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Lura (luraj2612) | 2700 comments Mod
Campus gymnasium.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
It had taken about twenty minutes for the fox spirit to make her way to the gym. She was looking for some way to draw her thoughts from confusing matters. Looking around, she made sure the place was clear before she held up her hand. An white ball dropped from mid air into Scarlet hand. The ball was white and it was the size of a basketball. Scarlet throws the ball into the air a few times while walking to the center of the gym.

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Katie  | 472 comments Pulling his things close to him Merlin creeped into the shadows. Merlin watched her toss it a few times before getting a sense of what it was. He knew then if he got the white globe from her, he might get to show her that she does love him. He started to come up with a few plans of how to get it and finally settled on one of them. Casting his voice from what sounded like the other side of the gym and in what sounded like a small childs voice. "Can I play with you?" His child looking illusion said. "I like the color it very pretty." The child sounded fasinated now. The little girl stepped out of the door way with a quirky smile. Merlin stayed close to the shadows undetected.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Tossing the ball around, Scarlett happily plays with herself. She wondered where that man from earlier got to. Thinking he was off doing his own thing, she wondered if he was as powerful as he keeps insisting. As the ball came back down, she reaches for it. Miss judging the ball falls to her right. Gasping, she reaches for the ball only to have one of her right tails to capture it. "O boo, I forgotten about those things"She sound the ball with the tip of her tail. Hearing the child like sound of an girl nearby, she turns in his direction. Smiling upon seeing the small child, she giggles, covering her bottom lip with her hand."I'm sorry daring, this ball can't be played with. It's special you see" She walks toward the girl, the ball still balancing on the tip of her tail.

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Katie  | 472 comments "Please its sooooo pretty. Can I just touch it? I promise, promise, promise, I'll be carful." The small girl begged giving Scarlet the puppy eyes. Merlin leaned against the wal smiling to himself keeping the illusion going. The girl looked at the tails. "They look so soft! How are you doing that!" She said pointing to the balanceing globe. Merlin waited, after all these years he had learned to be patient.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
"Aww you're so adorable. You must be human" Scarlett kneels down on bend knees. Her arms folded on her knew top and her eyes set on the girl. "Sorry kido, this ball is very special to me. I can't allowed anyone to hold it. It's like glass you see so it could break easily in your cute adorable hands" She smiles again. Another of her tails poked out from behind her. "My tails I'm like a fox. I have many. You can pet my tail if you want." Moving the second tail around in front of her, she features the girl forward. The tail that held the ball stood behind her balancing on the tip of the tail.

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Katie  | 472 comments While the girl petted her tails Merlin let energy flow through Scarlett, making her calm and slow. Merlin knew this was the right time to strike coming closer swift and silent his feet barley touched the ground. When he was about 15 feet from her he used his power to pull the globe quickly toward him. Holding it in his hand he put a spell on it so only he could touch it. "So," he said as the girl shimmerd away. "Your not the only trickster." He said examining it. "I know what this is and the only way to get it is to listen to me." He said with a smirk in the corner of his mouth.

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Katie  | 472 comments .

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
(Sorry I'm trying to get my computer to work so I can start writing there, but ...)

Scarlett eyes soften as she watched the small girl pet her tail with her small hands. As he felt the soothing energy floated through her, she became slightly alert. The energy felt similar to her feeding on the life energy of others. Out the corner of her eyes, she sees Merlin. Pain and shock course through her as she realized that her ball was out in the opening. She stood as quick as she could,but was too late. He had her ball. Frowning as the little girl disappears, she half glares at Merlin. "Give it back" At his last, she smiles back. "Sure" She walks toward him, with the attempt to get the ball back.

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Katie  | 472 comments "You're not the only fox I've messed with but I think I'm actually into you." He said giving it a soft toss in the air feeling the globe as it landed back in his hand. "The thing is, well, your energy will slowly flow back just I have control of it now. Turns out not all my dads books are like liking concrete." He said with a smirk. "And also I could feel you sort a liked me too." He was having fun now. "The girl" he said wavinbg his hand making her reappear next to him. "She is a easy spell I've learned. I could show you some more, all I ask is that you tell me what you really feel."

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Stopping in her strode toward him, her eyes darted to the ball when he,tossed it into the air. Worried gripped her heart as he causally tossed it. When he did catches it, she relaxed smiling. "You shouldn't mess with a fox. " She approached him. Her walk in a cat like manner. Stopping in front of him, she meets his eyes. "An girl can never tell a man her many secrets. And I think your question counts as that" Her tail, four of them slide from behind her. One wrapped itself around Merlin waist, another slaps at the ball. The other two focused on capturing the professor.

