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message 2: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (jordyleigh) | 13 comments Got any ideas?

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 7 comments I do have a few, but if you have any, then I'd love to hear yours first :)

message 4: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (jordyleigh) | 13 comments You go ahead.

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 7 comments Okay :) Are you more so into a High School sort of setting? Or are you more so into supernatural/fantasy things?

message 6: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (jordyleigh) | 13 comments I really don't care what they are. I'm doing human rps, and I'm doing werewolves rps, I'm doing a human and vampire roleplay.

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 7 comments Okay :) I have to go finish some homework now, but I will put down my ideas tomorrow, or the next day. Depending on how much homework I have.

message 8: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (jordyleigh) | 13 comments Um... Wednesday, I won't be on tomorrow a lot.

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