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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Novel, American-Jewish family, female narrator working for her therapist [s]

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Meghan | 3 comments I read this book in the late 90s - maybe 1998? Here's what I recall from the plot:

Female narrator in her early twenties. She decides not to go to college and instead work as the receptionist for her therapist, who she is in love with.

Her family is Jewish. Her elder sister recently married into an Orthodox family and has started wearing long skirts, wigs, etc. Her younger brother has autism or a similar disorder and has recently been hospitalized or put in a longterm care facility.

She talks about her breasts a lot. Apparently they are big and she thinks about them ALL THE TIME. One time she let her younger brother touch them and now feels guilty constantly about it.

I think the story took place in New Jersey, possibly Long Island.

Eventually the narrator discovers that her older sister has been visiting their brother secretly. The therapist fires her because he thinks she should be doing more with her life. I think she decides to go to college.

Thanks for any input.

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Was this literary fiction or mass market fiction?

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Arielle Masters | 252 comments bumping - Meghan, any updates?

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Giving this a bump since Meghan posted recently.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 5009 comments Plain Jane Plain Jane by Eve Horowitz by Eve Horowitz fits.

Here is a snippet from the Booklist review:
Jane, an appealing and magnetic protagonist, is 18 and the middle child of a somewhat observant Jewish family in Cleveland. A bit too well endowed, self-conscious, and self-critical, Jane, who was high school valedictorian, works as a secretary in her former shrink's office instead of attending college. Meanwhile, her beautiful, college-educated, more normally figured, and once adventurous sister up and marries an orthodox New York Jew. This precipitates a bit of a crisis as Jane struggles to understand her sister's sudden piousness and her in-laws' condescension. As Jane ponders issues of integrity and religion, she is forced to recognize the fissures in her family: her parents' steady gravitation toward divorce and her quirky brother's need for respect and love.

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Meghan did shelve that book in Dec. 2014 so if she doesn't return we can probably call this solved.

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