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Katie  | 472 comments Merlin smiled letting it fall into his bag, more like a endless pit. "What kind of fox you are. Are you lighting or fire?" He asked holding out both hands with lighting in one and fire in the other. He smiled at her grabbing her tails to see which one would flinch at the feel of the energys. "And so that's means you do like me." He teased at her. "You not being able to say says more than you think." He said wondering what her other methods of attack would be.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Snarling, her upper lip rising. She couldn't believe her ball was placed into a bag that could very well be fifth. Nevertheless, she shifted her eyes back to the man. Seeing him lifting both of his hands, her instincts told him that he was up to something. In which case, she would easily fight. Her ball was the main keeper of her spirit, the very thing that linked her to the world beyond this world. She couldn't let some wizard, despite how cute he was, keep her most valued object. "Neither one nor the other, yet one of the same" Stepping back, her appearances slowly changes. Her hands and feet became furry and clawed. Her eyes more wild in nature. Her teeth became fangs. Her overall appearance became almost her fox form. Almost because she only does a partial change. "I ask you again, please return my ball without damaging it"

(^.^Sorry, she is suppose to ask for it back in exchange for a favor but she wanted to test him as far as potential partner goes)

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Katie  | 472 comments Merlin watched her do the half transformation. "Are you supossed to scare me?" He asked not impressed. "Since I am part wolf I do have my own allies if you really want to fight." He finished wistling. Out of the shadows came two wolves, one black and the other gray both larger than the average wolf. "So do you still want to fight because I wouldn't want to hurt you. Your to delecate. Almost like a flower." He said to her with a smile on his face. He honestly didn't , but he himself didn't want to get hurt.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
"There's no need for that. If you say I like you so much than you will trust that I won't hurt you" Scarlett grinned mysteriously. "If you still need some reassure, What if I promise to only use my tails. I only want my ball back and your request was answered" Her eyes shifted to the two wolves not particularly happy to see them not did she like them. She slowly but cautiously approached Merlin, her eyes gazing into his as if she could see in to his soul.

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Katie  | 472 comments The wolves both stepped in front of Merlin protecting him. "Why don't you give in to the temptation and spend the night with me? Or at least let me kiss you again." He said almost starting plead. "But" he said becoming serious. "I wouldn't try anything, and that whole" he wriggled his fingers "look into your soul thing won't work. My soul is never uncoverd by anyone, I don't even where it is after all these years." He said with a sigh.

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Scarlett growls at the two wolves before addressing Merlin. "I suppose I don't have much of a choice in the matter. You are an professor and the holder of my ball...if you hurt it...." Scarlett relaxed her limbs. Her kitsune form slowly sloping away due to her needing to eat to save energy since she lack an food source at the moment. An kitsune got their food by sucking the life energy of their partner or feeder in much the same way an vampire would. The only different is that a kitsune doesn't bite their victims, they steal their victim life force by a kiss of an more intimate way "Fine" She says in an easy manner "I'll play nice. Return the ball please"

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Katie  | 472 comments "Well, the thing is, I don't know if I can trust you. You are a kitsune and they are tricksters." He said looking at the way she stared at his wolves. "I don't know if should return it or not. Because I have your ball, I have you in the palm of my hand." He said with a small smile. He pet one of the wolves that came to his ribs. He glanced at the wolves and back at her not sure what she would do next.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Watching the wizard pet one of the wolves, she couldn't help but wonder if they too we're just an illusion upon her eyes like the girl was. "I can't help that I'm an tricksters no more than you can help being magical . " She searches her mind for an possible solution to her problem. Her kitsune mind was looking through a list of possible things to bring an man to his knees. "I suppose, you would have to take that risk" She batted her eyes flirty. Running an hand along her upper chest, she watches Merlin for any signs of reaction.

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Katie  | 472 comments Unsure of what she would acomplish he couldn't help but see what her hand was doing for a split second. "Well, I can't help the magic part but I do want to be with you with out either of us tricking the other." He said in all honesty. He really wanted this game to be over, to stop. The problem was, they are both tricksters. Her having the fox spirit and him having magic, this game wouldn't end for a while. Looking around the open gym he teased the idea of just walking out of there. Maybe even just give it to her. He was tired, and he was using a lot of magic over the course of the day, and it was starting to take its toll on him.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
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Smirking proudly, Scarlett could see the other guy becoming tired, just by the look in his eyes. She had wanted that, the point where all human free wry of the magical beast that was indeed an obstacle in the goals of the man. Her next move would be simple depending on his choice to do the wrong thing."I can I ever trust a human. Your kind has hunted the kitsune for centuries looking to tame a beast that couldn't be tamed. I've seen countless of my kind heads being cut off in the sake of power. " An hurt yet longing look enters her eyes as she waited to hear the response of the powerful being.

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Katie  | 472 comments "The thing you don't know about me is I have my own source of power. I have to keep it safe myself." Hr said remembering his own source. "The difference between ours is when mine is taken it is a symbol of power and means the slavery of me to that person. As far as my mother knows, is that I don't even have one. My father had one that few people knew about. That is now why he is with the Lady in the Lake. Since I have been around so long and I am powerful we need a safe keeping so we don't go crazy with all the power we have at one time." He said holding up her ball after he fished it out of his bag. "Although mine looked much different." He said moving closer as the wolves began circling them.

