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The mall in Boone.

Stores (and restaurants) include:
Dollar General
Panera Bread

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Elaine knew it was very early so she felt she would walk about the mall for awhile to kill time. If the mall was close, she was going to walk around town instead. She thought she get a good look of this city. If she was going to spend most of her time here with in the next few years, she felt she would need to know the area. She decided to look in Sears. She has heard it was a decent store and a nice one so she felt the need to check it out. She walked around for a while. She saw nice furniture and some nice beds. She spent most of her time there looking at them. She also tried them out by sitting on them.

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The way he looked at her - like some wild animal about to pounce - made her nervous. More nervous anyway. At least he was being polite now. Not that he'd been rude to her before, just the girl Elaine, the girl she had been starting to consider a friend. She had to remind herself yet again why she was doing this: to protect the innocent.

Maeve smiled at Lucas before heading out into the mall. If her smile was a little shaky, well, hopefully he wouldn't notice. She stood and waited a moment for him to catch up before she started walking again. The mall was well-lit, save for one corner. Which, unfortunately, she did not realize until she was almost there.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Lucas's instincts screamed at him and before he knew it he grabbed Maeve by the waist just as a giant scorpion's tail shot out of the shadows. the owner of said tail growled in annoyance as it slowly slid from the shadows. Lucas quickly pushed Maeve out of the way, leapt at the thing, and shifted in a blink of an eye. with a equine bellow he charged the thing and skewered its shoulder on his horn. he felt it dig its claws into him and it threw him against the wall with a loud crack.

"mmmm, i have never tasted one of the Pure Ones before. i will enjoy draining you dry little ARGH!" the thing was so focused on Maeve that Lucas was able to blow into it in tiger form. after shredding its back some he allowed the thing to slip away, he knew it wouldn't attack them again. he gave Maeve a sheepish look, as much as a giant tiger could anyway. he quickly shifted back to human and continued to grin sheepishly.

"hope i didn't frighten you. you're not going to run are you? i may be a fell unicorn hybrid but i assure you i'm not like others, i won't hurt you." he didn't know what she knew about his kind, most others believed them to be a violent and bloodthisrty race. while partly true that was only during breeding seasons, when most species tended to find them, but most of the time they were mostly mellow.

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Maeve squeaked as she was grabbed and pushed back behind the boy she'd just met. She watched him jump and... change. Into a unicorn. A black unicorn, which confused her, because weren't unicorns white? She blinked, certain she was seeing things, but, no the scene hadn't changed. She winced in sympathy at the audible crack when Lucas hit the wall.

She felt more than saw it coming for her, whatever it was, and shuddered with fear. She was too scared to even run, frozen in fear. She had to blink again as the... thing was bowled over by a... tiger? What the hell was a tiger doing in a mall? She could only stare as the tiger became Lucas. First he became a black unicorn, then a tiger?

"I... I think I need to sit down," Maeve whispered, her head still spinning. She leaned back against the wall then slid down until she sat on the floor. She put a hand to her head, shook it, then looked up at the boy Lucas. "You... You're a unicorn? And a tiger?" She bit her lower lip to trap the 'that's so cool!' trying to find its way out. She shook her head again and closed her eyes.

"Whatever you are, you just saved my life. Thank you.

"But, um, what was that... thing? And why did he call me a 'Pure One'? What does that even mean?"

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Lucas frowned at her for a moment. "actually i'm a hybrid of demon, fell unicorn, and black tiger. the demon part shows when i get heated up in my unicorn form. Pure One is what certain beings call unicorns, because the average unicorn can purifiy and heal stuff. its my job to save maidens, especially pretty ones like you." he winked at her before becoming serious. "i'm a guard at the college, i'm guessing you're a student?"

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She heard his correction of what he was, and filed it away to be examined later. None of those three species sounded good. In fact, they all sounded like trouble. So her first reaction - that little frisson of fear - was now explained. Her current thoughts, though, terrified her. She shouldn't be attracted to one so dark. She had been anyway, then he'd saved her and her attraction had grown. She couldn't explain why, but it was true. Him calling her pretty didn't hurt.

"Yeah, I'm a student." She frowned, pausing briefly to think. "But why did he call me a Pure One? I'm no unicorn. I'm just a human, a simple girl. One who can use magic, but that's the only thing special about me."

