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Shall I put up my charrie first?

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Sure:)

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Name: His name is Shetan, and he is known as Shetan, but his full name is Shetan Seth Callaway.
Nicknames: The Undertaker, Big Evil, Great One, The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, The Demon from Death Valley, The Dead One, The Beast, The Demonic Powerhouse, and possibly a few more. But his servants and followers call him "Your Majesty," "King," "My Lord," and "Master."

Age: His age is unknown. He has been around forever, so he would be immortal. But if you were to ask him exactly how old he was, he would tell you specifically.

Gender: Male.

Birthday: December 13.

Species: Shetan is a demon, the Devil himself.

History: His history would be a lot to go through, but it is also unknown, at least for now.

Homeland: The Underworld, also known as Death Valley.

Personality: There are many aspects of Shetan’s personality. He has two sides: his good side and his bad side.

His bad side

Shetan shows his bad side towards his enemies and anyone else he doesn’t like in particular.


"Come closer, and I’ll make you wish you didn’t. I dare you!"

The first thing you will be able to sense about Shetan is that he is the most evil creature you will ever imagine. He is not afraid to do the vilest thing he could ever do. Just by looking at his appearance, you will be able to see the evil. When his presence is near, you will sense it and feel it. Not to mention, he can go into a terrible, uncontrollable rage when angered. His rage is like the rage of Zeus and the rage of a twisted, rabid, wild beast combined together. Then you should never mess with him, if you can get away in time. Messing with him when he’s in a rage is an instant death sentence.


"I just love the wonderfully gloomy weather. When the rain, the tornados, the hurricanes, and the earthquakes come, I am at peace."

It’s quite simple. Shetan is simply eerie in the way he carries himself many times.


"I am a creature of the night, the thing that goes bump in the night, your worst nightmare. You have every right to be afraid of the darkness, not just the things that are in the darkness...What’s that?...Why? Because I am the darkness."

Being evil and eerie, it would be rather strange if Shetan wasn’t dark as well. His mind and heart are as black as his body.


"No! Get those scissors away from me! Don’t cut off my hair...please. My wonderful, thick, wavy, black hair...a monster’s mane. If you take my hair away from me, I will become ashamed, for my hair is my glory."

Shetan is naturally animalistic because of what he is, and he is quite uncivilized, usually going around with no shirt on.


"I delight in the screams of pain from my victims and prey. It is like music to my ears. I know, I am a psychotic, hideous, wicked monster…a beast with a twisted, disturbed, and demented mind. And I’m proud of it. Thank you for that wonderful compliment." *The deep, wicked, evil cackles start.*

Being the vile monster he is, Shetan is naturally twisted. He loves to torture his victims and prey at his leisure before killing them and/or eating them.


"You will see. Oh, yes, you will see."

Shetan is very mysterious. It is very difficult to tell what runs through his mind.


"Yes, I do like you...because you are going to taste good when I eat you."

You never know what side of Shetan you will see. He can be harmless one moment and then turn on you the next. This will never happen if you are his best friend, however. Because he is so mysterious, you can never know what he is going to do unless he tells you (such as if he was going to play a prank on someone, for example). He can also be quiet one minute and talkative the next.

His good side

Shetan will show his good side if you are a child (for he is fond of children), and if you are his friend or if he knows you will not be a threat.

Kindness, Gentleness, and Love

"Your love and affection to me touches me deeply. Thank you...I-I love you so much."

Shetan will be kind and gentle and loving towards the ones he cares for. You would end up loving him to death once you discover his good side. He is also quite affectionate if you were to hug him or show him some sort of affection in any way. He responds very well to gentleness and care and is quick to return it. He is the type who would just take you into his arms and give you loving kisses and huge, affectionate hugs that are endless. He also has a rare, sensitive side to him where if you just love him up and shower him with affection, he will feel deeply touched by it. And if you actually succeed in loving him up to the point where he breaks down and cries, then you would deserve a million dollars, for seeing Shetan actually cry as a result of affection is even more rare.


"You poor thing, come to me. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. It‘s all right. Just let it all out."