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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
As the professor Merlin revealed that he also had a source of power, an puzzled expression crossed his face. "Why are you telling me this?" Her eyes darted to the her ball as he takes the object from the bag. Instincts told her to strike, to quickly reach for her ball and take it. Reason told her to remain where she was, knowing he wasn't going to simply allow her to take the ball just like that. Her eyes glanced at the wolves to Merlin watching him for any sign of his next move. A few of her tails moved up and down in anticipation of the wolves attacking. Her translucent, heart pulsing in her chest.

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Katie  | 472 comments ((Sorry for the wait!))

"Well, because I want you to be on equal terms with me. I want to trust you, I haven't in a long time, so I was thinking. I give you mine to keep dafe and I keep yours." Merlin smiled at her spinning her ball in his hand. "Mine is deep beneth the ruins though. And that requires my mother to retrive it since she had spent time there when t was still thriving." Merlin put out his hand to give her ball back. "I am willing to trust you, you must do the same for me."

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2076 comments Mod
Scarlett stares at Merlin intently deciding what she wanted to do. For her, what the wizard was asking of her was something that was difficult. Allowing him to keep her ball as a sign of trust between them wasn't something to take likely. Moving one of her tail, she slide her tail around her ball, but she didn't remove it from Merlin hand. "How do I know you won't enslave me for the remaining of my life? If I trust you will my ball, how do I know you won't break it if we break up? Remember Great One, that I have yet to even figure out strength of your source. Plus I haven't reached my full power" She folds her arm over her chest.

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Katie  | 472 comments "Well I can't do that. If I break yours how do I not know you will do the same to mine. If mine is broken the power will come back to me ultimitly driving me crazy." Merlin held out his hand offering it to her. "You hold on to it until I get mine and then we cacan trade off." He then called off the wolves, as they retreated into the shadows. "I love your sarcasm with the 'Great One' crap" Merlin said with a smirk.

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Scarlett brings her ball over to her with her tail. Dropping it into her hands, she smiles in relieve. He didn't break it nor did he choose to use control me. Smiling inwardly, she looks the wizard over once more. "I thought you would" Holding the ball up, her tail wraps around the ball once again. Walking toward Merlin, she stops just short of them touching. "You can be very charming, can you? Why don't you try to be" One of her six tails moved in front of her, and brushed a strand of his short hair. "Let me ask you a question, what are you willing to do to please me?"

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Katie  | 472 comments "Well, I hope I can be trust worthy." Merlin smiled feeling the heat of her body when she came close. His breathes became even with hers. "I guess pretty much anything you want me to. But I will never go to far in something you don't want." Merlin slipped his hand around her waist, pulling her ever so closer. "What do you want to do? Although I doubt my mom is avalible right now to go get the enrgy source. But I can text her if you want." Merlin said taking out his phone.

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An excited thrill ran throughout her kitsune heart as his touch. "You're too easy. " She tells him amused by his willingness to do for her. "You're going to take me on whatever date you can think of. " She places a hand on Merlin shoulder. Being fascinated by the human custom of dating, Scarlett has always wanted to try dating using the human customs. Then she tried to think what the wizard would do next if he agreed to the date.

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Katie  | 472 comments "Well were do you want to go? A moutian? There is one right outside of the campus and it has a resurant right on top of the cliff overlooking the city. What do you say?" Merlin said remembering the place when he first came to the school. It looked quite fancy and her wanted to take her if she wanted to go. "We would need to get some nice clothes first its a fancy resurant, the snoby kind but I know to not always piss them off." Merlin said taking a step clother to her tighting his hold on her.

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"I'm fine with where we go, so long as you picked it." Hmm he's not like most of the guys I toyed with. Well, Do agreeing to let him keep my special item counts as toying...Blah, I'll think about that later. At least he asked ME if I wanted to go somewhere instead of demanded that I go this and that place. Ooo and he smells nice too, unlike a scrums I'm use to meeting. "Shall we part and meet gain?" She smiled mysteriously. Scarlett was already thinking of the prefect outfit she would wear. Fancy meaning flashy in her mind's eyes.

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Katie  | 472 comments "What time should we meet. Especially when and where?" Merlin thought he would pull out one of his suits he never wore. "I can't wait, so how about at 8 at the parking lot." Merlin looked into her eyes before giving her a quick kiss. Pulling back her smirked and slid into the shadows, once more her dissapeard. Being able to flash to different areas he thought of his house and vanished.

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The kitsune didn't expect such an quick arrangements of decisions. Watching the magical professor disappears from her eyes, she giggles inwardly. "My, I seem to attract the most interesting men. Which remains me..I need to search my closet for an less revealing outfit. " Tossing her ball up and catching it again with her tail, she walks out of the gym. Once outside, she behind to shimmer into her fox form into the air. She made her way to her dorm room.

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