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments "no idea. you don't smell like any of them prissy incompoops i've met but you're certainly not human. plus i'm guessing saying what i am didn't help me wooing you did it? well let me say only the demon part of me is truly dark, fell unicorns aren't evil as a whole and black tigers have been protecting life since they first exsisted. they got cool abilities too, especially when fighting dragons older than mountains." he immediately snapped his jaws shut, with a loud and slightly disturbing, click when he realized he was starting to babble.

"i swear i'm not normally a babbling idiot, normally i'm smooth and cool. kinda comes with the job and damnit i'm doing it again aren't i?"

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Maeve wasn't overly fond of his description of unicorns. She was about to ask about that, and why he said she wasn't human, when he just started babbling for no apparent reason. She smiled, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing as he just babbled on about wooing her and what he was. She raised an eyebrow as his jaw snapped shut with an audible click.

Then he started talking again, and babbling again, and she giggled. "Yes, you are. I don't mind. It's kinda cute, actually." Plus I never knew I could turn a man into a babbling idiot. I think I like it. Or maybe I just like him. She blushed lightly at the direction of her thoughts.

"But what makes you say I'm not human? I am human. My whole family is."

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Lucas half-heartedly glared at her. "i am not cute, i am dangerous and scary or perhaps sexy and handsome but not cute. for one you don't smell human. i'd swear you were blessed by a particularly powerful unicorn but thats not quite it either. also there is a student here, both sides of his family are human with barely a drop of supernatural in them. however something happened in him and he's a hybrid now, perfect balance of incubus and human wizard in his blood now. so is there a big burly boyfriend i have to worry about?" by his tone though he wasn't afraid, more amused and somewhat hoping than anything else.

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Maeve grinned. "No, you are definitely cute. Maybe also a bit scary, but still cute." And sexy. Oh my. Rather sexy. Her thoughts made her blush again.

"Hmm? No, no boyfriend, big and burly or otherwise. Never really met anyone I was interested in before." 'Now' hung in the air, unsaid but present nevertheless. "Hate to break it to you, but my parents are both human. Neither of them can even do magic, so I most definitely am human."

She raised her hand up towards him. "I think I can stand now, if you want to walk some more. Or something." She immediately felt like an idiot for adding 'or something', as that could be taken to mean she wanted to do something more than simply walk with him. Which she did, but she hadn't meant to imply that. She really wanted to kiss him, a desire she'd never had before with anyone outside of her family. But this kiss would not be a tame, friendly kiss. Not remotely.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Lucas sighed, he could tell there was no changing her mind on this. his eyes gleamed with mischief as an idea came to him. though he could tell what she wanted his instincts said this wasn't the place to do anything like that and he had an idea that would most certainly be fun.

"how about something." without a single warning he grabbed her by the middle and tossed her up into the air. he quickly shifted to his unicorn form and she lightly landed onto his back. muttering the mind speaking spell in his mind he projected his thoughts to her, somewhat nervous of her reaction when she her his actual accent.

is this what ya had in mind lass? he normally hid his Scot accent easily but he couldn't hide it in his mind no matter what he tried.

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Maeve shrieked as he picked her up and threw her into the air as if she weighed no more than a feather. She managed to cut off the sound before it drew too much attention to their dark little corner. She saw him shift as she began to fall, and quickly murmured a shielding spell - one of the few wind spells she had managed to master so far. She was in the middle of the spell when she landed - surprisingly gently - on his back. Such a landing did not disrupt her spell casting at all, enabling her to get the shield into place that much sooner. She felt the shield click into place, effectively hiding their dark little corner from all eyes.

She started as he spoke into her mind, then shivered at his accent. "Good Lord, why do you hide that sexy accent?" she asked before she could edit herself. "But, no, this wasn't the something I had in mind. Though this is pretty cool." She laid down on his back, pressing herself to him. "Hmm, I could get used to this."

She hesitated for several seconds before speaking once more. "The 'something' I had in mind was... um, uh, well, it was... kissing you," she finished in a soft whisper as her pale cheeks flamed crimson.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments about to comment Lucas smelled the distinct scent of a powerful and dangerous being he had met only once. so that's why my instincts told me to shift. he thought to himself as he did the only smart thing he could do with Maeve on his back, he bolted as fast as his powerful legs could. only to be yanked to a halt by something constricting his neck. he felt Maeve fall off and tried to maneuver to catch her only to find the being had already done so. with a resigned sigh he shifted back and glared at the infamous Dark God.

