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las vegas
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hi guys. okay firstly i love this book and beautiful disaster but have one and only one problem with them
Las Vegas.
Did anybody else not love this section (in both books) it really felt out of place to me, like suddenly in the middle of all this amazing love story and constant will they, wont they story line we discover she's an ex poker hustler and has been playing men for money for years and was gonna get all that money within a few hours for her dad, no sweat.
i loved this book (crazy, re-read both all the time, love)but the whole vegas section just seemed out of place to me, i would have been happier without that part thrown in.
anybody else?
p.s also hated how travis behaved during this part he changed and didn't care about pidge or her feelings and that just wasn't him

I also agree with the Travis not listening to Abby comment. Everything Travis had done had been for her and he knew how she felt about that life. I don't think he would have done it...and I don't think it was necessary for the plot. I knew her dad would be in the book eventually seeing as that was a big part of who she was and why she moved, but it did seem rushed and kinda out of place. I don't think we needed to go to Vegas, why not just deal with it another way? I don't know. Overall thought I definitely enjoyed both books and would reread them. I don't think the Las Vegas thing took too much away from it.

What bothered me the most about Vegas was when she won the original money at the casino managed by her ex, she still had time to make more at another casino, why didn't she just go somewhere else? I also realize that I am in the minority here but I do feel that Travis would have acted this way because he thought of it as granting his mothers wish of "fighting for her" because he could fight (which he LOVES to do) and he could provide for her. I believe he needed to lose her to keep her.

i hated the Vegas part.. if it weren't for that they wouldn't have issues.. Trav wouldn't thought of such things and they wouldn't have broken up..

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I guess I was ok with it as we knew she was trying to get away from her past and her dad. Her ex-poker hustling history really helped make the poker game with his family more interesting. What bothered me more was his acceptance of wanting to stay out there for money despite her feelings, it just didn't seem like something Travis would do.

Kaytie I skip that part, too. Just hated it.
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Ann Dornan I hated that Travis just changed cuz of Vegas
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