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Ken (kensamcampo) | 6 comments Full Name] Guinevere Alia Stavis (Gwen)
Age] 14 years old
Gender] Female
Relationship and Crush Status] Single and majorly crushing on Carlos Iva, who is also 14 years old and is a guy. He is also crushing on Gwen. Gwen is minorly Crushing on Kyle Whitney, who is also 14 years old.
Birth Date] April 15th 1999
Occupation] She makes useful things out of what she can find. She is a crafts person.
Weaponry] She does not have any guns with her, but she does carry a knife, a sword, and basically some throwing knives, and a bow and arrow.
History] When Gwen was 11, her mother ran out on the family. Gwen's father is the leader of a survival group, that includes Gwen, Carlos, Kyle, Stacy, Braxton, and Ivy. Gwen's mother is Sheila Stavis, born Sheila Grayson. Sheila's father is Allen Stavis. Gwen is the little sister of Stacy Mckenna Stavis.

Personality] Gwen is kind and caring. She is smart. She is shy. She does not like to talk to many people, since she used to be friends with Nina Whitney, but things changed when Gwen found out that Nina was crushing on Braxton and then later found out that Nina and Braxton were dating, but then they broke up and Gwen tried to get together with Braxton, but his feelings for Gwen had faded.
Others] Gwen is childhood friends with Carlos, Braxton, and Kyle.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 6 comments Full Name] Braxton Marcus James
Age] 14
Gender] Male
Relationship and Crush Status] Broke up with Nina Whitney, single and not crushing on anyone at the moment.
Birth Date] April 15 1999
Occupation] Hunter
Weaponry] Bow and Arrows
History] Braxton has a long history of being a hunter, his family has always been good at hunting and archery. He used to crush on Gwen, but once Braxton started dating Gwen's best friend, Nina Whitney, Braxton's feelings towards Gwen faded when she wanted to start dating Braxton after he broke up with Nina.
Personality] Braxton is kind and caring, but sometimes he can be a jerk. He loves hunting and he is athletic.
Others] Brother of Ivy James, who is 16 years old, and Braxton's sister. Braxton's father is Darren James, who is 50 years old. Braxton's mother was killed when Braxton was 13. Braxton is childhood friends with Kyle, Carlos, and Gwen.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 1 comments Full Name] Artemis Winters
Age] 12
Gender] Female
Relationship and Crush Status] Single and not looking
Birth Date] June 3
Occupation] She is good with herbs
Weaponry] A small knife
History] This is something she doesn't speak of
Personality] Artemis is quiet, and likes to be in the background. She hardly talks or raises her voice to anyone. Many people overlook her.
Others] N/A

More to come

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 6 comments Full Name] Kyle Thomas Whitney
Age] 14
Gender] Male
Relationship and Crush Status] Single and not crushing on anyone.
Birth Date] Not documented, unknown, but believed to be April 15th 1999.
Occupation] He is good with negotiations.
Weaponry] Throwing Knives
History] Kyle is the twin brother of Nina. Kyle does not talk about his history.
Personality] He is kind, aggressive, outgoing, smart, and caring. He is only aggressive when someone tries to hurt anyone he is around.
Others] he is childhood friends with Carlos, Gwen, and Braxton.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 6 comments Full Name] Nina Bonnie Whitney
Age] 14
Gender] Female
Relationship and Crush Status] Single and not crushing on anyone.
Birth Date] Unknown
Occupation] Good with fighting
Weaponry] Spear
History] She is the twin sister of Kyle. Nina does not talk about her history.
Personality] Nina is flirty. She is kind. She is caring.
Others] She is best friends with Gwen.

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Bridget | 2 comments
[ Full Name ] Cassidy Rose Odair

[ Age ] 14 ⇝ Fourteen

[ Gender ] Female ⇝ Feminine [xx]

[ Relationship Status ] Single; Cassidy is currently available, physically if not emotionally. However, she harbors a small, unmentioned crush on Braxton.

[ Appearance ] description

[ Birth Date ] January 27th ⇝ 1/27

[ Occupation ] Gatherer ⇝ Cassidy gathers food and supplies because of her inability to handle a weapon.

[ Weaponry ] As said before, Cassidy is practically unable to handle to any type of weapon. However, because protection is necessary, Cassidy does carry a dagger in her boot at all times.

