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hi guys, so i doubt there will be a second book and we were left with a few questions so here are mine to you.
did you feel sorry/care for ty?
what did you think when he talked about being a hooker?
did you want her to fall in love with him?
was ty a pervert or did he really fall in love with her when she was older and just wanted to protect her as a child?
did he love her or was he just a nutter?
would he have let her go someday?

1. Yeah, I felt sorry for Ty - but at the same time I didn't. I think we were supposed to be torn, and that's exactly how I felt.
2. I don't remember that - read this book last year. sorry!
3. No. I did not want her to fall in love with him. I wanted her to recognize the cruelty in what he did, but also understand he was seriously messed up in the head.
4. Once again, I think Ty had serious mental issues. I don't think he was stable. I could of course be saying that because I want to compensate for the fact that I don't think he is completely evil - if that makes sense. I think he loved her, or as much as his unstable mind could register as love. you know?
5. Same.
6. I would like to believe that he would have. Maybe let her go and then severely regretted it, but I do think he might have, one day, compulsively, let her go.

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