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message 1: by Korzoran {William Massey} (last edited Nov 17, 2013 07:52PM) (new)

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments I'll go first.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Will was on the hill first as he said good bye to Moka. When she left he waited for the others sadly.

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Courtney limped up. Her leg had healed a little bit. She stumbled carting her bags

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Will saw her limping and ran to her, "Need help?" he asked.

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"Please..." She smiled her white hair pulled back in a high ponytail.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments He took her bags and asked , "You okay? Your limping."

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"Just a little problem..."

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Jake came up the hill and saw them. "Hey guys." He still had his splint on which Will had not noticed before.

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"Wills helping me with my bags!" She smiled widely.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Ok. You should stay off that foot though so I got you this." He pulls out a crutch from behind him.

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Courtney smiled. "Thanks..." She smiled sweetly.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Will looked a little bit upset.

Jake said, "where's the van? Or am I driving?" He asked sarcastically.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Will also couldn't stop thinking about the prophecy:

One of you is death, and dying fast.
Your doom may consume you before your quest is past
One of you is life, his perfect half.
Yet love is nothing at which you should laugh
The third of your quest may have the brains
But he may soon find himself in chains
Go to the state where friendship lies
But beware of the dangers lest one of you dies.

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Courtney laughed. "You? Drive?"

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "I've drove a few times....but always ended up hitting a monster with it." He said under his breath.

Will didn't like that first part of the prophecy.

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"Hey will... You okay?" Courtney asked.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Ya...I'm fine..." He lied. Even he couldn't convince himself that.

"It's okay man." Jake said.

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"Will...?" Courtney walked closer looking at him.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Will looked away from them and didn't answer.

Jake put his hand on his shoulder.

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Courtney sighed.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Then there was a sound of a horn Will looked and saw a van.

"Ride is here...." He said and walked down the hill looking back at Courtney to ask through his eyes What's wrong with Will?

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She shrugged. "Is it about her? Or.... The prophecy?" She asked will.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "The prophecy and Moka...." He said under his breath

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" hey.. Well make it through This!"

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "The last part...The third of your quest may have the brains But he may soon find himself in chains. I believe that's me. And I don't want to be in chains without her Knowing."

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"We will help eachother. You aren't alone in This!"

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "I know. But I'm also worried about Jake..." He looked at Courtney.

"Why me?" Jake asked.

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Courtney got it. Her eyes widened. "No....."

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "What? Can someone tell me what's going on?" He asked as he looked back and forth between them.

Will said nothing.

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Courtney gasped. "No.. No will!"

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "I hate not being told something important." Jake said.

Will got in the Shotgun seat of the van.

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"It's about that.... Prophecy..." Courtney looked away.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Ya and?" Jake said. As he climbed in the van.

Will buckled up waiting to go.

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"It's the sick part Jake!" She half sobbed

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Sick part? I don't remember it saying anyone getting sick...." He said.

Will then said, "It's this part, One of you is death, and dying fast. Your doom may consume you before your quest is past...." He stopped.

Something inside Jake shattered. Will saw it on his face.

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Courtney looked away. Her heart racing. Ms he trembled.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "I...I...I..."Jake couldn't finish.

Will told the driver to start the car and to go when Courtney got in.

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Courtney slide in the car. She gripped jakes hand.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "I will not Die on this silly quest..." he said to himself hoping she didn't here.

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Courtney trembeld

message 41: by Korzoran {William Massey} (last edited Nov 17, 2013 09:44PM) (new)

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Id get some rest guys this is ging to be a long ride." Will said.

Jake then pushed his seat back and said, "Wake me when we're there." He tried to sleep with her hand still in his.

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Courtney closed her eyes. Still worried

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Guys wake up! We're here!" Will said loudly.

Jake didn't wake up.

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Courtney shifted still sleeping.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "GET UP!!!" He yelled as he slapped Courtney's face.

Jake only shifted.

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Courtney screamed. "You slapped me!"

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "You wouldn't get up okay. I'm sorry. I'm about to do the same anyway with deep sleep boy over there." He pointed at Jake. He started to go around the car to do it.

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"Jake.." Courtney shook her him. Her cheek red.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments He only stirred.

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Jake!" Se yelled. She sighed and leans above him and kisses him.

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