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Cat  (cat335) | 1051 comments Mod
Hi!! :P

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Cat  (cat335) | 1051 comments Mod
Full name:







Other (Likes, dislikes etc.):

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Cat  (cat335) | 1051 comments Mod
A world spilt into two completely different concepts. One almost perfect, so perfect that to some it could be considered a utopian community. The other so terrible desolate and dark it creates the perfect scene of corruption. Felix and Lani are on two completely different sides fighting for what they believe in. How will they face there own destiny verses what they truly want?

Just felt like making a summary XD Probably wont even go with the actual RP

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Cat  (cat335) | 1051 comments Mod
Full name: Felix Rafe

Age: 18

Gender: M

History/background: Growing up Felix had never had a good life. His parents obviously not in love were struggling to get any money they could. Eventually with them losing the ability to work Felix had to take charge. He was forced to become a solder to support his parents and younger sister.

Side: Bad (XD cant think of a title to call it)

Personality: He is very closed-off and stoic on the outside. Yet on the inside he is a large jumbled up mix of fear and pain. His thoughts a sift between mad and sane never stopping.

Hair-Black, short
Eyes-Dark Green
Skin tone-Pale

Other (Likes, dislikes etc.):

((Ill do the rest later :P))

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MiMi (planetearthturnsslowly) | 665 comments Mod
Name: Lani Makayla Stryder

Age: 17

Gender: F

History: Lani always had a good life in her perfect Utopia. She never knew there was anything wrong. Until the day of her 16th bday she was blamed for the murder of Tiffany McMasters (one of the supreme concil members' wife), she runs away from the only life she ever knew and is struggling out in the wild.

Side: Good Side

Personality: Good and warmhearted yet rebellious and timid in the wild


Other: hates curly hair

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MiMi (planetearthturnsslowly) | 665 comments Mod
Wow cat you never finished our roleplay for shame for shame (shakes head)

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Cat  (cat335) | 1051 comments Mod
I'm too lazy XD

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