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how can you read the novel of which you've seen the movie before?
Arbaaz Khan Arbaaz Nov 17, 2013 04:31PM
hey guys, I guess I just accidentally watched some movies which were based on the novels and I am keen to read the books too but the only problem is that whenever I read the book after the film I just get stuck by the question "was that in the movie?" but if I read a novel first then I have no worries because I already read the whole story so if any thing goes missing I suddenly suspects it and the books of which I accidentally seen the movie first and want to read the novel too are (twilight p1 and 2, beautiful creatures and maybe more but I don't think they are that much important. so help me plz

The books give you all the things happening in the background that the movies omit. The two work together to tell the whole story.

Because novels are inherently richer than movies, structured differently, conveyed via a different medium, and affect different areas of the brain as we absorb them? No big deal to make the switch.

I suppose I would advise people to read the book before watching the movie so that they have the full original story and can make comparisons with the movie and the book. I know that if I read the book then saw the movie and didn't take in the opinions of others my opinion of Twilight would've been different.

When the Twilight book came out I did not want read it. When it came out as a movie I didn't want to see it. I finally saw it when it came on TV and I ended up reading all of the series.
Normally I read the books before I see the movies. If I can't get into the book then why see the movie.

That is also true

I always think the opposite: Was that in the book?

I have a hard time reading anything after watching it. Mostly cuz I'm lazy and I don't want to waste time reading something that I already know the story of. Which, to me, says alot about movies vs books. If I read a story and it's awesome, I can read it over and over and then see the movie. But no matter how great a movie is, I have a hard time making myself sit down to read the book of it at all.

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I'm a huge fan of books made into movies, mostly because I see them as seperate entities. Yes, the movie is based on the book but it's a completely different medium so it's necessary to separate the two.

There have been many movies that made me go out and get the books.

well, I forgot to tell that I watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the lightning thief . and the hunger games.

what about this? if I try to forget that I ever watched the movie and read the books then re-watch the movie, will it work?

There is no question for me- the book is better, the original. The movie people change the movie around, take things out, put things in.
I always advise to reading the book first because-i'll use Hunger Games as an example. If u didn't read the book, u really have no Idea what is going on. My parents were really confused for the movie because they didn't read the book. City of Bones was hard 2 follow if u didn't read the book & we all know book Jace was WAY better than actor Jace.

This is why I mean to post to b4, I agree.

I mean, u can't tell me NONE of u r going to NOT c Divergent when it comes out.

I sure am

That is true

It depends. In some instances, I feel that reading the book after is better because then the book doesn't ruin the movie for you. I noticed that with "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. I thought the movie was good and was inspired to read to go back and the book. Then, I saw just how much the story was changed in movie. Had I read the book first, I would have thought that the movie was terrible.

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