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One floor, three rooms.

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amaryllis sat in the car with Tom. She smiled. "This is it!?" She smiled widely and gripped his hand.

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Tom nodded and took a deep breath, "yup.." He hadn't been here in years..
A girl with the same dark hair as Tom's ran out of the house with a big smile. Her stomach was slightly bloated and she was covered in bruises.
Tom looked at her sadly, "that's Dawna.."

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"Oh goodness...."
Amaryllis slid out of the car. She smiled though. Her black curly hair flowing. She smile. "Hello.." She nodded

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Tom got out of the van and walked to Amaryllis' side.
Dawna smiled and ran up to them. She hugged each of them, "hi!" She smiled at Amaryllis, "I'm Tom's sister, Dawna!"
Tom stared at the house and felt sick.

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"Hello Dawna! I'm Amaryllis. Toms wife..." She smiled and hugged her again gently. "It's nice to meet you!"

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"It's nice to meet you too!" She hugged her. When she pulled away she looked at the two of them, "so, are you planning on having kids?"
"Already had three and one on the way," Tom told his sister with a soft smile.
Dawna smiled, "that's awesome!"
Tom nodded and was scared to ask who the father of her child was, "is dad home..?"
Dawn shook her head, "he went out," her course was a bit shaky.

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"Are you pregnant?" Amaryllis asked. She looked up at her. "How many kids have you had?" Amaryllis hated her curiosity sometimes.

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Dawn bit her lip, "yes, this is my second.." She looked at Tom then back at Amaryllis, "the first one was my dad's... This one is my ex's..."
Tom clenched his jaw at his father's piggery.

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Amaryllis grew red. She already wanted to slap the crap out if her dad. "Oh... I have twins one a boy and one a girl. And my eldest is a girl as well... This one is a mystery..." She tried to take the tension away.

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Dawns smiled, "aww! I bet their adorable!" She looked at the two of them and took each of their hands, "come inside! I can show you pictures from when we were growing up!"

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Amaryllis giggled. "Oh yes! I want to see these!" Her free hand laid on her stomach.

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Dawn smiled and led them into the house, "sorry about the mess!" She started picking up beer bottles.
Tom shook his head, "you get the albums.. I'll clean up," he insisted and took the bottles from her.
Dawna nodded and ran into her room to find them.
Tom sighed and picked up more bottles along with some trash and cigarette butts.

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Amaryllis jaw twitched. Poor girl. She sighed. "It's nice here..." She called out. The least she could do was be nice. She made a face finding a condom on the ground. "Tom..." She whispered.

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Tom picked it up quickly and put it in a trash bag, he finished cleaning and hugged Amaryllis without saying a word. Pain raced threw him and he wished his sister would leave this place.

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Amaryllis smiled sadly. She looked down and walked over. "Hey where did you go!?" She called out. She looked outside. Maybe that son of a.... Would come home soon. She would show him something.

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Dawna came back out with at least twenty photo albums, "sorry, I couldn't find them all.."
Tom chuckled, "my mom was a photographer," he explained, "and we were her muse."

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"I see!" She chuckled. She held out her arms grabbing some. "Let me help you." She smiled sweetly.

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Dawna smiled and handed her and Tom both a bunch.
Tom led them to the couch and placed the albums on the ground carefully, them being all he had of his mom.
Dawns smiled and picked out one, "this one is a bunch of Tom and I when Tom first started school!" She stated as she opened the book to show the two of them. They both had big smiles on their faces and they were hugging in front of a school.
Tom smiled at the picture, "she didn't want me to go," he explained as the page flipped and there was a picture of Dawna crying and chasing after Tom.

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"Oh? What's going on here? Did Tom make you so mad you cried?" She asked laughing slightly. They were so cute.

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Dawna giggled, "no, it was his first day of school, but I thought he was leaving for good."
Tom smiled and flipped threw pages. His heart stopped at the first picture of Dawna with a black eye.
Dawn looked the picture over and bit her lip, "maybe we should look at another album?" She offered.