"now what the 'ell are ya doin' here?" his Scottish accent filled his voice, a clear sign that he was very angry.

"i'm here to see my descendents, and any kin that are alive, as well as to teach. now tell me what you were doing with my niece?" Lucas stilled at the voice like honey with just a hint of savagery. this was the voice of the thing that had given the world its well known berserkers, the same voice that ended the Third Stone Age, this was the voice of the Dark God.

"Niece? you mean Maeve?" Lucas was more than stunned, he was shocked speechless.

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Maeve shrieked again as she was pulled from Lucas's back. That was what it had felt like, though in actuality she had fallen. Only to be caught be something big and scary. Her eyes widened in shock as she looked up at her captor... erm, savior? Hell. Whatever. She was close to fainting, feeling extremely light-headed. She closed her eyes and took a couple of deep breaths, her eyes flying open when this... thing referred to her as his niece. Um, okay, maybe she wasn't as human as she thought...


Anavriel groaned when she realized just where her mate had gone: to a very public place without casting a glamour on himself first. So he didn't look remotely human. Luckily, she did. Maybe she could help clear things up, whatever he'd managed to stir up in the past couple of seconds. With a soft sigh, she teleported herself to his side, just in time to hear Lucas's words.

"Mirak! Put the poor girl down. She's quite obviously terrified." She tilted her head as she looked at the young girl. "And confused. I do believe she thought herself human. Poor dear."

She turned to look at Lucas. "Though I am curious what she was doing around a fell unicorn." How dare such a creature touch one so pure and innocent? The child hadn't even known her own history, but she should have known to stay away from one such as him: not only fell unicorn but demon as well? Though the black tiger was surprising; there were very few of them left in the world.


"I AM human," Maeve insisted yet again. She wasn't quite ready to admit that she might not be as human as she had originally believed. How could her family not have told her?

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Mirak gently put the girl down on her feet and stepped back a few steps. his tail slowly slid side to side, a sign he was relaxed but somewhat irritated. his immediately went to his mate and his body responded to her presence with a low purr.

Lucas gave the woman a glare before gently grabbing Maeve. he gave the woman, whose scent he recognized now, a low growl of displeasure.

"i can already tell what your thinkin', and i can assure you my interest in her is feline curiosity." which was the truth, if only partly. the more feline part of him was curious about her but not in a way that one said aloud, especially to a female.he ignored the Dark God's snort of suppressed laughter, Lucas already knew he didn't actually mind Maeve with Lucas so he wasn't worried about him. he was worried the Dark God's mate would make Maeve disgusted with him.

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Anavriel laughed at Lucas's remark. "It's a bit more than that, I believe. And I'm rarely wrong about such things. Just a warning, though: Do not hurt her. You will regret it."


Maeve looked back and forth between Lucas, whose hand she was holding, and this strange woman who had just appeared out of thin air. "I really am human. I think."


Anavriel sighed softly. She looked at Maeve and gave her a soft smile. "Your parents are human, dear. At least mostly, though both carry the DNA of unicorn shifters. Our kind has had to mate with humans to survive, so the blood is... weak. The ability to shift often skips a generation or two. Both of your grandmothers can shift. You may be able to at some point, but it's not guaranteed. Your DNA is mostly human after all.

"I've kept up with my relatives through the years. You are the great-great-great-okay-a-bunch-of-greats-I-don't-really-remember-how-many-granddaughter of my half-sister Maeve. The name is a happy coincidence."


Maeve stepped closer to Lucas and laid her head on his arm. "I... I don't even know what to say. Why didn't anyone tell me?"

She saw the other woman shrug. "I suppose they weren't sure if you would ever be able to shift, since neither of your parents could shift. Though the ability to use magic is generally a good sign that one will be able to shift. Though it is odd for you to have reached eighteen and never have shifted. I'm sure you will do so soon." The woman smiled.

Maeve attempted a smile back, but it probably looked more like a grimace. She was really confused and a bit upset - okay, more than a bit - about learning such a thing about herself this way. "Wait, you said I'm a descendant of your half-sister? So was she a full-blooded unicorn shifter? And what are you?"


