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Lynn Cheryl (norwayellesea) So, which of the guys are you routing for: Blane or Kade? Personally, I still believe that Blane is the man for Kathleen.

Ashley Rose | 7 comments Kade! a fallen angel bad boy with a 'killer' smile.. what is better than that! ;)

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I'm so Team Kade I don't think I will be able to continue if she gets back with Blane. Kick him to the curb. I desperately hope this next book has a lot more Kade-Kathleen action

Maureen Blane. He's got an edge that makes him irresistible. To me.

Lynn Cheryl (norwayellesea) Kira, there is plenty of Kade / Kat in this book. Maureen I agree with you

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You've read it?!? I just died of jealousy.

Seriously. Spoiler me.

Only, don't.

Or, maybe just a little. Is there Kade nookie in this book?

Gahhhhh I need this book yesterday.

Lynn Cheryl (norwayellesea) No, I haven't read the book (((sigh))). Check out the reviews from those that read the ARC for OOT. I'm waiting for 17th December....!

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Regina (reginamariebookaholic) | 33 comments I have always been team Kade! Since he made an appearance in the first book. He would do anything to her. And how Blane treated her in the end of the last book was it for me! But really, she could never do that to the brothers. So I have a feeling it's Blane or no one. :(

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Lee | 33 comments Still sat on fence. I want both.

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Regina (reginamariebookaholic) | 33 comments You're too funny Lee!! :)

Melissa | 1 comments @Lynn, I didn't even think of checking out the reviews. thanks for throwing that out, I'm going to go do that right now! Also, I am, and have always been, team Blane. :)

Megan Jolley | 1 comments Team Kade all the way. He loves her for her. He doesn't try to keep things from her to protect her. He tells her anything she wants to know unlike Blane. She wouldn't be happy as Blane's wife if he were to go into politics. She hates being the center of attention and that's exactly where she would be. I really hope she ends up with Kade :)

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I 1000% agree Megan! I was just remembering this morning the Christmas presents they both got her... Concert tickets vs an incredibly priceless locket that required a lot if thought and effort to obtain. I want her with him so bad.

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Regina (reginamariebookaholic) | 33 comments Kade, Kade, Kade!!!

