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♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 14 comments Hi :) Thanks for making this.

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 14 comments Okay :) I'd love to hear them.

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 14 comments I'm sorry I left for a bit, my dad called me down for dinner :) Those all sound really cool. Which do you like best?

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♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 14 comments We can do the 1st one, since that's the one you like best :)

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 14 comments I like all three as well, so it doesn't matter to me honestly :)

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 14 comments I more so lean towards late teenagers, so around 16-19.

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 14 comments Hehe, that's alright :) I am leaning more towards the first one, so we can do that.

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 14 comments Male or female doesn't really matter to me, I'm good at being both of them :)

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 14 comments Sure, that's fine :)

♪♫Elisa♫Elliot♫♪ (ElisaxElliot) | 14 comments Yes :) I have to go as well actually, so I will make and put up my character either tomorrow or the nest day, depending on how much homework I have.

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