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Andi | 49 comments Hey

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What's your idea? How long do you expect the posts to be?

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Andi | 49 comments Well I was thinking an angel princess and a demon prince fall in love but problems get n the way especially because of who they are and what they are

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Sure do you want to be a girl or guy?

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Andi | 49 comments Can I be the girl??

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Andi | 49 comments Okay so i'm gonna start making her

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Andi | 49 comments Name: Seraphina Raziel Zaniel
Age: 19 (human) 298(Angel)

Personality: she seems funny and uncaring, when in reality she’s the most caring person you will ever meet. She loves kittens and really wants one.
Other: She has these ( but covering her whole back) on her back in human appearance they look like tattoos but when in her true form they are her wings, every angel has a good side and a bad side, the good side being pure white the bad side being a mixture of black and red usually they aren’t balanced like her dark side has the same amount of strength as her good side.
She has snake bites, a nose ring, and a bellybutton piercing

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{Name}Troy Katz
{Actual Age}500
{Species} Incubus
{Sexuality} Straight
{Personality} Troy Katz is a nobel and very seductive man.
{History}He was born in a family of Demon lords and grew up learning how to rule over his land.
{Appearance}(view spoiler)

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Would you start?

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Andi | 49 comments sure where shall they meet??? In the human world in a club? Bar? Or should they bump into each other??

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They should bump into eachother

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at a concert

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Andi | 49 comments what concert?

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A random one what ever your favorite band is.

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Andi | 49 comments Yay! Asking Alexandria it is!

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Andi | 49 comments Raz was at the bar of club where her favourite band Asking Alexandria was playing. She cheered as a prophecy came on.

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Troy was bored back at home and started to walk around the human realm wanting something better to do.When he heard Asking Alexandria playing in the distance he showed his V.I.P card and was welcomed in.

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Andi | 49 comments She moved to the front of the crowd. "BEN! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!!" I yelled and jumped up when he winked at me.

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Andi | 49 comments ...

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Troy walked up to the front row and smiled at his friend placing a new guitar on the stage for him. "Thought you would appreciate this!" He yelled with a smirk.

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Andi | 49 comments "We can still make it out,

I can help you through this,
But you have to take my hand!
I can take you home,
Take my hand,
Take my hand!" Raz yelled the lyrics with her eyes, shut so she didn't see the guy put a guitar on the stage.

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Troy didn't see the fan girl.

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Andi | 49 comments She was being pushed against the baracade so she turned around and punched the guy in the face starting a massive mosh pit.

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Troy grumbled noticing there was a girl there and he started to move through the crowd to get out of the mosh pit.

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Andi | 49 comments She knocked the guy, who was twice the size of her, out after breaking his nose. she then proceeded to turn around and continue watching the band preform as if there wasn't a massive fight, that she created, going on behind her.

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Hours later Troy walked back stage and picked up a guitar and started to play knives and pens by the black veil brides just for the hell of it.

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Andi | 49 comments Being the strange child she was after the concert had finished she had layed down on the floor and just stayed their breathing.

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Of course Troy's playing reached her ears as he sang and played Demolition Lovers by My Chemical Romance.

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Andi | 49 comments She looked up when she heard someone playing, she grinned. She got up slowly and quickly walked towards the music playing.

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He continued until he was done with the song then got ready to head out the door when BAM he bumped into a girl. "Oh my I'm sorry." He said squinting his black eye that she had given him.

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Andi | 49 comments she was wondering closer to the sound when she walked into a wall. It was only when she heard him speak that she realised it was a person. "Oh no, i'm sorry." She said as she reached up to touch his eye.

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((Touch her eye?))

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Andi | 49 comments ((Sorry meant His)

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"Ouch," He said with a frown backing up not wanting her to touch it again.

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Andi | 49 comments "I can help heal it if you want? It's a thing my mother used to do it doesn't work on many people but hopefully it'll help."

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"I guess I'll let you try." He mumbled.

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Andi | 49 comments She reached up again to touch it, mumbling quietly under her breath.

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"What's your name?" He asked with wonder as the ache of the black eye went down.

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Andi | 49 comments She finished amazed as it went down. "Seraphina, but you can call me Raz...What's yours?"

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Andi | 49 comments "Anyway, sory for bumping into you...I've got to go now, my father should be waiting for me." She kissed his cheek before running away with her face turning red.

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Troy caught her before she could get too far and held her close, "Thank you Seraphina." He said sweetly then placed his warm lips on hers.

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Andi | 49 comments She kissed him back, as a sensation of tingles ran down her body. She pulled back slightly her face completely red now. "No problem Troy." She whispered.

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"You gonna be okay getting home?" He asked.

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Andi | 49 comments "Yeah, I should be unless someone against my dad comes but I doubt they would dare venture anywhere near his territory." She mumbled the last bit not expecting him to hear.

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