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message 1: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Heyo! I made it~

message 2: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments Thanks :)

message 3: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments No problem!
So what kind of rp's do you like to do? Like... Supernatural, romance, etc?

message 4: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments Supernatural :) but I don't matter to combine with something else, if needed

message 5: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Mm... I usually like doing romance, if that's alright.
But I also like a good storyline too! Don't worry, I have plenty of ideas.

So, do you usually rp as a guy or girl?

message 6: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments Guy, please :)

message 7: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Okay!
So I hope you don't mind doing a demon thing... Haha. I like demon rp's. of course you can suggest another type of supernatural to.
If you like that idea, would you care to be the demon or the human.
That's what I usually do, demon x human kind of things.

message 8: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments Oh... Well that's nice :) got any specific ideas? Then we can choose it or an idea from me

message 9: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Okay.
So like I said before, I have a demon x human idea, where a demon is sent to earth to take souls from humans, but falls in love... Y'know that kind of stuff. Then there can be this sort of fight between the demon clans... Blah blah.

And also, we can do a vampire sort of rp, with a similar idea, but with vampires instead of demons.

I like action. So I'd incorporate plenty of action XD

Or we can always do a cross between angel and devil.

message 10: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments Really like the ideas! Have you thought that we both'll be supernatural creatures? Not just angel and demon, but something else

message 11: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Sure, why not.
Also, it dawned on me during class, that being a ghost is part of supernatural things right?
That's cool too.

If you want we can do something like that too.

message 12: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments Yes, ghost is a supernatural being :)

message 13: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Great... So should we do something with ghosts too... Errrr... So hard to decide! So many good ideas.

And you're so patient with my sprawled ideas! Thank you! Really!

message 14: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments No problem! :) if you want, I can be a ghost. I'm already have a ghost charie I made sometime...

message 15: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Oh do you.
That's cool.
We could do that.
I have a good idea now too!!
Do you want me to be a human?

message 16: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments If you want :)

message 17: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Sure I will. :3 but I will have other characters that may be ghosts as well.
OKAY. It's decided.
Do you want to make a form for me.. Name, age, personality, and a picture.
(Aish I forgot to ask you about the type of pictures... Do you prefer anime or teen?)

message 18: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments Both are good :) I'm, personality, like anime. But you can do whatever you want :) same about the characteristics

message 19: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Okay! I personally like anime better too.
I'm on my way back home now, so I'll give you my profile in a few.

For now, do you mind posting it first?

message 20: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments Name: Alan Fog
Age: he dead when he was 17, but he actually 157 years old
Gender: male
Specie: ghost of a human
Appearance: black short hair, brown eyes, blue shirt, grey pants, black shocks and black shoes. Of course it looks different because he's a ghost.
History: he lived with a normal family, in a normal city. Until when he was 17. He dead because the great fire of tern, the city where he lived in. Now he's just a ghost, going around and bored.
Personality: he used to be nice and kind, but after all those years of being a ghost, he's just bored.

((Sadly, in this one I don't have a pic...))

message 21: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments { Great! And, I think I found a good picture that describes your character!

And here's my character:
Name: Lucie (oo-che) Wojciecowski
Age: 16
You'll have to find out Lucie's history on your own... it's quite the story.

She is a rather subtle character on the outside, but is also very bold and cocky at many times. She is very much insensitive and uncaring.
Her history inflicts this.

message 22: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments { Oh! and would you like me to start, or you?
I don't mind either one! }

message 23: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments (Can you start please? And please show me the picture! :) ))

message 24: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments ((Nvm now I see my pic... It's great! Thanks!))

message 25: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments { Yeah, okay! }
It was a very quiet, calm day. Lucie walked to school, her eyes averted to the ground as she kicked some of the blocks of ice on the ground, out of sheer boredom. It was her first day walking to this school, and was actually somewhat nervous to see the new place where she would be living and going to class. So far, she did like it.

As she was walking, Lucie realized that there was a small, wooden bench at the front of the school. It seemed that there were no kids in the little parking lot of the entrance, so she sat there, and took out her phone. She really couldn't read well, so reading was out of the question for her.