If you’re sad or hurt or frightened in any way, Shetan is there. He is quick to comfort and is willing to be the shoulder to cry on. He can change from being the nightmare to the one comforting you from a nightmare. He is a creature that will immediately take you into his arms the moment he hears a pitiful, heart-wrenching sob. He is one who can hold you and comfort you forever. He never tires of it.


"I don’t care. I’m a monster. Monsters are tough and brave. I’m not scared. Just stay close to me. The monster will protect you."

Shetan is extremely and fiercely protective. He is like a guard, watching over you and protecting you. There are moments when he can get a little too overprotective, but that is not often. Once Shetan cares for you, you could never be in safer hands. It is truly bliss and a huge relief when you have this frightening, strong, nightmarish monster on your side instead of as your enemy.


"I am honored to die for you. It’s better this way. It makes me happy. Things will be much better for you if I pass on. I love you. Don’t cry. Be comforted to know that I will return. After all, I can’t stay dead forever. You can’t kill what’s already dead."

Once Shetan cares for you, that is it. He is not one to betray his friends. He will be loyal to the very end, and he will not hesitate to die for you if you are in danger.


"I’m not trying to be funny. I’m dead serious about this!"

*Sighs* "Well, guys, guess what...I got lost in my own mansion again. Yeah, yeah, it’s embarrassing." *Sighs again* "Ugh! How embarrassing that is! Wait...what’s that? I got lost because I was half asleep! And it was all your fault! Oh, yes, it was! Yeah! There I am in my bed trying to rest in peace and enjoy a wonderful, deep sleep, and then you come along and nearly push me off the bed, hoping that’ll wake me up! No, no, I wasn’t snoring! If I was snoring, then the house would have collapsed. After all, YOU were the one who said that every time I snore, I cause an earthquake! Was that why you woke me up, you little brat? Because I was snoring? I’m gonna kill you. You’re supposed to be my good, little minion and serve me, not some obnoxious relative! Anyway...uh...where was I? Oh, yeah. It’s because of YOU and you alone that I keep getting lost in my own house like that! I know every part of this mansion I created with my own hands...the tunnels, the hallways, the rooms, the staircases, the torture chambers, the tower...I know it all like the back of my hand. And then I end up losing my mind all because I didn’t get any sleep! You know, you remind me of some neighbor I once had, that real stupid nut that would always wake me up in various ways. Yeah. That was Junior...

And then there was another one that always drove me nuts...named Hoagie..."

Once you get to know him well, Shetan becomes a total clown. He loves playing pranks on people, and he gets a charge out of their reactions. He has such a great sense of humor that many times he will say something hilarious, but he will be dead serious about it, and he won’t even know he’s being funny. But Shetan knows he’s a clown and sometimes ends up making himself laugh. Sometimes, he gets so silly that he ends up snickering and laughing for absolutely no reason at all. Not to mention, he has some clumsiness and can add some extra comic relief with that. He is one who absolutely loves it when people laugh at him and make fun of him. So Shetan has a fun side that will make a person want to be around him more, if they’re bold.

Appearance: Shetan is not made out of flesh and blood. He is made out of fire, black lava, to be precise. He has long, wavy, black hair, which drops down to his waist, and clawed hands, and all of his teeth are sharp and pointy. He has huge, black dragon wings and devilish, black horns that he can reveal or conceal at will. His eyes are fiery red, one of the most horribly frightening things about him. He has an incredibly huge body, a 600-pound mass of muscle and body fat. He is seven feet and four inches tall, a giant of a monster. His shoulders are broad, his arms huge and muscular, his chest wide and broad, and his stomach large and round, showing how incredibly strong he is. He is so strong that he can literally break metal. His appearance and strength is awesome and frightening. Coupled with his evil thoughts and actions, Shetan is truly your worst nightmare.

Shetan’s face looks like this, only his skin is as black as the night, and his forehead is smooth like a human's and does not have any of those creases or lines on the forehead that the picture shows.

