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message 1: by Liemberger (new)

Liemberger | 5 comments Mod
First, list the books that you have read so far this year for SSR. Indicate next to the book whether you finished it or not.

Next, list the book that you are currently reading for SSR. Indicate next to the book what page you are on and how many pages are in the book.

Finally, in a paragraph of 6-8 sentences, evaluate your experience with SSR so far this year. For example:

-Do you make sure that you always have a book to read? Is it the same book, or do you hop from book to book?
-Do you read for the full fifteen minutes every day?
-Have you started to read outside of school?
-Have you found a book that you actually enjoy reading?
-What can you do to make sure that you make the most of your SSR experience for the rest of the year?

message 2: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa R | 5 comments The Hunger Games : Catching fire - Finished Book

What Happened to Goodbye - page 134/402 pages.

Each day I make sure to have an SSR book, I haven't not had it once this year. I have the same book every day until I start a new one. I normally read for the full fifteen minutes. I have not started reading at home because I still don't find reading fun or interesting on my free time. I still haven't found a book that satisfies me completley but one that is a little towards mt liking. To make SSR to the most of my liking for the rest of the year I can find books that satisfies me more then the one book I have read and the one I am currently reading.

message 3: by Hileem (new)

Hileem D. (HileemD) | 5 comments The Hunger Games: Finished
Forged By Fire - 87-160pages

I actually read my SSR book majority of my free time and during SSR in school. I read about the first 12 minutes of SSR time at 11:00 everyday. I started to read outside of school, sometimes on the bus, majority of the time after football practice. I enjoy this book because I know people who could relate to it personally and allows me to read what they experience. It allows me to visualize things that people if know are painfully dealing with. I could read my SSR book as soon as I'm done early work.

message 4: by Mohamed, (last edited Nov 20, 2013 05:36PM) (new)

Mohamed, S | 3 comments The Kane Cronicles-Finished (so far if new book does'nt get published)
Percy Jakson The Titans Curse 143/685 pages

It was only once I did'nt have a book for SSR but other than that I always had a book. I usually have the same book until I finish the book I'm reading then I read the next book. I read the full fifthteen minutes Monday through Friady and somtimes the weekends. I read read outside of school when I'm bored and have nothing to or when I go to the library. I've found many books that I enjoy and the're all were written by the same author and I still read the book's he write's. Maybe by reading the books that get me that I like to read and that might make my experiance with SSR okay. So I think SSR should be okay if I continue to read my favorite author's book's and that my favorite author continue's to write such book's.

message 5: by Zach (new)

Zach D | 5 comments The Hunger Games- finished
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 12/391 pages

I have a book every day for SSR I read the same book everyday until I finish it. I always read for the full 15 minutes of SSR. I have not started to read outside of school, but maybe I will. I have found books I like to read mainly The Hunger Games series, and some other books. I can keep reading books I enjoy to have a good SSR experience because if you read books that you dont like you will never like to read anything

message 6: by Ilina (new)

Ilina M | 5 comments So far, I have only read The Devil Wears Prada for SSR, but not yet finished reading it.
The book I was currently reading for SSR is still the Devil Wears Prada and I am on page 279 out of 360.

During SSR, I always make sure to have my book. It's always the same book; I can't bring myself to partially read a book then start a new one. I always read for the full 15 minutes everyday, although it seems like not enough time. I haven't read outside of school because my schedule doesn't permit me to. I have certainly found a book I enjoy reading. I can mentally block out distractions and completely immerse myself into the book and fight the non-existent urge to let my eyes wander around the room.

message 7: by Mickey (new)

Mickey Puth | 2 comments The Hunger Games (first book) - Finished
Chapters : 27
Pages : 374

My experience with SSR this year has been very good. For SSR I make sure that I have a book for most times even though I haven't about 2 times. When SSR begins I begin reading and continue to for about 13 minutes then I pack up. So far this year I haven't spent as much time reading outside school as I should but I will begin to with both my new SSR book (which I haven't picked yet) and "Of Mice And Men". I really don't enjoy reading as much as I should but I find reading as a way to calm me down when I am angry. To make sure that I make the most of my SSR time for the rest of the year I will make sure to have a book every time and to pack up before I begin reading so therefore I will be able to just read for the whole 15 minutes. This way I can get more reading done . It may not make a big difference but it will add up at the end.

message 8: by Hong (last edited Nov 24, 2013 07:27PM) (new)

Hong Ly | 5 comments The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z - Finished
Chosen At Nightfall - currently on pg 76/399.