It was quite cold on that day, and Lucie sat there, wrapping her scarf around her neck. Jeez. It got cold here.

message 26: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments It was another usual day for Alan, another day of many, another day of nothing. As he flew through the city, he wondered again why. Why he died? And why he was a ghost? But no one could answer him. In fact, he didn't want someone to answer. The mysterious kept him a bit less bored.

He headed his school, the school he used to learn at. He like go to there, sitting in classes and flowing through the stairs and staircases; he even sometimes whisper answers to students, and they just thought they thought it.

He saw a girl sitting, and sat down next to her. No one could see him, but it felt to him like they can. Like he wasn't died, like he was alive again.

message 27: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments It was that those whom have seen a person die, they were able to see people who have died themselves. As it was called, the ghost.

Lucie had seen her parents die, in fact, she was the one who had killed her father's wife. That wasn't her mother though.
But all this... this was another story.

Most people could not see ghosts, which certainly was a pity. She'd seen only a few before, but hadn't paid any attention.

The person who had sat next to her, was obviously not a person. But that was alright. She'd let him be.

Lucie got up, and headed over to the school doors. In fact, she really didn't want to deal with ghosts at the moment. She just wanted her peace and quiet.
And that's what she would get.

message 28: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments He sat down next to her, looking at her closely. She was pretty normal in look, but not in other thing. He thought she was... Different. Hard to tell exactly. But she felt not like a normal human, like she wasn't.

When she went away, he followed her. She can't see him, but he can. Maybe he'll even do some tricks to her... But not now. Now, he wanted to know what's so different about her. She walked in the school, and he followed every step of her. Or actually, flew.

message 29: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Okay. This guy was irritating her.
She couldn't see a full figure, for the ghost had to let her see him, and that was under his power. But she could merely make a faint outline, and dark hair.
That's all he would allow her to see.
But why on earth did he follow her?! That was making her mad.

She turned abruptly as soon as she reached her classroom, and turned to see the outline.

"Stop." Lucie muttered, before slamming the door behind her, and taking her seat. The classroom was dead quiet, and the chill in the air nearly went to her bone. Something was obviously weird...
And besides. Where were all the students?

message 30: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments As they reached her class, so shout on him and closed the door. Although he pass through the door, he was surprised. She can see him? That'll explain the weird feeling, though he knew she can't see him completely unless he want.

He flew next to her, and sat on an invisible chair right beside her "hehe..." He said "welcome to school... And why should I leave you?"

message 31: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Lucie flipped open her book calmly, and took out a pencil.
Should she ignore him... Maybe. That certainly was a possibility. But she didn't.

"It's not proper to fly in the presence of myself. You should know that you should stay on the ground when near humans. You give yourself away, boy." She had a rather thick European accent when she spoke.

"And, you irritate me. Stop following me, fool." She said sternly, her stone cold eyes staring at the paper.

She was a rather cold person in character, and basically had no pity for anyone whatsoever. Especially ghosts. They come after her... especially the ones she knew. She hated it.

message 32: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments That girl was funny. She thought he should leave her just because she wanted too! Huh! And she told him an useless advice...

"Oh, I'm so SORRY you don't want me here" he said sarcastically "too bad you're stuck with me now, mrs. Secret powers" he smirked a bit. The last time he so enjoyed doing tricks on others were when he poke too people and they started to flight each other... It was hilarious!

message 33: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Łucie laughed slightly at his reckless, sarcastic comment.
"Don't be reckless and foolish with me. Please. I merely ask for one thing, and that you do not give, so I have no choice but to be somewhat stern with you. Your manners are awful, may I say. What on earth kind of ghost are you."

Maybe if she called him out on it, then he'd be a tad nicer.
Wait. Why did she care anyways?
She usually wasn't this touchy. Maybe his awful, sickening presence made her feel this way. That was a possibility.
Łucie really just wanted to go to school, attend class and live life like the normal person she was.

message 34: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments "What kind of ghost?" He said "a ghost that is bored. You know how hard it is to find people to talk with? And yes, maybe my manners are awful, but it doesn't mean it have to be like that, right?" He stood up, and move his hand to shake hers "I'm Alan. A ghost more than 100 years" he smiled. Maybe if he'll be nicer, she let him stay with her. It's not that he got anything else to do...

message 35: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Łucie couldn't see his hand being extended, and merely stared at him with confused eyes.
"Nice to meet you, Alan." She did not speak her name.
"I am busy. Will you be attending class today?" She said quietly, flipping a page in her book, and observing the information on the page, with her ever so cold eyes.