Ashley Bolden | 10 comments I can say with 100% honesty that I have always been Team Kade. Even from the very first meeting he had with Kathleen in the courthouse. Without even reading anymore something inside me just said that is who she will end up with. Even during the trying times when he did everything in his power to push her away, and when things where going good between Kathleen and Blane (which to be honest was rare) I knew that deep down in would be Kade that she belonged with. Now that being said I tried to give Blane a fair shot just in case Ms. Snow ended the series with those two together (which I am vehemently hoping that that is not the case). But to me he just seems to come off as a arrogant, controlling, my way or no way hypocrite. I can understand him wanting to protect her from everything dangerous but he seemed to cause me damage (physical and emotional) by keeping things from her. Yet at the very same time he practically demanded her to put her trust blindly in him. Between his bad decisions and his pathological need to keep things from Kathleen is what routinely put her in harms way, which resulted in the need for Kade to get so close to her to protect her in the first place. Blane is more likely to keep Kathleen in the background where he can keep and eye on her (and under his thumb). He repeatedly acts like she is to fragile or dimwitted to know what is going on and even doubts her intelligence when he finds out that Kade promoted her to investigator. I just don't see the deep connection between them that I see between Kade and Kathleen. Kade and Kathleen always seem to be more in-tuned with each other.
I agree with you, Kira. Blane's present was nice since he did know that she loves Britney Spears, but come on Kade's thoughtful gift beat that all to hell. The locket was the perfect gift.
I absolutely love that Kade doesn't try to keep information from her. He includes her, even when things are dangerous he tries his best to keep her informed. Not to mention he even goes out of his way to give her training and encouragement. I find it ridiculous that Blane worked at the same place Kathleen did and didn't even notice how badly Diane was treating her. Especially when Kade virtually walks in one day and assessed the situation and did something about it. Yes, I can see where some people might not be on Kade's side just for the fact that he did indeed try to move in on his brother's girlfriend but to me I just see it for what it is. He truly loves her, he doesn't want to because for years he has done everything he can for Blane so he doesn't want to hurt him. But over time he realizes he can't stay away from her. He is willing to basically ruin his relationship with his brother because he loves her so much. Sometimes the things he says to Kathleen are so sweet and tender I'm not sure whether to melt into a puddle or cry like a baby.
In Out of Turn, I just wanted to smack Blane upside the head. I find it hard to believe that after talking to Kade and realizing that he was wrong in accusing Kathleen of having an affair that he wouldn't try to make things right sooner. It just seems a little unbelievable that he loves her some much but 1.) Doesn't even show a hint of trust or faith in Kathleen. 2.) Doesn't even give her an opportunity to explain the photos. 3.) He reverts back to his old ways of being a man whore...Kandi... 4.) He waits until Kathleen is in danger (once again because of him) until he comes to her. And even then he tries to steam roll her into doing things his way because he wants to "protect" her.
I'm sorry I just think it's crazy, I think for him it is more about possession than love.
I think that Kathleen was at one point in love with Blane but as things went on and he proved time after time that he didn't trust her and constantly hurt her that she grew out of it. She may still love him but I think that is contaminated by bad hurtful memories. There just doesn't seem to be room for them to have a future.
Whereas it feels like Kathleen and Kade have grown closer together both physically and emotionally. I think she is starting to realize that first love does not always mean true love. I am thrilled beyond words that at the end of Out of Turn she finally told Kade that she loves him. I think that is a giant stepping stone for them. I sincerely hope that in Point of No Return she does not revert back to a relationship with Blane. I know things are still up in the air with her saying she loves them both, but I'm hoping she realizes that while she may love Blane, she is IN love with Kade. If she ends of with Blane in the end I think it will just seem forced. And since it has been said that whoever she doesn't choose will get a spin-off and their own happily ever after I just can't see Kade moving on to someone else. It just doesn't sit right with me. He has all but declared her his soul mate and the way he has let her in when he has never let anyone even remotely close just seems real. I can't picture any situation where he just accepts defeat and moves on. So here's to hoping for a Team Kade/Kathleen HEA!

Tonia | 5 comments I agree!

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I totally agree, Ashley!!! I started the book last night and just finished and I feel like I need a cigarette, even though I've never smoked, hehee. I was honestly so nervous to read it because I was sure Kade was going to get kicked all to hell (which he did) but OMG, I did not see Las Vegas coming. Didn't even let myself get my hopes up for that, but now I feel a little breathless! Here's my review:

I am seriously so jazzed. It wasn't perfect. There were some things in this book that made me say "WTF is going on" and the plot was a little silly with how it all came out at the end, and Blane still seems to think he has a chance, but it doesn't even matter. I'm on my way to pre-order the next book right now.

Maureen Still a Blane gal. But I think the table is set for a Kade/Kathleen finale.

Ashley Bolden | 10 comments I hope so!!! Fingers Crossed!

Alicia | 1 comments Team Kade. From the beginning of Kade's introduction, he had been totally in tune with her. He is dangerous, sexy and everything bad boy with a very tender heart that he has always kept guarded. After seeing Kathleen and Kade grow together, there is an undeniable connection that is very deep. I think Kathleen is a total whore for coming between the 2 brothers and had it right when she was trying to let them both go. When Blaine opened up that closure, I believe that now no matter who she ends up with, Blaine and Kade have asked for the destruction. She tried to set it right and it was not allowed.
With all that said....Do we really have to wait until May for the final book? That is torture in every evil way.

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Karine (enirak132) | 7 comments TEAM KADE ALL THE WAY!

Kade and Kathleen just have this connection that she doesn't have with Blane... I feel like their relationship is deeper than the one she had with Blane. Blane and Kathleen were all about lust, arguing and mistrust. Kade saw her strengths as well as her fears, and was always there for her. He saw her potential, and tried to make something out of it while Blane.... I get that he's overprotective, and I love that about him, but his personality just doesn't match with Kathleen!

And while I can see Blane moving on to another woman whom he'll trust more than he trusts Kathleen, I absolutely cannot see Kade with anyone else but Kathleen.


