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Orson Card

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message 1: by Max (new)

Max I chose this book because it is the second book in the Ender series. So far it was a slow start. "Pipo was forbidden by law...".

Alphus Rockey although its the second book of Enders Saga, you must realize that its the first book that deals with the Lusitanian World, as such the author cannot help but take things slow in the beginning. he has a whole different species to introducte not to mention the Humans on Lusitania and their various Social Hierarchies. Keep at it, i would say, the shit hits the fan in Xenocide and Children of the Mind.

Raptori If you liked Ender's Game, the Shadow series (which follows Bean's story) is actually a more natural progression from the first book. The rest of the Ender story takes a very different tone and pace. I still love those books, but for someone wanting more of Ender's Game they might not hit the spot.

Melinda Brasher I agree. Loved Ender's Game, but I didn't like Speaker for the Dead all that much, and my brother thinks the books get worse as they go. However, Ender's Shadow is fantastic.

message 5: by Joanne (new)

Joanne I felt this book was a slow start for me as well. I think I started getting interested in it more about half way through. I think the most interesting part for me is the whole idea of the Speaker for the Dead and what that means. Also, the whole issue about sharing technology was very thought provoking. I liked it at the end when some of the questions from the beginning finally get answered.

C.I. DeMann This is one of my all-time favorite books. ADORED it. But it's very different from Ender Games. Trees instead of spaceships. But if you go into it knowing that it's different, I think you'll discover its charms.

message 7: by Jen (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jen I thought this book was amazing. It just built on an Ender from Ender's Game and made him more into a man. We saw him truly develop in this book. And hell, Xenocide was even crazier. Great series.

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