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((Here we go!))

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((Uh...were we? I can't remember....))

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((Posting order Olivia, Ashley, am? And they just left the cabin))

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((Right. And sorry if my posts take a while...I have a bit too many rps going on :P))

Raven nodded to himself, then started forward.
He tried not to think about the danger in this quest.
Or the fact that-

((Whoa whoa, wait! What about a prophecy?!))

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((I didn't mKe one? Did one of you guys?))

Rosemary walked beside them both.
Gosh this was awkward.
She couldn't even speak!

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((.....nooooo.....I didn't))

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(( aw.... *sigh*

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((*blinks at abruptness, surprised* Aw...okay. Uh, could you post the prophecy here when you get back on? And we need to figure out a way to make them all know it...))

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((Yeah. That sounds good..))

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((Kk! )

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Ashley | 21705 comments Raven followed her.
He tried not to walk too slowly.
Stop being so reluctant! Everything's going to be fine!
He'd just keep telling himself that.

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Rosemary wished so badly that she could speak!
She sighed and nodded.
Her mouth opening and closing.
Had to try right?

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((Sorry that I'm slow, got a lot of rps going on...))

Raven blinked up at her, confused.
He didn't see anything.
Her friends must really be hiding well!

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Rosemary glanced around.
She bit her lip.
She looked around
Were these guys nice?

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Ashley | 21705 comments Raven jumped at the noise.
He bit his tongue to keep from laughing.
The shrieks had been so sudden!
"You guys okay?!" he called up, craning his head in an effort to spot them.

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Rosemary opened her mouth and then blushed.
She made a laughing sound and shook her head.

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Ashley | 21705 comments They landed with a loud, impressive thud.
Raven smiled.
"Hey" he said, his voice coming out lower than he'd intended.

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Rosemary looked at Raven and looked away.
She smiled weakly and nodded giving a small wave.

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Ashley | 21705 comments Raven raised an eyebrow.
Were they...checking him out?!
Just cause he had muscles didn't mean he was nice to look at.

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Rosemary stepped away blushing brightly.
She rubbed the back of her neck.

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Ashley | 21705 comments Why LA?
Raven found himself inching towards Rosemary.
He needed to be closer to her, somehow.

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Rosemary looked up.
She mouthed.

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((I haven't read the books in forever so I have pretty much no idea how an Amazon would act. I mean, I have a vague idea....))

"Oooh! There's one in Hawaii!" one of the other amazon exclaimed, grinning.
Raven for a moment let himself imagining going to Hawaii, feeling the sand under his feet....

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(( do you require Bom bom bom assistance?))

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((I guess I could... I don't know...)(

One girl rolled her eyes. "Come on!" She sighed.

Rosemary raised an eyebrow at the girls.

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((Lol, no XD ))

Raven heard the whisper.
He felt relieved, but weird at the same time.
Well he didn't want to be completely undesirable!

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Rosemary smiled and silently laughed at that.
She nodded and turned looking at Raven.

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((Oh! Sorry!!!))

Raven nodded.
"Yeah...." he began, trailing off because her really didn't know what else to say.
What method of transportation should they use?

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Rosemary opened and closed her mouth.
She sighed. Then walked over and grabbed the pen and pad from Raven.
'Are we going to LA or Hawii?'
She wrote.

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((It's your turn Olivia :P ))

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Ashley | 21705 comments Raven raised an eyebrow at her words.
Huh. Wonder why Poseidon doesn' her so much
"I don't know...Hawaii sounds pretty cool" said Raven making puppy eyes at Kyra.

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Rosemary smiled
She sighed.
She looked down.
She wished she could talk so much...

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Ashley | 21705 comments Raven nodded.
"Good then. are we going to get there?"
There were a number of ways.

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Rosemary glanced at all of them and sighed.
She shook her head.

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Ashley | 21705 comments Oh!
Raven's eyes widened with understand.
"I see. Well don't worry Kyra, I'll protect you. You and Rosemary" he said, making his hands into fists.

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Rosemary shook her head.
She was the one who would protect them....

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Ashley | 21705 comments Raven crossed his arms and looked at her.
"Yeah I am tough. And you're talking about Poseidon and Zeus as if you've actually met them"

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Rosemary flung up her hands and shook her head.

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Ashley | 21705 comments Why were they both giving him that look?
Raven flushed and uncrossed his arms, clearing his throat.
"I...I see"

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Rosemary jaw clenched. She went on rambling but nothing coming out of her mouth

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Ashley | 21705 comments Raven looked at Rosemary.
She appeared to be trying to say something...
Which was impossible for her.

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Rosemary blushed brightly. She looked down embarrassed. She but her lip and shook her head.

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((Gtg, sorry, bye!))

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Ashley | 21705 comments Raven sat in one of the many chairs at the airport, waiting.
Lace and Kyra sat on either side of him.
My bodyguards, haha

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Rosemary sighed.
She wish she could talk.
It was so silent

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Ashley | 21705 comments ((Kk. And sorry for how long it took me to post...))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((This quest will be deleted in one week if there are no new posts.))

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