And I have to add that when I first started reading this series, I was totally team Blane until I read book 3. Then, I re-read the series again, and realized Kade was the one for her. They just click in a way Kathleen doesn't with Blane.

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Erin (erinemelbert) | 4 comments I have been a Kade fan since Turn to Me. That said, I have faith that Tiffany will make us understand why Kat chooses Blane or Kade, and as long as Kat ends up happy, I will be happy, too.

Ashley Bolden | 10 comments Enirak65 I completely agree with you. I have no problem seeing Blane with someone else but I just can't picture it with Kade. He belongs with Kathleen. If she does end up with Blane (I hope not!) I have a hard time seeing Kade opening up to another woman. It took him this long to open up to Kathleen and for the most part he fought it. I just dont see him suddenly so willing to put himself out there to another woman, part of what makes him great is that he is this closed off, detached loner who only cares for his brother. Never letting anyone close. It would just seem kinda cheap if Kathleen ends up with Blane and suddenly Kade finds another person he sees as his soul mate.

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Karine (enirak132) | 7 comments Ashley, that's exactly what I was thinking!

Blane could move on another woman even if it takes time, but unlike Kade, he had already cared for people in the past, even women (Kandi). I can see Blane opening up to someone else, someone he WON'T treat like a child.

Kade has NEVER trusted anyone but Blane in his life, until Kathleen, which is clearly a sign that she is THE one for her.

If Blane ends up with Kathleen, I can't see Kade ever opening up to anyone else, because like he said in a previous book, he doesn't let himself care for anyone in fear that the person would leave him. If Kathleen chooses Blane, then there is no way Kade would ever let himself care about another woman.

And honestly, if Kathleen ends up with Blane, I wouldn't want too read Kade's HEA, because I would still feel that his HEA should be with Kathleen, not someone else. Like I said, they just CONNECT in a much deeper way than Blane and Kathleen do. I don't see Kade loving another woman the way he loves Kathleen. It would really piss me off.

Ashley Bolden | 10 comments I completely agree. If by some god awful chance she does end up with Blane then the is no way I could bring myself to Read Kade's HEA. It would just seem fake. Not to mention that whatever female lead she gave him I would end up feeling bad for her. It would be hard to live up to the way Kade loves Kathleen. He pretty much comes right out and says he feels like Kathleen is his soul mate. So it would be hard for me to believe that Kade could consider someone else his soul mate.

Lynn Cheryl (norwayellesea) The way Tiffany has written Point of No Return means there is no longer a need to write a follow-up book for the series featuring the guy who didn't get the girl.
The publication date is determined by Montlake. Tiffany was lucky to get a date this early (20th May'14) and she had a pretty tight deadline to meet. The sacrifice was Kade's Turn, which Tiffany had originally planned to self-publish in this past Autumn. Now it will be available in Spring'14....I'm not sure exactly when, although I have heard rumours it will be April'14.

Victoria (torilei) | 1 comments Team Kade! Crap, I am half in love with him myself. Will be really sad if she doesn't end up with Kade.

Karine (enirak132) | 7 comments I am so nervous about the other guy getting the girl! I know it's selfish not to want to read about the other guy's HEA, but I hope it won't be too explicit... I mean, I don't want to read about Blane (and definitely not kade) falling in love with someone else while it's still Kathleen story! I just... urg how to explain it? I'm totally team Kade, but it is THAT bad that I want Blane to still be Kathleen's for a while before meeting someone else?
And come on, if The-Other-Guy falls in love with another woman in Point of No Return, then That-Other-Guy didn't really love Kathleen since it would have taken too little time to get over her...
But on the other hand, for the Next-Lucky-Girl-Who-Will-Get-One-Of-The Brothers, I want for her to be THE one for The-Other-Guy, like the only one The-Other-Guy really ever loved... (Yes yes, I'm a idealistic romantic)