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Amaryllis closed the album. "Let's!" She smiled sweetly. She frowned. This man...
So cold blooded.

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Tom looked at the albums and wondered if there was any.. He noticed a bright purple one, "Dawna..?"
She fallowed his gaze and picked it up. She put it on the table and opened it. She smiled, "it's mom's favorites!"
Tom smiled and looked at Amaryllis, "she put all her favorite pictures in here, we weren't ever aloud to look in it," he explained.
Dawna looked threw and pointed out some amazing photos of the two of them growing up. There was a couple of their mother; who Dawn looked a lot like. Dawn pointed at an old picture of a younger couple in a tux and wedding dress, "mom and dad's wedding picture.."
Tom looked it over, "she looked happy..." His mom had a big smile on her face and was clinging to his dad's arm. He looked happy too, harmless even.

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She smiled. "Your mother was very pretty..." She smiled touching the photo graph. She grinned. "You guys looked happy..." She grinned. And mentally added. 'In some of them'

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Tom nodded and kissed the top of her head, "our mom was a happy person, and pretty."
Dawns nodded, "she use to make us sundaes every Sunday!" She smiled happily.

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"Haha! That's like... I get it! That's awesome.." She wished she had known her mother. She sighed slightly.

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Tom hugged her, "she would have loved you," he whispered softly.
Dawna looked threw more of the book and wanted to cry at all the pretty pictures.

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"These are all amazing! Maybe I'll keep a scrap book for my kids!" She smiled and lay a hand on her stomach and her other hand on toms.

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Tom smiled, "I think that would be nice."

A car pulled into the driveway and Tom froze, he hadn't heard those squeaky breaks and dying engine in a long time..
Dawna quickly cleaned up the photo albums and ran them back into her room to keep them safe.

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Amaryllis hadn't heard the car. "Wait... Where is she going Tom? Tom?" She saw him freeze.

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Tom looked her over worriedly, "don't show weakness," he whispered to her before the front door swung open and a tall, muscular man walked in.
He had dark eyes and a five o'clock shadow, sadly Tom had gotten the man's strong jaw and body built from his father, "Dawna!" The man yelled angrily, his voice slightly slurred from drunkenness, "get your sluty a$$ out her! Daddy has a present for your baby!"
Tom shivered as he thought of the condom from before.
Dawna ran out of her room, "sorry daddy, I was just.."
He slapped her, "pants. Off. Now!"
Tom stood up which caught his father's attention, "oh, Tom! Welcome home!"
Tom looked at the man with disgust.

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Amaryllis eyes widened from what he had heard. She didn't want to turn around. He sounded horrible. He had slapped her! Her face grew red. She took a deep breath. Unless he addressed her she was going to sit like this.

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His dad walked towards Tom, causing him to flinch slightly. He looked over the couch and smiled at the girl, "aw, did Tom find a girlfriend?" He teased, "willing to share?" He winked.
Tom forced Amaryllis to stand and moved her behind him, "no," his voice was corse.
His father raised an eyebrow, "oh really?" He took another step forward, "you could try your sister on for size, sure she's not the best in the world, but beggars can't be choosers."
Tom shook his head slightly, "you pig.. That's your daughter!"
He shrugged, "so? Look at her! She's basically your mother!"
Tom wanted to vomit, "what the hell dad! You basically beat mom to death and now your raping your daughter!?"
He chuckled then glared at Tom, "that's non of your g0d damn business, boy!"

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Amaryllis hide herself. Who knew what he would do If he saw her face. But she grew angry. Her fists clenched. "You son of a b!&$@!" She yelled. Her face not looking at him. "why don't you go shove a condom on you finger and shove it up your a$$!"

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The man chuckled crudely, "I see you found yourself a frisky one, what ever happened to you beautiful wife? I miss her," he winked.
Tom flinched, his eyes widened.
"What? You honestly didn't think they were your kids, did you?" He smirked.
Tom stared at him, "you f*cking ba$tard!" He tried to hold himself back but charged at his father and punched him, "if you come anywhere near my wife I'll cute your throat!" He wasn't going to let his father touch Amaryllis!
His father chuckled and wiped his lip, "you hit like your mother."

