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This is a two room apartment that is always in some state of disorder because Maggie spends a lot of time here everything is glitterfyed and lots like someone spilt a toy box on to the floor.

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Johnny blushes," Yes I will go get some." She says and runs off into the other room coming back a moment later with fresh clothes.

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"Just in the other room try not to wake Maggie she is asleep in their." Johnny said tying to clear two seat and the table.

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Johnny waits on the chair bobbing her foot up and down rapidly.

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Johnny laughs," No I am just natural nervous acting person." She says.

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" Can I listen up? Yes I suppose." Johnny said.

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" No it is fine I really don't want anyone including myself in here it doesn't feel like a home for me yet." Johnny said

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" We'll that is awful not being able to go anywhere. Do anything how do you stay sane?" Johnny asked," maybe it is just my personality and ability that makes me restless but I could never stay in one spot for a long time."

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" Do you want to go some where cool?" Johnny said standing up excitedly," Tell me anywhere I can take you there."

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" I will go talk to her be back in a moment." Johnny said and walked into the other room.

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Johnny walked back out followed by her little sister. Johnny had a worried look on her face.

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(( yes ))

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Johnny looked at Maggie her hair was a mess. This was cute she thought." She is five and really wants to come." Johnny saidz

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" Haha not by bus this time." She said and crouched beside Maggie." Were do you want to go Maggie?" She asked

" I wanna go to states." Maggie said happily pointing at a map.

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" She wants to go to Alaska this time." Johnny said rolling her eyes.

" Yep they have Eskimos there." Maggie said smiling broadly.

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" Righto grab my hand this is going to feel awful and you might pass you." Johnny said grabbing Maggie's wrist and held it tightly,

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(( Lacie are you on?))

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(( it is okay))

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Johnny smiled before flashing dragging Maggie and Tigerlily along faster than light over miles until they reached Alaska.

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Johnny coughed," Maggie will be fine she has seen worse things than a tiger." She said.

Maggie looked around took a step forward then turned to Johnny," I wanna go home now." She said.

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Johnny looked at Maggie," Why do you want to go home?"

Maggie shrugged,"there is no anything here."

"can I ride a tiger?" Maggie asked her interest resparked

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" Don't worry I can keep up." She said smiling.

Maggie bounced," Yay a tiger! A tiger."

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Johnny smiled," yeah she is fine having the time of her life in fact."

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Johnny looks concerned," What is it?" She asked looking around.

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"Oh I can send you home if you need me to." Johnny said.

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Johnny nods and pulls the protesting Maggie off Tigerlily's back before she ran off.

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(( no my sister attack my keyboard))

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(( yeah she is just being annoying XD))

Johnny waited for Tigerlily to return.

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Johnny look worried," Um I am sorry." She said and set Maggie down.

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"Still he was your family." Johnny said.

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Johnny shrugged," Loving someone isn't required in family, but you are right lets take a detour Maggie look like she is about to fall asleep we can take her home and then we go to another dimension." Johnny said.

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" It is fine I will be back in a moment just wait here." Johnny said and flashed back home and dropped Maggie off.

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Johnny flashed back," okay she is in bed." Johnny said smiling.

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(( different times this is after the whole thing at the house trust me ))

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" Well I want to show you a different dimension," Johnny said.

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" Ready this is going to be fun." Johnny said grabbing Tigerlily's hand and jumped into Midcriff (( thread transfer post at Midcriff))

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(( yes ))

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