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K94tran | 5 comments I read Out of Turn, loved it so much and went back and read the entire series with particular attention to Kathleen/Kade scenes and sincerely agree with all those who say her bond with Kade gets stronger and stronger as the series progress. On the other hand her relationship with Blane starts off promising but becomes so fragile further on in the series, owing as his inability to trust her or to treat her as an equal life partner. His need to control and protect becomes stifling and although I understand he loves her, Blane is not as attune to her feelings nor as sensitive to her shifts in mood as Kade. (Prime example is the botched marriage scene in order to get her to move in with him)

1. Kathleen will realise that she loves Blane and always will, but she is not IN love with him
2. Kathleen and Kade will end up together !!!Yay!!!!
3. I am going out on a limb here and I don't know if anyone else has already predicted this, but I have a feeling that Blane will end up with BRANNA!!!
Now I know she hates Kathleen's guts and Kathleen thinks Branna is in love with Kade, but hear me out. Firstly, I don't think it is a coincidence she has popped up in two books and on each occasion is described as a dark haired, kick ass beauty. She is as emotionally scarred as Kade but she is also very strong and can certainly look after herself. I think she is someone that Blane (post Kathleen) could be drawn to, learn to trust and treat as an equal rather than a fragile doll that needs to be protected constantly.
Furthermore, Branna dark hair/Blane gold hair, Kade dark hair/Kathleen fair strawberry blonde...
Am I onto something or purely delusional?? ;-)

Karine (enirak132) | 7 comments K94tran, you are totally right! Now that I think about it, I can totally see those two together!

Plus Kade and Kathleen at first had a love/hate relationship (which is my favorite kind), and I can totally see Branna and Blane having a hate/love relationship too! Not to mention that :
- Kade and Kathleen : both name start with a K
- Blane and Branna : both name start with a B
Okay... it might be a coincidence, but who knows?

And yeah, Branna might have acted like a b*tch, but come on, her childhood protector and the man she has been in love with forever is head over heels for someone who LOOKS like a bimbo (blonde, big-boobs...), so her attitude is understandable. Just like Kade, she acts like a jerk and hides her damaged soul underneath that hardened exterior! So yeah, I totally see her ending up with Blane! :D

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I love your theories, ladies! Mostly because I've always been scared Kade would end up with Branna. So as long as that doesn't happen, Blane is welcome to her :)

I thought I saw a comment somewhere that said Tiffany snow had reworked the plot so the guy who didn't get Kathleen was no longer getting his own spinoff HEA, but I don't remember for sure. I was a little worried by that though.

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K94tran | 5 comments Haha, I love it! B/B, K/K...I did not even pick up on that! Enirak65, I totally agree that love/hate relationships are my favourite kind. The sparring always makes for much better dialogue and sexual tension than them spending the whole time making cow eyes at each other.

I predict that if whoever does not end up with Kathleen (oh heck, it's Blane okay, I am locking it in already) does not get their own spin off, it will at least conclude with them meeting the person they will likely end up with (cough,Branna,cough). There will be some evident chemistry and the promise of it blossoming into something more with time. It won't be wrapped up in a nice bow, but the reader will see that there is good potential for Blane's future happiness with someone else.

Earlier on, Ashley made the comment that Kathleen will hopefully come to realise that the first love does not always mean true love. I think that is so true but so rarely used in typical romance novels. More often it is a first-in-best-dressed, where the first striking guy to make an entrance and impression with the girl in the novel will be the one that that the girl ends up. Certainly you can usually bet your bottom dollar that the first guy to score the kiss (let alone a hot and heavy bed scene) will prevail in the end. So if Kade ends up with Kathleen in the end (with peacock blue stiletto heels sans other clothing...for a truly happily ever after ##nudge, nudge, wink wink##), I would applaud Tiffany Snow on her fresh take on the typical love triangle. Short of that, I will just grovel and beg her for my version of a happily ever after.

