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message 1: by David, Teacher (new)

David Patterson (MrPatterson) | 79 comments Mod
This week we have a few questions for you about how you read, when you read, where you read, and what you read.

First, what's your favorite way to read a book, on paper or electronically? Why do you feel this way?

Second, when do you generally read? Do you read on a schedule, or at the same time every day, or do you read at different times? Do you read before bed (this is the most popular time to read books in the United States, by the way)?

Third, where do you generally read? Is it the same place every day, or mostly every day, or do you switch it up? Is it at home, or do you read other places? Where do you find you're most comfortable reading?

Finally, what is your favorite kind of book or reading material to read? Is this a recent change, or have you felt this way for a long while? Do you think your reading habits have changed since you've become a sophomore, and how do you think they'll change as you become a junior and senior?

message 2: by Christian (new)

Christian B (nyc123) | 15 comments I think it depends on what I'm reading. If i am reading news i prefer on the computer because you can look up background information if you are confused. If it is an independent book i prefer on paper because it feels different then electronically. I generally read in my bed because it is comfy then a chair. I do not have a schedule i read when i feel like it. My favorite kind of book is realistic fiction because sometimes i can relate to the book. it has changed since middle school when i was big into fantasy. I think it will change but i will always find realistic fiction fun to read.

message 3: by Luis (new)

Luis Angel | 17 comments I prefer to read physical books. I like looking at the large shelf of books, plus I don't have any effective means to read electronic books anyway... I read whenever and wherever I want. I really don't care. It's entirely based on impulse. I generally do not read right before bed or in bed. It's hard to stop. I usually only do when I have something else to do. My favorite type of literature to read is novels. I enjoy the artistic freedom of creating a whole world from scratch, or just editing our current one. I believe my reading habits will not change anytime soon, only how often I read as I do not have any new books to read (and I do not enjoy re-reading).

message 4: by Superocp (new)

Superocp | 22 comments My favorite way to read a book is on paper because it makes me feel like it's more natural to read books on paper. It makes reading feel different than everything else that's technology based. I read everyday for the same exact time. Everyday for thirty minutes, the only time I don't read for thirty minutes is because I skipped a day to read so I read for a hour the next day. I read during the day or during school, before bed I tend to take showers. I generally read at places where it's usually quiet so I can really get into my what I'm reading. Mostly, I read at home, in my room or on the sofa. Other times, I read at school during study hall. Nothing has really changed between me and books, I don't like reading at all. I prefer to watch a movie or do something interactive. Overall, my reading habits have not changed at all since I was born. Also, my favorite kind of books are horrors, ever since I was little, my mom would watch so many horror movies, so basically, I have a thing for horror.

message 5: by Max (last edited Nov 24, 2013 07:55AM) (new)

Max | 25 comments My favorite way to read a book is on paper. If I read a book electronically I just feel stupid and betraying to book because its pretty much where they go to die.
I don't read on a schedule at all. I just read when I feel like it and I automatically do it so I don't lose that feeling.
I read anywhere. In the subway, at home, in the car, I am most comfortable reading somewhere that isn't home. It just feel like I don't have to be as prone to doing something for someone.
I like reading realistic fiction books. I used to only be able to read Fantasy but I just can't do intense fantasy anymore but otherwise I'll read it depending. Thats the only thing that has changed about what I read. I can't really read anything else or I just loose interest. I think I'll stay like this for a while. I'm not sure if I'll change what I like.

message 6: by Kyrese (new)

Kyrese Adams | 23 comments I like to read on paper. I am so use to paper books that it feels weird reading electronically.
I read on a schedule it makes me feel more organized. I read at the same time everyday.
I generally read at home because I feel more distracted at school.
I like reading fantasy, fiction, and manga. I don't think I will ever lose interest in these genres.

message 7: by Wyatt (new)

Wyatt | 21 comments I prefer to read books on paper because it feels more authentic, almost. Having a real book with real paper is nicer than reading electronically, in my opinion. I generally read at the same time, in the afternoons. I find myself generally reading in study halls and after school. I find my couch or bed to be the most comfortable place to read.

message 8: by Wyatt (new)

Wyatt | 21 comments I prefer to read books on paper because it feels more authentic, almost. Having a real book with real paper is nicer than reading electronically, in my opinion. I generally read at the same time, in the afternoons. I find myself generally reading in study halls and after school. I find my couch or bed to be the most comfortable place to read. My favorite genres are realistic and historical fiction.

message 9: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Charity | 19 comments I prefer reading books electronically if I am able to because I can put bookmarks on muktiple parts in the story that stood out to me. I would sometime read around 4 to 5 on a school or when ever I am bored . I usually read during school, at home, and on the train. The genre I enjoy reading the most is fantasy fiction. This was always my favorite genre because I could always picture my self in these stories

message 10: by Joseph (new)

Joseph | 23 comments I like to read electronically because when I get bored I can just switch to playing Candy Crush. I read whenever my phone runs out of battery on long road trips or late Sunday night when I have to complete a book log. I do not have a set time to read so I just read when it is convenient. I usually read on the couch because it is more comfortable than my bed and i tend to watch TV when I read. I like realistic fiction because the situations you read about are plausible and I can easily imagine them. My reading habits haven't really changed but I will probably start reading more as I heard reading can help your ELA regents test scores.

message 11: by Angelica (new)

Angelica Sullivan | 24 comments I prefer reading paper books because its more original and I'm used to it. i usually read at night before i go to bed, i don't read on a schedule. i prefer to read realistic fiction i've always liked realistic fiction books. i don't think my reading habits have or will change.

message 12: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Baez | 7 comments My favorite way to read a book would have to be on paper because I've never used it the other way and I'm not that good at using computers. I don't have a schedule for when I read but when I do read its when I'm bored or before going to sleep. I always read when I'm in the living room or when no one is home because I like reading when its quiet. I have always like reading fiction stories but now I'm starting to read biographies about baseball or iconic sports player to see how they grew up also I have been reading books about the game baseball, which has a lot of different type of views to the game.

message 13: by Mohammed (new)

Mohammed Saab | 13 comments My Favorite way to read is on paper, i can't stand reading a book on anything else. I don't have a schedule for when i read simply because i wont follow it. I usually read in the living room. I've always liked reading Non-fiction books that talk about things i find interesting, not all Non-fiction books are interesting. Other than that, it's hard for me to read anything else, i ALWAYS ruin Fiction books i'm reading with logic. It's a bad habit I know.

message 14: by De'asia (last edited Dec 20, 2013 08:57AM) (new)

De'asia Glenn | 5 comments I like to read until i hit good parts and then predict what might happen next, I Read paper. I Think because I don't want to get lazy and not finish it.

I read when i have the time. I read at different times. I usually do because its where i'm comfortable.

I always read at home, its the only place I can concentrate. I switch it up , i read when i have time. I always read at home. I feel more comfortable there.

My favorite kind of books to read are like books where the character goes through a struggle because those books are the most touching.although i think its a recent change I've always kind of loved reading books that have kind of edge. My reading habits have changed I've become more advanced in reading it self, i would hope my book choices are more mature , rather than reading a book that seems the same as the last one i read. I want to change up the genres i read

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