[ History ] Cassidy is a blank slate. The crash erased most of her memories. From time to time, snip-its come to her, but they all fly away as quickly as they come. Frustration and depression has led Cassidy to block out her past and just concentrate on the present. Her older brother, Vincent, recalls no memories of their past either so they're on their own for now.

(view spoiler)

[ Personality ] Sweet, caring, and quiet, Cassidy is a mystery all in herself. She rarely talks, but when she does, her voice is soft and commanding. She's a force to be reckoned with, her presence demanding respect. She keeps to herself mostly and doesn't socialize much. However, she does harbor a small crush on Braxton, which is totally out of character for her. Cassidy is extremely close to her brother, Vincent, who she treats as her best friend. Most days, he's the only person she'll talk to.

[ Other ] Cassidy wears the same boots everyday. Not much of her luggage was discovered after the crash and the boots she arrived in, along with a pair of sandals, are the only shoes she found afterward.

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Bridget | 2 comments
[ Full Name ] Vincent Matthew Odair

[ Age ] 16 ⇝ Sixteen

[ Gender ] Male ⇝ Masculine

[ Relationship Status ] Vincent is currently single and not looking for a relationship. However, the right girl could open his heart up again.

[ Appearance ] description

[ Birth Date ] March 4th ⇝ 3/4

[ Occupation ] Hunter ⇝ Vincent hunts for food and protects the survivors from the island's dangers.

[ Weaponry ] Vincent overcompensates for his sister's lack of ability to handle weaponry. He's able to wield knives, guns, spears; just about anything, really. Vincent is also talented in the art of hand-to-hand combat.

[ History ] Like his sister, Cassidy, Vincent is a blank slate. The crash erased most of his memories. Cassidy tells him that from time to time, snip-its come to her, but they all fly away as quickly as they come. Frustration and depression has led both siblings to block out their pasts and just concentrate on the present. Vincent views Cassidy as a mere child and works overtime to protect her from physical and emotional harm.

[ Personality ] Unlike his sister, Vincent is a social pariah. He thrives on socializing and is a natural born leader. He's kind and sweet but that side is rarely seen by anyone but Cassidy. He's built himself so he is viewed as untouchable and tough on the outside, but is crumbling and full of self-doubt on the inside. Vincent is good at giving directions, but lacks the patience to take them. Because of this, he is often labeled temperamental, or bossy. Only his sister, who is really his best friend, knows that Vincent is broken, a former shell of who he used to be. The fact that he cannot remember who he was before the crash has killed him inside. However, he hides his pain well. Vincent can come off as a bit of a charmer, a total flirt, you could say. He's extremely talented at telling people what they want to hear and most fall in love with him the minute he starts talking.

[ Other ] Vincent wears a necklace at all times. It's one of the few valuable things he found on him after the crash. While he has no memory of who gave it to him, he knows it is very important to him.

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georgiabread Full Name] Arianna Jade Henderson
Age] 15

Gender] Female

Relationship and Crush Status] None


Birth Date] July 18th

Occupation] A restaurant waitress

Weaponry] Bow and arrows, dagger

History] Arianna was raised by her parents on a small farm until the age of 14, when she wagged school with her friends and tried driving a car. Obviously, they didn't know how to drive one, and collided with another car, killing the two passengers. The passengers turned out to be Arianna's parents. Arianna couldn't believe what she'd done, and she tried to commit suicide on the spot but her friends stopped her. Instead, Arianna went into hiding for almost a year, stealing what she needed to survive, and teaching herself to fight. She was to spend 16 years in jail, but obviously didn't because she was in hiding. Arianna became a wanted criminal, and a few weeks after her 15th birthday, she decided it was too dangerous to stay in hiding, and ran away in secret on a plane bound for Canada (she was living in Australia). But then the plane had a failure and crashed onto a tropical island...

Personality] Before the death of her parents, Arianna was a bubbly, friendly, outgoing and caring girl. She was shy at first, but once you got to know her she would be the funniest, most loyal friend ever. Everyone was an acquaintance of hers in her grade, except for her 3 best friends. Everyone loved having her around and she never had any enemies.

After the death of her parents, Arianna closed up and became hugely depressed and anxious. She had a giant temper, and always put herself down about everything she did. But she also became strong and violent and courageous, and vowed to always help someone in need to make up for her major crime, but she always thought she would never officially make up for it.

Others] None

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