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message 1: by Liemberger (new)

Liemberger | 5 comments Mod
First, list the books that you have read so far this year for SSR. Indicate next to the book whether you finished it or not.

Next, list the book that you are currently reading for SSR. Indicate next to the book what page you are on and how many pages are in the book.

Finally, in a paragraph of 6-8 sentences, evaluate your experience with SSR so far this year. For example:

-Do you make sure that you always have a book to read? Is it the same book, or do you hop from book to book?
-Do you read for the full fifteen minutes every day?
-Have you started to read outside of school?
-Have you found a book that you actually enjoy reading?
-What can you do to make sure that you make the most of your SSR experience for the rest of the year?

message 2: by Charnee (new)

Charnee B. | 4 comments Some of the books I have read for SSR are Thirteen Reasons Why (finished), Matter of Trust(not finished), and Shiver (finished). I am now currently reading Matter of Trust I am on page 75 of 105.

I try not to forget my book for SSR because I see it is valued to ALOT of teachers. I've only hopped from one book once because I can't seem to focus on the actual book I'm reading. Sometimes I have the full fifteen minutes but, other than that I'm finishing work for school. I do read out of school on a regular basis. I have found plenty of books I enjoy reading. I try to find more books I'm interested in to keep myself on course with SSR. I will try to be more active with the books I read throughout the rest of the year.

message 3: by Nhi (new)

Nhi C | 5 comments I have read 2 books for SSR: Night (finished) and The Son of the Mob (not finish yet). Now I am reading The Son of the Mob at page 40 and the total pages of the book are 262.

I always have a book with me to read for SSR. I use the same book to read in everyday. I am not really focus on reading the book for 15 minutes because sometimes I have some homework that I haven’t done yet so I have to finish it and other times I daydream. I usually read my SSR book for 10 minutes at night after I finish my homework. The Night is a great book that I really enjoyed reading. For the rest of the year, I think I should focus more when I reading and spend 5 more minutes to read at night.

message 4: by Shawquicolon (new)

Shawquicolon | 1 comments Some books that I have read for SSR Is Tony Story ( finished ) 13 Reasons Why ( Finished ) & A Summer Of Secrets ( finished ) I am on page 55 in A Summer Of Secrets

I try not to forget my book for SSR because it is hard for me to start another book and then going back to reading the old one. I sometimes read for the full 15 minutes and sometimes maybe just 10 minutes. Most of the time when I have nothing to do I tend to read a couple pages a night. I have found a book that I liked and it is A Summer of Secrets By Bluford High , this book relates to the lives of teenagers and the trouble in their lives. I will try to read more often to improve reading in SSR .

message 5: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Grimes | 3 comments the books I have read for SSR so far is Thirteen Reasons Why (finished) Night (finished). I am currently on Goal Keeper In Charge I am on page 49 out of 135.

I always have my SSR book on me because I don't like to start a new book if ones not finished. I sometimes read for 15 minutes but sometimes I get distracted and don't read. To be honest I don't read outside of school because I'm busy with homework and sports. The book I'm on now I'm starting to really like and starting to get real into it. For the rest of the year I think I'm going to start focusing on reading and not so much my friends and spend more time at home reading.

message 6: by Camryn (new)

Camryn Balbi | 2 comments Books Read: Define normal,and Thirteen Reasons Why
Current Book: Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson
Pages: 94/197
Chapters: 90

My experience with SSR this year has actually been good. At first I didn't think much of it but now I realized it benefits me. I really read for about 13 minutes then use the rest of the time to pack up and gather my things. So far this year I have read almost every night for at least 20 minutes. I really like this book because it is very relatable. To make sure I make the most of my SSR time is to try and pack up before hand so I can use the full time to read. It may not sound like a big difference because it is only 2 minutes, but over time it will add up.

message 7: by Fodie (new)

Fodie | 5 comments Books read: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid ( not finished) and Food, Girls, And Other Things I Can't Have ( currently reading). I'am on page 162 of 320 pages.

