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What did you think of this episode?

Summary: Francis' younger brother, Charles (Peter DaCunha), is to be betrothed to Madeleine (Vanessa Carter), a French noblewoman. Madeleine arrives by ship, escorted by an unexpected English envoy led by Simon Westbrook (Luke Roberts), who are welcomed at court for helping Madeleine arrive safely. Mary learns from Charles that there is a girl named Clarissa (Katie Boland) who lives in the secret passageways of the castle; Mary suspects she is the one who warned her of the rape plot. When Mary avoids what appears to be another poisoning attempt, she asks Clarissa for information. Mary is led to Simon's rooms, where she learns that the poisoning was faked by Simon in order to scare her out of the alliance with France. Simon points out that Mary already has enemies in French court and will not be safe, but Mary declares her intent to stay and stand against the English. Mary suspects Catherine as being behind the various plots and shares this with Francis. Francis believes Mary, and warns his mother to leave Mary alone. Mary and Francis are for now determined to be a united front against their enemies.

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The British are evil!!

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The Queen...she does not handle things the right way

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She never does...

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