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Amaryllis spun around. She walked backwards. She looked around. She looked at Dawna. Amaryllis turned running into the kitchen. Of course she wore a dress! She bit her lip. She then ran into the living room.

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Dawna fallowed her, "I know where you can hide for right now.." She looked Amaryllis over worriedly, "mom use to hide Tom and I when dad got really angry..."
There was yelling in the background and the sound if something breaking.

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Amaryllis looked back. "You hide... Please for me... I have to check in him... I'll be back in five..." She kissed her forehead and crept in the living room. Spotting his father and Tom.

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Tom had a small cut on his forehead and there was class on the floor at his feet, "your a dirty pig and need help!"
His father smirked, "the only help I need is from your sister or new wife."
Tom felt sick, "stay the hell away from them!"
"Or what? You'll hit me again?" His father laughed, "your to weak to protect anyone!"
Tom shook his head, "your going to kill Dawns just like you did with mom!"
He arched an eyebrow, "oh really? Because she's not dead yet. I'd say she lasted longer them your mom," he looked Tom over, "and if this kid is a girl, then well.." He smirked, lust in his eyes.
"Your sick!"

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Amaryllis gasped. Her white dress flowing behind her. "Tom....Tom!" She whispered. She but her lip creeping farther in the living room. She shivered.

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Tom looked over at her and shook his head, "go find Dawna," he insisted with a soft tone, "please.."
His father charged past him and knocked him over, causing him to fall in the glass. He pined her against the wall, "my god your sexy," he told her and ran a hand up her leg, "lets show Tom what a fun time we can have."
Tom looked at her in shock, pain from the glass raced threw him and he cursed under his breath.

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Amaryllis eyes widened. "Get off me!" She tried to pull away. Her heart raced. His hand ran up her leg. It made her want to puke. "Stop..." She whispered. She should have worn pants.

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He kissed her neck aggressively and ran his hand up a bit more.
Tom got up and ripped his father off her and held her into his chest, "don't touch her!"

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Amaryllis trembled. "T-Tom..." His dad touch burned.

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Tom held her close, "I know.." He whispered softly to her and held her close.
"Daddy..." Dawna whispered, slightly scared.
Their father looked at his daughter and smiled at her light pink night gown, "j-just let them go home..."
Tom's father nodded and pressed his daughter against the wall like he had with Amaryllis.
Dawna looked away from everyone and stared at the wall sadly.
Tom grunted with disgust and forced Amaryllis to face away, "stay right here, okay? And don't look," he told her, developing a plan.

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Amaryllis dropped to the ground and curled in a ball. She rocked tears streaming down her face. Her white dress flowed.

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Tom watched her worriedly before he looked around. He heard his sister let out a small yip-like moan and he thought he would vomit. He picked up a square shaped marble candle holder and walked over to his father and hit him in the back of the head. It wasn't hard enough to kill him, but hard enough for him to fall to the ground unconscious.
Tom caught Dawna and brought her over to the couch before going back to Amaryllis, "honey, we have to take Dawna home with us, okay?" He asked softly, trying to calm her down.

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Amaryllis stood up. She screamed and kick jus father. "You nasty pig! You're gross!" Tears fell down her face as she kicked him b

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Tom couldn't help but smile lightly, he went to his sister's room and was surprised to see most of it was packed away.. He grabbed the boxes that were labeled important along with his mother's purple photo album. He managed to grab sweatpants for Dawna and went back out to the girls.
He quickly ran outside to put Dawna's things in the trunk and came back. He handed Dawn the pants to put on and pick Amaryllis up wedding style, her leg still kicking, "honey calm down, were going home," he told her softly.

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She opened her teary eyes. "Oh Tom!" She whispered. She curled up close to him. She reached out grabbing Dawna hand.

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