I don't have my book all the time for SSR because sometimes I forget it in my locker and yes it is the same book ( I got it from a friend). Also, I do read for the full fifteen minutes everyday that I don't forget my book. But I haven't really read it outside of school, I just put it in my locker and leave. But so far I've enjoyed reading this book. The reason for that is because it's interesting and not dull. Another reason is because it teaches lessons about life and true love for young teens. Finally, to make most of my experience, I will continue to pick books that are fun and not woeful.

message 8: by Johnny (new)

Johnny | 4 comments For SSR I have read one book and one book only.The Twilight saga BREAKING DAWN!!!!!This book has 756 pages and I have only read 67 pages,4 chapters.I always read this book for SSR,and so I will always read it in SSR time I keep it in my book bag.I read the whole 15 minutes because the book is just that good. I haven't really read this book outside of school.I really enjoy reading this book even though I have seen the movie 1,001 times.

message 9: by Mckayla (new)

Mckayla | 3 comments For SSR my first book was thirteen reasons why and I have finished that. My second book that I am currently still on is five people you meet in heaven and I am close to finishing that I am on page 98. I did not like thirteen reasons why. I do like five people you meet in heaven. It's very interesting. SSR is okay I'm not a big fan of reading.

message 10: by Amirw (new)

Amirw | 5 comments Book Read: Bull Run by Paul Fleischman
Currently Reading: A Wrinkle In Time by Madeline L'Engle I'm on pg. 40-213
I always have an extra book in my schoolbag. I still don't read for a full 15 minutes a day. I started reading outside of school but I soon stopped. I wasn't interested anymore. I really enjoy the book I am reading. I should try to block out the noise so I can focus on reading. If I do that I will have fun reading during SSR.

message 11: by Ashleyfenning (new)

Ashleyfenning | 2 comments The book that I am reading is delirium by Lauren Oliver I am on page 194 and there are 420 pages.my experience with ssr has been go so far for one it gets us out of work and it also improves are reading.I mostly read the full 15 minutes but sometimes I start late.My book is very good I love Lauren Oliver books.I do not
Read outside of school I think I might start doing that.

message 12: by Jorgeb (new)

Jorgeb | 1 comments I'm on page 43 and there is 209 pages in total.The book I am reading is called The Screwtape Letters I'm on the 10th chapter.I always try to have my ssr book with me at all times. I don't read this book at home i only read it at school.I only hoped from book to book when i don't have my ssr book at school. The Screwtape is a good book. Its about a Demon that's writing letter to his nephew about how to take Christianity away from people lives.

message 13: by Chrisdurelli (new)

Chrisdurelli | 5 comments I just finished five people you meet in heaven. I am currently looking for another book to read for ssr.
Sometimes I might forget my ssr book but I try not to. Sometimes I may read outside of school that's why I might forget my book at home. I read fly about 12 then I start to pack my stuff up. I really like five people you meet in heaven. By making the most out of ssr is by just keep reading.

message 14: by Ariyonnah (new)

Ariyonnah | 5 comments Books read: Thirteen reasons why (finished)
Current Book: Flyy Girl (unfinished)
I like SSR because I never get a chance to finish a book and with SSR I can finish my book. I like all my books but if I stop reading them I forget what they are about and I dont wanna read it anymore. The book I am reading now is good. It's called Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree. Im almost finished which is good. But SSR is good for me, I have no problems with it.

message 15: by Zairaih (new)

Zairaih | 2 comments Books read: Night ( finished ) 13 Reasons Why ( didn't finish ) The Test ( finished )
I am currently reading Someone to Love by Anne Scraff. I am on page 92 of 162
I try to remember to bring in my SSR but I have a tendency to leave my book inside my locker. It's not always the same book for example if I leave my book inside my locker I borrow a book from my teacher. There are somedays when I read for a full minutes or I start my homework. I find my current book interesting because it is relatable. To make the most of my SSR experience I will bring my SSR book to every class and try reading outside of school.

message 16: by Charnee (new)

Charnee B. | 4 comments I have read several books
*Shiver (finished)
*13 Reasons Why (finished)
*Matter of trust (finished)
*When Dad Killed Mom ( currently reading)
I make sure I have a book for SSR for the days its required. I mainly stay with one book because I can't handle all the different details from different books at once.Most of the time i read for the full 15 minutes but, when I'm finishing work I tend not to do it for the whole amount of time we have. I do read outside of school because it helps me with my writing and vocabulary. I have currently found a book I enjoy reading called "When Dad Killed Mom" I enjoy reading this book because it gives you a sense of suspense and thriller.To make my SSR time more valuable to me i plan on reading more books that seem to interest me more and also has a wide variety of different and more complex words.

message 17: by Johnny (new)

Johnny | 4 comments I have read Son Of The Mob(Finished).
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn.(Currently reading)
Pg.75,there are 754 pages in this book.

I carry this book around in my book bag all through out the day everyday.I do not hop from book to book.I do not read a whole fifteen minutes.It's more like thirteen.I do not read this book outside of school. I really like this book,I actually enjoy reading it.I honestly do not have a strategy as to making sure I stay on track. This book is really interesting.

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