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Matt Juhl (authormattjuhl) The Straight Crimes by Matt Juhl

I wrote this story to create awareness around the effects of bullying, discrimination, and hate towards the gay community. However, the unique twist is that the book is a tale of reverse discrimination, where a man and a woman are being judged because they are straight.

Harper and Nik meet and cannot deny the powerful attraction that exists between them. Existing in a world where their love isn't widely accepted, they find themselves up against many obstacles and many people who do not want them to be together. Cleverly woven into a romantic suspense/murder mystery, this story mirrors discrimination towards gays in today's society. It shows the lengths that people will go through to bring Harper and Nik down. Through passion, deception, obsession, lies, and murder, "The Straight Crimes" is a must-read for all those who support equality for all.


Actual Book description:
After their home in Louisiana was tragically demolished by fire, sharp-tongued Harper Jones and her troubled mom, Mindi, return to the picturesque town of Silver Shores along the western coast of Michigan to stay with Aunt Faye. Feeling lonesome in her new surroundings, Harper desperately craves companionship—discovering that and so much more in the hunky and compassionate Nik Roberts. Instantly, Harper and Nik are drawn to one another. Existing in a world where love between men and women is almost forbidden and certainly not widely accepted, the magnetism of their unspoken desire is paralyzing—which scares Harper to death.

Then Harper befriends entrepreneur and socialite Traci Galva, whose immeasurable kindness is surpassed only by her ambition. After facing eviction because of her mom's drug habits, Harper seeks refuge with Traci. Shortly after, everyone is stunned when Faye's house violently erupts in flames and Mindi mysteriously vanishes. With only Nik and Traci to depend on, Harper's world is turned upside down. What first seems like an accident becomes classified as a case of arson when police discover Faye’s mangled body in the ashes.

With fingers pointing in every direction, Harper and Nik find themselves tangled in a web of lies, passion, and murder as they fight for their lives and love.

message 2: by Salsera1974 (last edited Nov 18, 2013 07:39PM) (new)

Salsera1974 | 7 comments Okay, I have to ask -- I'm genuinely intrigued, but I'm confused by the premise. If hetero love is frowned upon, have you written a world in which reproduction happens through artificial insemination?

message 3: by Kaje (last edited Nov 18, 2013 08:15PM) (new)

Kaje Harper | 16510 comments You might want to also take a quick peek at the thread for Role reversals: opinions? - we had a discussion on the group about this when Laura Preble released Out. She wasn't the first to do this kind of straight-minority role-reversal story, and there is room for all kinds of tales - I like the murder mystery thread you seem to have - but she found that she struck some nerves she wasn't expecting, and reading that might give you a bit of warning at what you may come across (and keep us from having the same discussion again here.)

Good luck with the book, and with the discussions it will engender.

message 4: by Matt (new)

Matt Juhl (authormattjuhl) Salsera,

Thank you for your interest and valid concern. While the reproductive process is not explicitly stated, it is implied that homosexual couples can create life. Rather than explaining the logistics, I focus on the discrimination they face and their internal struggles as they fight for their love. Aside from enduring verbal and physical abuse in their home lives, they meet several outsiders who seek to keep them apart for various motives. I think there is something in this story for everyone. While I hope it is awakening to some extent, my main goal is to highlight the importance of equality, acceptance, and love.

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Salsera1974 | 7 comments Matt wrote: "Salsera,

Thank you for your interest and valid concern. While the reproductive process is not explicitly stated, it is implied that homosexual couples can create life. Rather than explaining the l..."

Well, that's honest-to-goodness fascinating! I'm even more interested now. Thanks for your response. :-)

message 6: by Matt (new)

Matt Juhl (authormattjuhl) Kaje,

Thank you for your response and for sharing the thread on role reversals. I am intrigued to read Out by Laura Preble to see the world she creates. The reviews were tough on her book and the thread discussion was a little heated at times. I want to see how she presents the topic for myself to give it an honest review.

I feel I do a decent job of not focusing on creating a superior sexual orientation. While I chose to create a love between women and men that is not widely accepted, it is certainly not forbidden nor is it completely condemned. In the story, you do find people who support them amongst varying reactions to their relationship. The murder mystery/suspense is created by the rage and reaction of some of their adversaries. However, I do not focus on saying one orientation is better than another. Instead, my main goal is to demonstrate the various effects of discrimination. While it mostly mirrors the issues gay people face, most people who have been bullied for any reason could relate to what my characters endure. By tying these themes into a love story, to some extent, many can relate to love and may find someone in the story they identify with.

Great discussion. And I am excited to be part of this group.

Matt Juhl

message 7: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16510 comments I'm all in favor of trying to make discrimination salient and palpable to people who may have glossed over it before. I really hope your book succeeds at both doing that and gaining an entertained fan base of readers too. And I hope you have fun with the release and the discussions.

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Matt Juhl (authormattjuhl) Salsera,

My pleasure. More importantly, thank you for the discussion. If you decide to read, please share your feedback on my book page. I would love to hear your review. All the best,
Matt Juhl

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Matt Juhl (authormattjuhl) Thank you for your kind words, Kaje. I hope for the same. I enjoy these discussions and look forward to many more.

message 10: by Matt (new)

Matt Juhl (authormattjuhl) "The Straight Crimes" is FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon! Get your free digital copy now!


message 11: by Josée (new)

Josée (josee-ireadalot) | 45 comments Thank you for making it free!!! I so wanted to read it but I busted my budget for books this month already! I'm sooooo grateful!

message 12: by Matt (new)

Matt Juhl (authormattjuhl) You are very welcome. I hope you enjoy it!

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