The annoyance still burned in her chest, but that was alright. She'd put up with it for now. He'd probably leave soon anyways.

message 36: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments "Yeah" he said "I'll be in the class... Maybe I can help you with HW" he laughed a bit "you didn't tell me your name, do you?" He asked her

There was something with her. It was enough weird she can see him, but he felt there's another something. Like she got more powers... Maybe talking to the deads, but he wasn't sure.

message 37: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Lucie was born a naturally intellegent person, and was somewhat interested that he thought that she needed help. Lucie? Need help?! HAHA!

She laughed at his comment and rolled her eyes.
"Boy, I don't need help! Especially from someone like you." Her laughter subsided.

"And, I will not tell you my name until one thing happens. And I will not tell you, for it will blow it!" She said, grinning sheepishly.

This was fun. She loved messing with this guy, whoever he was.

message 38: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments Oh, great... Another one of those thinks-they-are-know-everything... "So until one thing will happen, you'll not tell me" he repeat "and you don't want to tell me that thing... Means you don't want me to know your name. Means you hide something. You don't want me to know nothing about you. And that something is probably important... If you think you don't need any help from me. You think you know everything, huh? You think that because you know what I don't, it means you can't say it to me. Or just enjoying that I don't know. Because this is who you are. Someone who just like to be not nice to people. And again, you'll probably say I'm wrong, right? Yes, that what you'll say. Because what I am for you? I'm just a hundred-years-old ghost that don't know anything, right? And you know everything! That what you think!"

message 39: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments The words made her laugh.
"I hide many things, many, many things. And none shall know what I posses inside my small, hopeless soul. You shant, and neither shall any human whatsoever." She turned her eyes to face the figure.
"You are not wrong, I am not nice to people for reasons I shall not speak of at the moment. You're a sharp one, aren't you? But I can infer that you are very sensitive to what people speak to you of. And that is fine.
I know alot, yes, but I do not posess the knowledge of everything. Oh well. I'm just intelectually genius, that is all."
She grew quiet and stared at her hands, admiring his sharpness. This was fun.
He was amusing her, calling her out on every small flaw she had.

She'd never tell him anything at this rate.

"The one thing I want is to see your face. And that's up to you. That is the single thing I plead, if your desire is to know my name."

message 40: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments "First, I figured something" he said "tell me if I'm wrong, but you, mrs. Mystery, have many, many, secrets. Too much if you ask me. And you don't want to tell me NO ONE of those unless something will happen. And I don't know this something. You know, I think it's the first time I really enjoyed talk to someone. Even you. And yes, I'll show you my face, because I don't want to hide from you information." He became more and more visible, until she can she all his body, like he was alive, but still she can see he's a ghost "and one more thing. You did a mistake. You told me you have many secrets. Now I know it. And now I want to know them. Remember this"

message 41: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments She smirked.
"I only told you one secret, and that is that I have many secrets. You can only find out one way, and that is from the mouth of me. And things lie in my mind, that will never be spoken. Fin. We're done with this." She said, that smug look taking place across the placid face she had.

"And, not to mention, you're not bad looking in my tastes. Too bad you're dead." She shrugged, and stared at the books in front of her.

That was sort of a lie... the fact about the one way. She had a brother, but he was dead too. He wandered the earth, but he did not show his face to anyone, not even those who could see him.
Luke was his name, and Luke could easily take this guy out.

