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Teens:  Pewaukee Public Library (pewaukeeteens) | 124 comments Mod
As many of you know, TAG and Teen Book club generally meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month. However, it has recently come to my attention that those of you who attend Pewaukee Public Schools will have off on the day when TAG is scheduled to meet this month. Because of this and because Thanksgiving is the following day, it has been suggested that we reschedule TAG and Book Club for the 3rd Wednesday of the month - November 20.

Before I agree to this change, I absolutely NEED to hear from everyone who plans to attend to know that this day will work. If you are planning to attend, please reply to this thread to let me know if this change works for you. Thanks!

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Ashley (ash57999) So, are we just going to meet next Wednesday for TAG and Book Club?

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Teens:  Pewaukee Public Library (pewaukeeteens) | 124 comments Mod
TAG will be meeting tomorrow on Wednesday, November 27. This is the date that TAG was origionally scheduled for. I know that most of you have off of school on that day, but we weren't able to get enough concensus to arrange a change in the date. Hopefully you guys can still make it to the library for a little while today!

We have lots to talk about at TAG today, including our Christmas party next month. If we have time we may also talk a bit out other programs that we want to do this year, and maybe even a little bit about the Summer Reading Program.

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