Anavriel smiled softly, a far-away look coming into her eyes. "My mother was one of the first unicorn shifters. Someday maybe I could tell you the legend of how unicorn shifters came to be?" She smiled wider when Maeve nodded, even if she was a bit hesitant. "She and my father were never married. You've probably heard of my father, actually. Gabriel? The archangel Gabriel?" Again, Maeve nodded, her eyes wide. "Mother convinced him to return to his duties when I was very young. She married a few years later, another unicorn shifter. All of my half-siblings were pure-blooded unicorn shifters. That was many years ago. Many, many years."

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments "more than she cares to admit." Mirak whispered in Lucas's ear, making the young hybrid jump a bit though held onto Maeve still. "though i have to say Lucas's opinion was pretty accurate of a few of them. if not for Ana i'd have happily throw them to dragons but since i couldn't do that i decided to throw them into something else. this something turned out to be a very nasty and particularly muddy pond. it was hilarious! that mud didn't come out of their coats for weeks, no matter how much they washed! she won't admit it but she enjoyed it just as much as me, we had peace and quiet for months!" he saw a look cross Ana's eyes and immediately snapped his jaws shut.

Lucas stifled a chuckle at the wary look in the Dark God's face when he saw the look in his mate's eyes. hey you won't be much better when you take a mate. a part of him thought which immediately stopped his laughter.

"well that makes some things clearer, Maeve's scent is very much unicorn and since i've met very few unicorn hybrids i didn't recognized her scent. also explains how you smell so.....strongly." he picked the least offensive word he could think of and tried to keep a straigh face when Mirak muttered, "wasn't Maeve the one i threw into the pond? became quite nice after the incident if i remember correctly." Lucas almost lost it when Mirak put on an innocent face when Ana gave him a look.

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Though she shot a glare at Mirak when he mentioned having thrown her sister into that horrible little pond, she was now struggling not to laugh. She finally gave up the fight and let out a peal of bell-like laughter. "She looked so funny with her hair sticking up every which way! I'll never forget it, no matter how long I live."

She looked to the current Maeve - who looked a bit confused still - and smiled gently. "Back before unicorn shifters had to mate with humans to ensure the continuation of the species, they lived quite a long time. My sister - well, half-sister - Maeve was around 1500 when he threw her into that pond. And unmated. She mellowed out even more once she was mated. Though I'm not sure her mate would have wanted anything to do with her before the pond incident. She... well, she was a bit of a bitch." Ana shrugged. "But, again, that was a very long time ago." She looked at the girl critically. "I don't think you'd believe me if I told you just how long."


"So how long will I live? Just out of curiosity," Maeve said. She really wanted to know, though she wouldn't admit it. Just how old were her grandmothers anyway? They never would tell her, either of them.

"Ah. Well, that depends on several factors. Modern unicorn shifters live around two hundred years. But if your soul mate is a longer lived species, you could live much longer. And you will age slower from now on, though it won't stop completely as I have. I have not aged at all since I turned thirty. I should have, given my blood. But, because of what my soul mate is, I stopped aging then." She shrugged. "Even though I refused to give in to the draw to him for nearly two millennia. I was scared of his nickname among the people. I let that fright control my actions for far too long. Once I finally met him, I felt so silly. He wasn't nearly as frightening as his nickname made him sound." She shot Mirak a grin. He rather liked being frightening. And he was, to an extent, just not to her. She knew he would never hurt her; to do so would be to hurt himself, their soul mate bond was that strong.

Maeve's eyes had grown wider as the woman spoke. Just how old was she? And a soul mate? How would she even know who her soul mate was, if she ever met him? Had she maybe met him already? Would she even know if she had? No, no she would not. Not at this point. She didn't even know how one could even tell if someone was their soul mate. She'd spoken of feeling a draw to her soul mate; would she feel the same draw to her soul mate? And would it be stronger than the draw she felt towards Lucas?

"I think I need to sleep. Nothing is making much sense right now. So, if you all don't mind, I'll just go back to my motel room now." Her head was spinning from all she'd heard, all she'd learned. She feared she would fall over if she didn't lay down soon.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments "want me to take you?" Lucas stared at Mirak when he busted out laughing so hard he was bent over. it took a minute for him to gain enough control to say, "what do you think the police will think when they get reports of a young woman riding a black horned horse or a giant black tiger but the cameras show nothing? they'll think everyone was on something! the expressions would be priceless!" Lucas chuckled a bit as well, the image was rather funny.