Other: Shetan has no pulse, but very strangely, he has a heartbeat. He also lives in a haunted mansion, an eerie, misty graveyard surrounding it.

message 4: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Name: Crystal Maria James

Nickname: Carrie and Mary or just Crystal

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 6’2


Personality: Crystal is a quiet, caring girl. She’s a waitress in a local restaurant. She doesn’t have many friends because she doesn’t open up to people easily. She likes to keep to herself but is protective of her family in a way. She has nothing in common with her sister Janice though they look extremely alike.

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Cool! Want to start?

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments ((Sure.))

Carrie unpacked the last box in her room. She still didn't like the new house. Why couldn't they keep there old one? "Because we need a more affordable place to live Crystal." Her mom had told her condesendingly. She rolled her eyes at the memory. If anything the new house was bigger and she had her own room. The problem was she left her friends and her school. She could hear her dad downstairs. "Lunch is ready Crystal." He called. She walked toward the stairs.

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Little did they know that their new house had been repainted some years ago with white paint, and there used to be a witch symbol on Crystal's bedroom door, and it had been painted over. But in the basement and the attic, there were witch symbols scattered, and they were visible and uncovered. The Devil was down in the basement.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal walked down the stairs. "Whats for lunch?" She asked curiously. Shivering she yelled up stairs. "Mom! Turn up the heat! Its cold down here!" She heard a faint reply that sounded like a yes.
"What are you hungry for?" Her dad asked once she walked into the kitchen. "We have sandwiches, salad and Macaroni and Cheese." She rubbed her cold arms as she replied, "Sandwich and Salad?" He nodded serving her food. She didn't know why but something about this house creeped her out.

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The Devil was invisible to humans at this time as he was relaxing in the basement. He was very much aware of this new family moving into what he considered his territory. He had seen them from an upstairs window as he saw them moving in, growling angrily in his throat as he had watched them. The Devil was deeply disturbed by these human intruders, despite him currently sleeping right now.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal smiled and thanked her dad. She heared her sister stomp down the stairs and scream unaware of where our dad is. "Dad I'm hungry!!!" She announced. She was the opposite of Crystal. But her and Janice, her sister, looked extremly alike. The only difference was that Janices hair was cut short my her shoulders while Crystals is at her waist. "I'm in the kitchen." Her dad said back, not raising his voice.

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Shetan was jolted awake by the scream, and he snarled. That did it. He started walking up the basement stairs slowly and creepily, still invisible.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments "Daaaaad Can you take me to the store?!" Janice said a little to loud. She sat across from Crystal now with food in front of her. "Sure." He smiled quietly. "Tell your mother and we can both take you."

Crystal discovered early on she was more like her dad, while Janice was more like there mom. One was quiet and poliet, while the other was loud and expressive.

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Shetan flung open the basement door and walked into the kitchen. No one would be able to see him still.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal jumped in her seat. She heard a door slam, but no one else seemed to notice. She shrugged it off. She must be nervous about her new surroundings.
"Do you want to come Crystal?" Her dad asked nicely. "No thank you, I would rather read." She responded.

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Shetan crossed his arms and stood in a corner, watching these humans. He could tell which one was the screamer. He also watched Crystal intently.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments "Anything interesting?" Her dad asked stirring a pot.

"No I suppose not, I got it from a box in the room" She said quietly unable to call it her room, she poked at her salad. "I don't feel right taking it, I'm going to put it back and ask the realtor tomorrow to send it to the previous owners." She finished

"You guys are boooring." Janice complained, shoveling her pasta into her mouth. She finished with cheese across her mouth. "I'm going to tell mom about the store." She said with her mouth full as she ran up stairs.

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Little did she know that there were some stuff in her closet that were used to communicate with demons such as the Devil. The previous owners had used witchcraft to lure the Devil to this house.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Her dad rolled his eyes at Janices departure. "Whats it about?" He asked curious

"I'm not sure exactly.. Most of it is in greek and latin so I can translate most of it. I think its chants." She said confused.

"Maybe the previous owners were Wizards." Her dad joked.

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Shetan silently watched the two of them talk before he left. He went up into her room to snoop around at the demonic stuff. He had seen them before an awful lot, but felt like looking through them again. He looked at a board with letters on it. An object was with it, which was what the spirit or demon would use to move to each letter to make words to communicate with humans.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal smiled as her family left to the store. Janice dragged her fathers hand as he tried to say bye to Crystal. He didn't get a change to. She didn't mind. She turned on their new security system and walked up stairs.

