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message 1: by Lily (new)

Lily (joy1) | 2471 comments Hmmm... have mixed feelings about even posting this, but will anyway:


message 2: by LindaJ^ (new)

LindaJ^ (lindajs) | 2316 comments So what does the author that wins get as his/her award?

message 3: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 983 comments Infamy? Shame? Exactly what they deserve? A new car?

message 4: by Portia (last edited Nov 18, 2013 07:28PM) (new)

Portia This is an interesting list. My understanding is that Woody Guthrie should have left his legacy alone and not writtenHouse of Earth, so maybe the editors are on to something.

message 5: by Lily (new)

Lily (joy1) | 2471 comments Linda wrote: "So what does the author that wins get as his/her award?"

I do not know. The "award" was news to me. In our often publicity driven world, selection doesn't obviously sound like "punishment" to me.

Perhaps the clues are in the role of Library Review within the literary world, with which I also am unfamiliar.

message 6: by LindaJ^ (new)

LindaJ^ (lindajs) | 2316 comments Thanks Lily. I wasn't really asking - just be a smart alec! I believe you are right though about it not necessarily being considered punishment but rather a way of drawing attention to the book. I read My Education and thought it was, for the most part, well-written, although I suspect I skimmed a lot of the sex scenes, as I thought there were far more than were necessary.

message 7: by James (new)

James Ward (jamesward) And the winner is ...


"Surely supernovas explode that instant, somewhere, in some galaxy. The hut vanishes, and with it the sea and the sands – only Karun's body, locked with mine, remains. We streak like superheroes past suns and solar systems, we dive through shoals of quarks and atomic nuclei. In celebration of our breakthrough fourth star, statisticians the world over rejoice."

Reasonably romantic, surely?

message 8: by Lily (new)

Lily (joy1) | 2471 comments LOL! Thanks for catching this one, J.J.!

The City of Devi by Manil Suri The City of Devi by Manil Suri Manil Suri

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