"anyway how about Maeve? want to be the first person to ride the Dragonbane?" he gave her a innocent grin but let his eyes so his wicked intent. he pointedly ignored Mirak's muttered, "stealing my lines, why does everyone always steal my lines!"

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Maeve giggled at the mental picture she came up with from the odd man's words. Her uncle's words. Supposedly. She still wasn't sure she quite believed him or his... wife? Mate? Whatever she is. Her aunt at any rate, or so she claimed. Maybe she was right, maybe not. "How about you just walk with me there?" She didn't want to admit it, but she was scared she'd fall again. And this time, there wouldn't be anyone to catch her.


Ana's nose crinkled in amusement, her white teeth showing where she bit her lower lip in an effort not to laugh. She raised an eyebrow at the boy Lucas's comment. She really wanted to say something, but didn't; she'd already given the poor girl enough surprises this night.

She did giggle as Mirak accused him of stealing his lines. Had he been the first to use such a cheesy line? Maybe; it had been years millennia since he'd even attempted to use such a line with her. Granted, it'd been that long since he'd needed to use any line to get her into his bed. One night lying beneath him had been enough to convince her she was made for him, that she was indeed his mate. "Come on, love," she said as she reached for his hand, "let's leave these two alone." She smiled at him, letting him see just how much she wanted to be alone with him, in his arms, in their bed.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Mirak grinned eagerly, his fangs bared as his hunger for Ana rose. "hmmm who?" he was suddenly distracted by the sound of her breathing, the sound of her delicious blood pumping through her delicate neck. he was faintly worried he was about to start drooling at any moment and he wondered if he actually could make it to their room quickly enough as he made his way toward his mate with his intent clear in his eyes.

Lucas ignored Ana and Mirak when he smelled Maeve's fear and guessed to what it was. "please don't insult me, fell unicorn's never lose their passengers enless they wish. or if a extremely anicent god to be grabs them and yanks them off." he said this part with some volume to it, Mirak simply chuckled and from the noise coming from behind him Mirak was about to do something to Ana Lucas didn't want to see. "we better leave before we se old people biting each other, now something i was hoping to see this evening." he quickly steered Maeve away from the soulmates and out the mall.

Mirak looked up from Ana's neck and sighed as he remembered something. "sorry hon but we got to go check on ole Sangy (name Mirak calls Draco) i don't think he'll take it well that we knew his soulmate was alive and didn't tell him."

(where to now?))

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"No insult intended, I assure you," Maeve murmured. She smiled as he led her out of the mall.

"I'm staying just a few blocks away, so it won't take long to get there. Five, maybe ten minutes," she said with a shrug. She squeezed his hand as she took the lead, heading towards the motel she was staying in.

((I'll make a topic for her motel room and copy/paste this there. And probably expand it. ^_^ ))


Ana grinned as Mirak looked at her hungrily. She knew that look; it always led to something fun. She was so distracted by him she forgot where they were. She shuttered in anticipation as he leaned down towards her neck. Just before he bit her, he sighed and then spoke. She sighed.

"Crap. No, he won't like it at all. I told you we should tell him!

"And, please, don't call him that to his face. You know he hates it. After all, he is our friend. You should at least try to be more polite to him." She was not looking forward to this reunion. It promised to be worse than usual.

((To Rose's office. This will be interesting...))

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments ((may want to change the post a bit, Draco is more their confidant or great friend not grandson.))

Mirak got ready to do a teleportspell when he felt a chill run up his spine. he stared at a pitch black corner and shivered slightly when a large Doberman stalked out of it. in most ways it was a regular dog, larger than average but regular, but the eyes gave away that it wasn't no ordinary dog. she rumbled slightly at Mirak and he felt a pressure against his mind then heard a feminine voice say, good that you did not attack my master elder. then she left silently.

"she was a blood wolf." he whispered and shivered again. he had a bad encounter with a half mad omega blood wolf shortly after the birth of his and Ana's third child, he had nearly died fighting it and only Ana's healing had saved him. he quickly recovered from his scare and smiled at his mate. "let's get going!" then he teleported them with a wave of his hand.

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((Fixed it.))

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