Ashley Bolden | 10 comments I can complete get on board with those theories. Anything to makes sure that Kathleen doesn't end up with Blane. I swear every time I even try to imagine how this is all going to play out I almost start to hyperventilate.... I don't know if my mind could actually take it if she doesn't end up with Kade.
Kira, I'm with you on the whole Kade/Branna thing. I have harbored a few scary thoughts about them ending up together. One of my biggest fears is that Blane and Kathleen end up together and Kade who is suddenly in tune with his emotional side (thanks to Kathleen) finally sees Branna who has always been right in front of him. I think I might have to invest in a protective case for my Kindle because I just have the feeling that if PONR doesn't play out like I hope, I might just throw my kindle across the room.
As for whether or not there will be a spin-off for the the one not picked (hopefully Blane), I have heard it both ways. In my opinion I think it would play out better if there was a spin-off.
Enirak65, I know what you mean. I think that if it does go the path of one of them falling in love with another woman in PONR it would just feel forced and fake. Like he (Blane or Kade) either didn't really love Kathleen and this has all been for nothing or he
just realizes he can't win so he picks someone convenient who he has a better chance of getting to love him.
I don't know how this could possibly work out. If they both love Kathleen as much as they say they do it would be super hard for me to see either one of them moving on so swiftly that it takes place in one book (which is why I think a spin-off series might be better, that way it can be gradually built up.)
As for Blane's protectiveness, I love a protective man as much as the next woman but come one no woman wants to be wrapped in bubble wrap and stored away and only brought out to look at on occasion. In his quest to "protect" her he just comes off as arrogant (like how has she managed on her own for so long before he came along), slightly condescending (always trying to get her to quit her job at the bar when he knows she is doing what she has to to make money, always offering to pay her way when it is fairly obvious that she likes to be independent, Over confident (apparently he is the only person who can keep her safe... well except for Kade who he only called because it was more convenient for Kade to watch her than it was him.), Kinda of a douche (I hate when he all but demands Kathleen's trust and faith in him yet at every other turn he is hiding things and keeping secrets from her all in the name of protecting her. What a load of crap if you ask me, it just feels like he thinks she either isn't trustworthy or she is to fragile to handle knowing things.) But I think what finally put the final nail in his coffin for me is that in the end of Turning Point after everything Kathleen went through he basically leaves her to deal with the emotional fallout all on her own. He just goes off campaigning like nothing ever happened. I just find that so unbelievable, especially since he knows what its like to suffer from PTSD. He should have been able to see the signs in Kathleen or at least assume that she would be suffering. Then during the time Blane and Kathleen are broken up he reverts back to the slimy man whore he started out as. When he tells Kathleen that after he talks to Kade and realized he made a mistake he was afraid he lost her for good and he didn't know how to make things right. Well, let me just go on record and say that the answer is NOT to sleep with every woman you come across and wait months to finally make contact and only then because she is in danger. So what... If she hadn't been in danger you never would have contacted her again? You would have just let her go? Seems a little odd that you were more than willing to go on without her until she was suddenly in danger again. Now he isn't ready to back off and he wants to try again, seems to me that he just likes to be the one to end things on his terms.
As for Kade.... Let's just get it right out into the open... He can be a cold-hearted, cruel asshole. But honestly can you blame him after every thing he went through in his childhood and then to be found by Blane and basically have to live in Blane's shadow. Thinking that it is better to never let anyone close because they always hurt or betray you. Blane is the one person who Kade holds in high esteem, so of course when he realizes that he is falling for his brother's girl he is going to do everything he can to stay as far away from her as he can. Even if that means showing her what a asshole he can be. But as time goes on and Kathleen keeps worming her way in he quits trying to fight it and stops trying to push her away. To me the fact that he is willing to hurt his brother (the only person he has ever cared about) by trying to get her to pick him makes me feel that Kade loves her more than Blane does.
While Kade does try to protect her he doesn't treat her like a crystal vase. He instead tries to make sure that she can take care of herself by getting her fighting lessons, getting her into better shape with their workouts, and by teaching other important stuff like how to blend in with a crowd or to be more observant of her surroundings. How awesome is that? Where as I'm sure Blane would just keep her locked away and guarded. Plus, hello, he pretty much changed his whole career to be more acceptable and safer for her.
What else is there to say besides: Team Kade

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Danielle | 1 comments Team Blane!!

However, after reading 'Out of turn' I have to admit I'm curious as to how the author is going to pull off a relationship between Kathleen and either one of them. It seems to me that I will be disappointed no matter who she chooses.