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Shetan was standing in a corner of her room in a dark shadow, still invisible.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal walked into her room and closed the door behind her. She walked over to her bed and sat on the mattress. She sighed and glanced around. She saw her closet open. She slowly rose and walked toward it.

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Shetan made his glowing, red eyes visible as he watched her. He growled low in his throat.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal paused, and turned around. Did something just growl? She looked around but saw nothing. She noticed glowing red eyes in the corner of her room. She was going crazy, she blinked but they didn't vanish. She turned back toward the closet and pulled out a board. What is this? But she knew. It was a way to communicate with spirits.

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Shetan became completely invisible again, smirking sadistically to himself. He watched her intently.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments She flipped her hair out of her eyes. Her hands rubbed against the letters. She felt someone staring at her. She turned again but didn't see anything. She picked up the board and the indictor and took it to her bed. She sat in front of it.

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Shetan watched the things in her hands, then at her. His presence drew closer, dangerously close. He then made his hideous, towering form appear for one second, then he was invisible again.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal looked up and saw a form. It disappeared before she can register any features. She looked down at the board. Then pulled her hands away. She stared curiously at the letters. There was someone here. She smiled.

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Shetan crossed his arms and continued to stand in front of her, continuing to be shrouded in invisibility. He had his horns and wings out, and he never wore a shirt or anything on top, due to his animalistic nature.

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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments She shook her head, she considered talking to the spirit. She was stupid. She tossed the board on the floor and laid on her bed. She stared at the ceiling, there was nothing else to do.

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Shetan left her room to do something. He took his knife and made a cut in his arm so that his black blood flowed out. Then he used his blood to write in letters on the outside of the front door of the house.


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Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal paced back and forth in her room. It felt warmer. The heater must have turned on, she thought. She glanced out the window but her view was blocked by a large tree. She sat on the carpet.

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Shetan then put his hand on her bedroom door, and the witch symbol that was once hidden by the white paint appeared.

message 34: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments ((Is the symbol on the inside or outside the bedroom?))

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)


message 36: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal sighed and laid on the bedroom floor. She was so bored. Shes read that new book, cover to cover and she understood none of it. There was nothing else.

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Shetan then growled as he suddenly threw her bedroom door open, looking at her in bed, still invisible. He then slammed the door behind him.

message 38: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal jumped up. She heard the growling and saw the door move. She stood up and backed toward the wall. What was in the room?

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Shetan then appeared, revealing his animalistic, demonic form.

message 40: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal froze and sank down against the wall. She was trapped, but to her surprise her voice sounded confident. "Who are you?" She asked standing up.

message 41: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 17, 2013 04:26PM) (new)

"The one who rules this territory." Shetan's voice was deep and gruff as he walked up to her, then he turned invisible again.

message 42: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal folded her arms over her chest. He disappeared but she was certain he didn't leave. "Oh really.." She responded quietly.

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There was a growl from nowhere as an invisible, clawed hand wrapped around her throat.

message 44: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal closed her eyes as she felt a hand squeaze her neck. She gasped, helplessly. "Please stop" She begged out of breath. Her hands grabbed what she thought was a wrist and arm.

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Shetan appeared. He was holding her in the air as he held her throat. He carried her out of the room and threw her down the stairs.

message 46: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal hit the wall with a thud. She felt herself cry as blood dripped down her head and across her face. She rubbed her neck and can feel bruises start to form on her skin. She tried to stand up, but couldn't everything was spinning.

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Shetan stood at the top of the stairs, his arms crossed over his chest, his face cold and hard and evil.

message 48: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal shook her head. She could feel her thoughts slippen away along with her vision. She blacked out.

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

Shetan left her there before disappearing down to the basement again.

message 50: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (pandafox) | 1496 comments Crystal woke up a few minutes later. She was sitting in a pool of blood. She sat up dizzy. She hugged her knees to her chest, She should leave but she couldn't help crying.

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