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Trying to remember the name of this book i really liked

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All I Can Be Is Me (goodreadscomawkwardbeautee) | 1 comments okay... there's this book i've been looking for for years and i haven't been able to find it because i have forgotten the title of the book and the author! :-(

All i have is a summary:
the book is about a group of 4 black women who have been friends for years, but the main character is a woman who had been raising herself and her little sister since she was like 13. she grew up in a really bad part of new york i think. she used to boost for a living until she was old enough to work, and her first job was at a high end dept store. i forget what happened to her parents but i think her mom was on drugs or something.
later on, as adults, she and her friends go out to a club one night and the main character meets the man who ends up becoming her husband. this man also ends up going into politics.
i also remember one of her friends being loud and over-the-top, and having an occasional coke habit.
at the end of the story, they end up divorcing, but she finds out she is pregnant from him. they end up having a daughter together and raising her in their own respective places. i think at the end of the story she also moves closer to her hometown.
i swear i have been looking for this book for years. i really enjoyed it and would like to find it so i can at least re-read it. also, i think the book may have been written in the year ranger from 2004-2007ish. i know i read it somewhere in that time range. i would be so grateful if someone happens to know what book i am describing! thank you...

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Lola Bandz (lola_bandz) | 20 comments Damn now i wanna kno

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