo would've said something.

Sorry about that, it was pretty long. That's what i think anyway... mainly because I don't like Jack and don't want Evie and him to have 'unconditional love' because Aric, in my opinion, kicks Cajun ass. And is better than Jack in every way and even has a sexier accent and is just pure sexiness... mmmm... Aric =)

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Zina You may have a point there Valentina, but Evie also doesn't remember everything that her grandmother told her, maybe that little piece of information was transfered to Evie and she simply doesn't remember a thing about it?

Stormy I think both guys are pretty sexy in their own ways. I'm still torn between the two. Jack, because of his history with Evie and Aric, because...I kind of pity him. LOL Sadly.

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Zina Stormy, my personal opinion is that love shouldn't be out of pity, which is what I think that Evie also feels for Aric. Idk, the fact that they were wed in another life still doesn't feel like a reason enough.

Chrissy Zina wrote: "Stormy, my personal opinion is that love shouldn't be out of pity, which is what I think that Evie also feels for Aric. Idk, the fact that they were wed in another life still doesn't feel like a re..."

I agree!
He is an interesting character, however, Aric sounded very manipulative and jealous especially towards the end.
And there are two sides to every story I can't wait till we have Jack's side of things ;)

Stormy I agree. I'm so curious as to how this love triangle plays out. I could see her with either guy, but Jack's history with Evie in the first book is why that book is still my favorite so far. All that he did for her.

Aric would be amazing if he wasn't trying to manipulate her into his bed.

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I agree with the whole 'love should not be born out of pity' thing. I'm sorry that Aric literally can't be with anyone other woman than Evie, but even after hearing his story the way he manipulated her was unfair and a deal breaker for me. But I can see Jack's side of things, he lied to protect her and to keep her safe and get her to move on without her mother, a plan her mother agreed too. He'd either planned to tell her eventually and just the more days that passed the harder it got to ruin everything that he had wanted for so long or he hoped he could make everything ok by keeping her alive. And as for trying to steal her from his unaware half brother, well every suspenseful romance has some hidden agenda or betrayal that kicks it off.

Samantha yes love shouldnt be out of pity!
its good that the author made death do something bad at the end so that we can not feel bad for him AS much at least...
I really hope she doesnt kill one of them!!!!
i hope it ends happily somehow!!!!

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I do agree that I hope she doesn't kill either of them, but I think Cole is going to have to kill one of them off simply because neither are the kind of person to move on or give up.

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Zina I can't wait to see what happens, but I don't want either of them to die. I would end up in a pool of tears even if the character is one I liked less.

Samantha i knowwwwww i dont want eitherrrrr to die but if one dies i hope its death. he's been alive SO long... like forever so I think that he should see how much evie and jack love each other and should help them survive together.
i just think its a LITTLE more fair since he's been alive way longer even though his life wasn't good...

Samantha take my poison princess/endless knight quiz!

Samantha dunno if that link will take u right there or not but its found easily when u type in poison princess under quizzes.

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Zina Nice quiz. ^^

Samantha thanks!

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Jelly224 I am literally going to go CRAZY. Why on 2015!!!! Don't they know that there are readers and fans out there wanting this book, like if it were candy. I should know cause I'm one of them.

Stormy Usually, when an author kills off a love interest that's part of a triangle, I see that as a easy way out for the protagonist so she wouldn't have to choose. And I hate that. But in this series, there can only be one winner, right? So obviously one of them will die, if not both. Unless there's going to be some super awesome loop hole. Evie needs to get to her Grams. If she's still alive. I wanna know what she will have to say about Jack and Aric.

Samantha me tooo

Samantha Stormy wrote: "Usually, when an author kills off a love interest that's part of a triangle, I see that as a easy way out for the protagonist so she wouldn't have to choose. And I hate that. But in this series, th..."

yeah but so many ppl think jack will become arcana... i just want them to end the game!!! can only wish...
i cant wait.

Stormy I'd rather he didn't become one, but I have a feeling that he will. He's more than capable of taking care of himself (and Evie and the others) without really being one, so...I don't think he'd have any problems if he didn't become an arcana. Go Jack!

I don't think the game will be finished for a while...although Arcana are getting killed off rapidly. There's a few tough players in the game that could keep it going.

Samantha i Never thought jack would become arcana until i read these posts though! I don't feel like he has to become one either!
Then at least Jack and Evie could end up together AND Evie could still win the game... yeah yeah

too many thoughts in my mind.

You guys should read the book obsidian *just a recommendation*

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Zina Well, the Arcana have powers that give them a huge advantage to survive; Jack doesn't have this advantage. I'd say he'd be able to make it, if he wasn't hanging out with them. There are big chances he'll become a casualty, unless he has a secret weapon of his own, hence why he HAS to be an Arcana.
As for Obsidian, I started reading it, but I'm not too sure. Will I love it as much as I love this book?

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Stormy, there are going to be six books in total so it's definitely ending any time soon!
And Samantha if Evie wins the game she becomes immortal for the next 700 some odd years and Jack would be dead, I feel like she wouldn't want to live without him. If the game is going to be own I doubt it'll be by Evie unless everyone she loves-i.e. Jack, Finn, Matt, Selena, Lark, and Aric-are already dead in which case shed probably go be a major B.A. And kill everyone in grief. And that is not an ending I'd be too happy with.

Stormy I think they will find a loophole. I just hate it because I know there will be casualties before then. Most likely some Arcana we've become fond of. :( I will definitely cry if we lose Matto. He's a trip, but he's also a favorite of mine.

Samantha yeah i dont think she'd want to live without jack (or whoever she ends up with!)
i just want a happy ending

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