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Piper's Thoughts After Percabeth Comes Back From Tartarus
Water-an'-Wisdom Water-an'-Wisdom Nov 18, 2013 08:08AM
You know in The Mark of Athena when Piper says Percy is unimpressive,
I was wondering do you think her thoughts of him have changed after Percy & Annabeth got back from Tartarus?

She is just jealous, she knows Percabeth is better than her and Percy. Also, there are hints that Percy is more talented than Jason.

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Penguin37 you seem to be right with the more talented with the fact that he is capable of doing much more with water than jason and his power but this might be ...more
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Odd question. Uh, I really don't know. Happy? Releived?

Piper, might be relieved seeing the two of them alive, but I doubt she swill change her thought. Piper is so in love with Jason and she think about is Jason. lol.

No, I don't think they did. I remember when I read that I thought she's just smitten with Jason. And the context of that thought was in the midst of the Percy/Jason rivalry. So it seemed like she was just standing by her man.

In her eyes, Jason is amazing and everybody else is "unimpressive". And I don't see anything wrong with that. It's called loyalty and it's good for relationships.

She may be impressed that Percy and Annabeth survived Tartarus, but she's still smitten with Jason and will continue to hold him as the standard to which neither Percy nor anybody else can ever meet.

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