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Kaysa Kaysa | 5 comments Hey.

Have a 70,000 word urban fantasy based in Asia, first in a series. Looking for beta readers for the first 3 chapters or the entire manuscript (finished and edited) dependent on time and interest of the reader.

Looking for critique and honest feedback. Suggestions on what works and what doesn't are most welcome.

The premise summarized: A death in Bhangarh, Rajasthan is more than a statistic. For the locals and tourists alike, it is proof that the ruins of the ancient fort are indeed haunted. In fact, there is a growing evil lurking underneath the ruins with a sinister plan which threatens the human and magic life alike. Yghorr – the Lord of the Underworld, is looking to expand his empire. He will do anything to get his hands on the Kumbh of the celestial elixir of immortality hidden by the Sapt Rishis millenniums ago. Thus, a Sapt Rishi is forced to find a way around his oath to never interfere with free will of humans. As a result, the lives of five extraordinary teenagers collide. They form a powerful and at times, reluctant partnership to thwart Yghorr’s evil plans.

The novel follows Rohan Trivedi, the black sheep in a family of overachievers, as he heads to National Law University, Jodhpur, with his best friend - the cavalier Punjabi munda Sahej Kakker. Instead they find themselves at the doorway to another world, through Saransh, a school of magic and enchantment. The two friends struggle to keep up their grades, forge new friendships and deal with the matters of the heart while adjusting to the strange world of magic. More importantly, they find themselves involved with the mystery of Bhangarh – the haunted ruins of Rajasthan and an army of the dead.

You can reply here or send a pm, if interested. Thanks in advance!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

sounds interesting!I actually prefer multicultural fantasies! I'd love to critique the 1st 3 chapters! My email is libertada.raceli at gmail dot com

message 3: by Kaysa (new)

Kaysa Kaysa | 5 comments @ Libertad. Thanks for the response. I have emailed the prologue and first three chapters to you.

Appreciate the help!

message 4: by Amelia (new)

Amelia | 11 comments Sent a PM

message 5: by Kaysa (new)

Kaysa Kaysa | 5 comments Would love some beta readers from India especially Jodhpur or law students. PM me or leave a message here if interested.


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