"Oh boy, I haven't spoken to someone like this in a while. Someone so... fascinating."
She placed a hand on his cheek and pushed his head to the side so she could see his profile.
"Hm. You're cold aren't you? Do ghosts ever become warm? If they do, I'd help you." She let go of him, and returned her hand to her desk, and observed every small detail about him.

message 42: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments He laughed a bit "about the 'one way', you told me what I'm already know. And it's that you think there's only one way. Have you heard of mind-controlling?" He smirked "say like a ghost enter a body, and read the brain like a book? And about the good looking, thanks. I never really thought someone will think like that" he giggled "and if you think it's too bad I'm dead, well it's too bad you're alive." He stopped "and now I'm going to stop this funny argument, for other thing. Why this class is empty? It's suppose to be Thursday's first math class!"

message 43: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments "Not as easy as you think, boy. I knew that." She laughed and dropped her head back to look at the ceiling. What a fool, who did he think he was? Someone who could understand her?
"I know you think you're cool, boy, and tough, like you can read anything in the world. Now look who is the know it all!" She laughed.

"And why do you think?" She raised an eyebrow. "There's a reason for everything.
And also... How on earth is it bad that I'm alive. At least I live. You live trying to redeem something. It's better living than to be dead."

And with that, she stared at the door, avoiding his cold glance.

message 44: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments "So you're saying it'll not be easy for me to read your mind?" He said "I even didn't want to. But you just told me another secret. Watch your mouth, girl. Now, I'm going to stop arguing with you. And just one thing. What's your name? I showed you my face, right? And no, I don't know anything. But you think that you are. Tells about you many things. Maybe I should just stop talking with you, because it looks like the first person to make me happy don't want me here!" He disappeared, now fully invisible.

message 45: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments "If that's how you feel." She said quietly, staring at her hands. "Then you may leave. Too bad though, because I wanted to shake your hand. The name is Lucie Wojciecowski." She said, turning to the front of the room.
"You should visit me one time, actually. I'd like to speak with you. Forgive me for my incompetent rudeness." Łucie said rather boldly for the comment itself. "It's more of a test in my eyes than an argument."

message 46: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments "I... Can you..." He staid with no words. He was sad. "No..." He fell to the ground "no... It can't be happening... You just wanted to talk to me all the time... And you did all that... As a test..." He stopped "and I just wanted to be nice... Trying to find anyone to talk to... Have a little shining circle in all my hard and dark life... But no... You don't want it to be like that... You break someone's heart, just to fix it later..."

message 47: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Łucie stared at him with confused eyes.
"What? Who do you think I am? I'm so confused by your comments. Do you believe that I fail to take interest in your comments? That statement is incorrect, for I feel that your comments are but very interesting..." She stopped for a minute, staring at the space where he stood.
"I do the test with everyone, to see if they are both intellectual and logical enough to socialize with me. I do not choose everyone. But, boy, you passed. So it's a matter if you want to stay friends with me or not. That is all."
She said, her voice suddenly changing. It was nicer, sweeter.

message 48: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments "You... Really think so...?" He looked at her "really? Thank you. And I would be more than like to talk with you, and be your friend!" He laughed "you know how boring the life as a ghost? A long, long, boredom! Finally someone want to talk to me! And I'm sorry about my comment... I just... Lets say my weakness point is leaving. That someone leaves me. I was enough my family, and all those I loved, left me... I didn't want it to be like that again" he stopped "I'm so sorry..." He became visible again, better than before "here, shook my hand" he said

message 49: by Luchionka (new)

Luchionka | 88 comments Łucie held out her white hand, gently taking his in hers. He was so cold... Sheesh.
"I'm sure being a ghost is awfully boring. I'm very sorry about that." She said, giving him a firm handshake.
"It is good to meet you though, Alan. Congratulations for passing the test." She winked.
"I use a series of techniques in order to determine those that deserve to be my friends.... And there are not many on purpose. I'm purposefully not very open to people." She shrugged. "And there you have it. Another secret." She laughed slightly, and let go of his hand.
"So, when exactly did you die?" She said bluntly. "Are you old?"

message 50: by Alan (new)

Alan | 192 comments "Thank you" he said "really. It means a lot to me. And I'm sure not a lot pass that test... Though for a sudden I thought I failed because my weird comment..." He laughed "and now, for your question, yes, I am old. I am 157 years old, to be honest. I died when I was 17, 150 years ago. And that how I looked like, just like that. Well, before the time I died..." He stopped "it's a bit hard talk about it, but... I can tell you if you want... Tell you how I died... I can try..."

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