She loved Blane first and still loves him now. I'm not denying that he has made mistakes, but then are we going to overlook the fact Kathleen has too? While technically nothing happened between Kathleen and Kade before, they clearly had feelings for each other and certainly acted inappropriately to say she was in a committed relationship with Blane, so they did give him cause for doubting them. Whatever mistakes they both have made, he loves her and will do anything to protect her.

That being said, I do feel that Kade is an excellent character. His love for Kathleen is epic and the chemistry between them hot! I just can't see how if she and Kade get together, I wouldn't end up hating them both for the pain that will cause Blane, but perhaps I will feel the same disappointment if Kade is the one who is left hurt.

Only time will tell, can't wait for the next book but for now my loyalties still reside with Blane!

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K94tran | 5 comments Okay.
The reviews are beginning to trickle out online and everyone is being super tight lipped, which is how it should be... Even though part of me just wants to yell out "Put me out of my misery and tell me now!!!".

But I have got to say that reading between the lines... As a Team Kade fan, I have a really bad feeling about this. What with Branna making an entry onto the scene and becoming a potential alternative soul mate for Kade (what with the extensive shared background history, shared interests and the fact that she is equally attractive)... Something tells me that Kathleen will end up with Blane and it will be an eventual Kade/Branna pairing.


Even though I have every faith that Tiffany Snow will wrap this up beautifully, part of me wants to know and part of me doesn't

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Karine (enirak132) | 7 comments K94tran,

maybe she's reintroducing Branna to end her up with Blane! That's what I'm hoping for anyway... And honestly, if Branna was Kade's soulmate, I think he would have fallen for her already since they've known each other for a long time! How could Kade have fallen for Kathleen the way he had if he was meant to be with Branna? If they end up together, their love would seemed forced and fake...

And don't know if it really changes anything, but just saying that one of the reviewers was Team Kade (the other I'm not sure), and she still gave the book 5 stars. I REALLY want Kat to end up with Kade, but even if she doesn't, we Team Kade might still love the book!

K94tran | 5 comments Haha! Thanks Enirak65 for being the calming voice of reason. As the clock ticks down to the release date, I am in a turmoil of doubt, frantically second guessing the ending and expecting a Blane sized curve-ball/twist to throw my Team Kade HEA theories into disarray.

I even went so far as to obsessively leaf through book 4 to find supporting evidence for the HEA with Kade and through my biased eyes, there is plenty to support. Especially towards the ending when Kathleen is hanging off the balcony and despite both brothers being there she automatically turns to Kade for help. I was pointing at the page going "THERE, see that?? There is my evidence of their deeper connection!".

Sigh. I need to get out more.

The final instalment (which is Kade's book ) had better be about him reminiscing over Kathleen and how they ended up together in the end, and not about him having an epiphany and moving onto Branna... otherwise my head might explode, which would be very unfortunate because I have exams coming up and it would come in handy.

Karine (enirak132) | 7 comments OMG K94tran, that's exactly what I thought (when Kat was hanging off the balcony and INSTINCTIVELY turned to KADE!)- And I thought I was the only one who noticed that. In my POV, that was one of the biggest clues that she might (nothing's certain) end up with him and not Blane! Her life was hanging there, and her instincts made her choose KADE.

Also, notice that she doesn't think once in book 4 "I'm in love with Blane" but only "I love Blane", while she DOES think "I'm in love with Kade."

Anyway, there's another topic very similar to this one where I post the reasons why I think she might end up with Kade. You should go visit it:

K94tran | 5 comments Oh Wow, Enirak65! Just saw your post. My thoughts exactly!! HAHA... if it ends up being a Blane HEA, we can form a bitter commiserating Team Kade duo and huddle in the corner, clutching our evidence that this was not how it was supposed to be.

At least in book 4, it seems that Kathleen still deeply cares for Blane and is willing to go out on a limb, lying about being his alibi and contemplating scumbag James' proposal in order to get him a lighter sentence... those are the actions of a person who loves the other (like family members who are willing to sacrifice a great deal for one another!). But I do not think it is still a romantic love. Not like that which is building up between her and Kade.

This wait is torturing me.

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