The night before, I always make sure that my SSR book is in my bag. So that during SSR I don't have to read another book. I like to finished what reading than reading different books each time during SSR. I always read for a full 15 minutes everyday. I haven't been able to read outside of school because I never have the time, so I'm working on it though. I have found a book that I enjoy reading. The way I can make the use of SSR is by reading a book that is in my interest. Picking the type of book that have interest would help make the use of SSR.

message 9: by Domenic (last edited Nov 24, 2013 08:32PM) (new)

Domenic Giangiulio | 5 comments How to Steal a Dog - Finished

The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy - Page 36 out of 216 pages.

My experience with SSR has been pleasant, so far. I occasionally try to change the books that I am reading after I'm done with one. When I have to wait for another book to come, I will reread chapters that I recall as important from the finished book. I read for 15 minutes a day, every school day during the given SSR time. Usually I do not read my SSR book outside of school, but I do read on other occasions, such as using the computer, doing my homework, etc. Right now, I actually enjoy reading "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", my current SSR book. During the rest of this year, I think I could try and read my SSR book outside of school from time to time, and also jot down notes of each chapter while I'm at it as well.

message 10: by C.j. (new)

C.j. Kelly | 3 comments Zombie Survival Guide - Finished Book

Johnny Angel - 38/180

I usually make sure I have a book for SSR. I finish said book before switching to a new one. I don't usually read for the entire time during SSR, stopping one or two minutes short. I have not started reading outside of school either. The book i have isnt bad but I don't necessarily love it. To make my SSR experience more interesting i could try and read for the entire time.

message 11: by Jarod (new)

Jarod Rodio | 3 comments I've read one book so far for SSR. That book was Night. It was a good book and I enjoyed it. I am currently reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I couldn't find this book on this social media so I wasn't able to notify anyone that I was reading it. I am on page 195 of 396. So far I really enjoy it, I didn't think I was going to but I do. Usually I read for the whole 15 minutes of SSR but sometimes I don't feel like getting my book out and reading it. I read occasionally outside of school and I also enjoy that as well. I like reading things that teach me instead of reading a fictional novel. I think SSR is a very good concept and every school should have some reading time throughout the day.

message 12: by Jibril (new)

Jibril Little | 5 comments I've only read one book so far for SSR, which was night,which I have fully finished. Currently I am now reading "The Graveyard Book", also I am currently on page 201 of 312 pages. First, I would like to say yes, I enjoy SSR and that I always make sure I have a book for SSR and yes it is always the same SSR book. Although, I enjoy reading sometimes I do not read the full fifteen minutes because of minor distractions. Secondly, no I have not began reading out of school, because the amount of time I have through out the day. Also, yes I have found a book I would like to read which is the Hunger games,, because it seems very interesting. what I can do to make the most of SSR, is just to plan to keep on reading.

message 13: by Raymond G (new)

Raymond G | 3 comments So far for SSR i have only read 1 book and thats was the Pursuit of happiness . Currently i do not have a book to read so i just book hope until i find a book that i enjoy reading . Usually when its time to read i grab a book and if i dont like it i dont read it. But if its somewhat interesting i read for about to minutes . Currently i do no read out of school because i get bored really fast and i just stop reading . So with that being said i only read if im really interested in the book.

message 14: by Malik (new)

Malik Haywood | 3 comments So far in SSR i have read both Walk Two Moons and Notorious C.O.P, which is what im currently reading and am only on 72/320 at the moment.

Throughtout the school i have made sure that i have kept this book through SSR reading it thoroughly. I have also fully compealed my 15 minutes to reading this book. So far i have not be able to read the book outside of school but soon i plan to.In addition i also enjoy reading this book very much because of the suspense, you never know whats going to happen. In conclusion to make sure i make most of my SSR experien ce i will try and always have this book with me.

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