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message 1: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) He was the male lead in reply 1997, second male lead in master's sun, an actor in one of Eric Nam's music videos (I forgot which one), and makes his own music.

message 2: by Kinsey (new)

Kinsey (kconklin) | 170 comments i loved him in K.Will's mv Please Don't and I really want to see his new movie No Breathing

message 3: by Cielu, Mod Cielu ♥ (new)

Cielu | 468 comments His name sounds really familiar bit I don't know why. I haven't seen any of those dramas

message 4: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) I loved please don't! And he's pretty popular so it makes sense that you'd hear his name somewhere.

message 5: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments I had no idea that he was in Master's Sun. Guess what I'm going to watch next??

message 6: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) Watch it? Master's Sun is hilarious. It has an awesome soundtrack too. I have all the songs ^_^

message 7: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments Oooooh!! I'm super excited!!! A drama is 10 times better when it has an amazing soundtrack!

message 8: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) I know right! That might be why I love it so much.

message 9: by Joanne L (new)

Joanne L | 144 comments i technically fell in love with him after watching the king's face which his role was prince gwanghae. his acting was pretty good and he is so cute!

message 12: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (shinee_jonasbros) | 1 comments I love how there's a whole topic just for him ☺️.
He's the best.
I loved him in Reply 1997.

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