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message 1: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) For those of you who don't know him, he's the male lead in Protect the Boss and secret. I loved his acting in Protect the Boss the most. He was just so cute!

message 2: by Cielu, Mod Cielu ♥ (new)

Cielu | 468 comments Omg he's in secret? He was so adorable

message 3: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) I know right! He surprised me in secret. He was a completely different person.

message 4: by Praj (new)

Praj I like Ji Sung more now for he married my fav. Lee Bo-Young. Haha!!
I loved him in Secret and the movie My P.S. partner.

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