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Nani Greyson | 208 comments Sorry, got distracted. Here it is!

message 2: by Andi (new)

Andi | 49 comments Thanks :) SO whatcha wanna do??

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Nani Greyson | 208 comments I have no idea, really, haha. I have no ideas right now. What about you?

message 4: by Andi (new)

Andi | 49 comments What about something to do with angels and demons??

message 5: by Nani (new)

Nani Greyson | 208 comments Yes. I love angel and demon ones.

message 6: by Andi (new)

Andi | 49 comments do you want to be the angel or the demon?? what should the plot be??

message 7: by Nani (new)

Nani Greyson | 208 comments Demon. And... maybe they're both given a town to save/destroy, so they're constantly fighting against each other, but end up caring for each other.

message 8: by Andi (new)

Andi | 49 comments Yes sounds awesome

message 9: by Nani (new)

Nani Greyson | 208 comments Do you want to be the boy or girl?

message 10: by Andi (new)

Andi | 49 comments Don't really mind

message 11: by Nani (new)

Nani Greyson | 208 comments Ok. So I'll be demon girl?

message 12: by Andi (new)

Andi | 49 comments Sure

message 13: by Nani (new)

Nani Greyson | 208 comments Do you want to make characters, or just go?

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Andi | 49 comments Make characters?

message 15: by Andi (last edited Nov 17, 2013 12:13PM) (new)

Andi | 49 comments Name: Raziel Zaniel
Age: 19 (human) 556(Angel)
Species: Angel
Personality: Dependable and well-informed but can be quick-tempered, gentle, a realist and positive
Other: has a sleeve of tattoos, and snake bites.
Wings: but covering her whole back, in human appearance they look like tattoos but when in his true form they are his wings, every angel has a good side and a bad side, the good side being pure white the bad side being a mixture of black and red usually they aren’t balanced like his dark side has the same amount of strength as his good side.

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Nani Greyson | 208 comments It's all good, haha.

Name: Megara (Meg) Crowley
Age: 19 (human), 638 (demon)
Species: Demon
Personality: Sarcastic, determined
Other: Full back tattoo of a dragon

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Andi | 49 comments cool. you start?

message 18: by Nani (new)

Nani Greyson | 208 comments Why they sent her to corrupt a little podunk town, she would never figure out. She had managed to start entire wars. Now she was designating to corrupt the souls of soccer moms. Meg rolled her eyes again at the injustice of it, walking through the town slowly, taking it in. Whether she liked it or not, she needed to have the layout of the town.

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Andi | 49 comments Raz looked around the abandoned looking town. Why his father would sent him there he has no idea. How he was going to save this place he has no idea, but he has to at least try.

message 20: by Nani (new)

Nani Greyson | 208 comments Meg made her way to a small cafe. It looked like the the most populated area of the town, where everyone met up to talk about life... or gossip. Not that it mattered to her what they spoke of, as long as they were there.

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Andi | 49 comments he walked further in and saw a small café, it looked like their was a lot of people in there. He walked in and felt another supernatural presents, he ignored it encase it sensed him too.

message 22: by Nani (new)

Nani Greyson | 208 comments Meg had gotten a cup of coffee and sat at a table, studying the people. She barely glanced up when someone else walked in, but quickly stiffened. This wasn't a human. She fought the urge to snap her head up. That would make it too obvious that she knew, and if she could feel them, she would bet her ass they could feel her. Not knowing if the newcomer was friend or foe, she slowly sipped her coffee.

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Andi | 49 comments He ordered a coffee and casually glanced around, trying to figure out who it is. His gaze landed on the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, it was her he was sure of it.
((haha just got the name of your character....Are you a supernatural fan by any chance?))

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Nani Greyson | 208 comments Meg glanced up, as if waiting for someone, trying to figure out who it was... and what they were. She narrowed her eyes at a man who had piercings and a tattoo the length of his arm. Bingo. As attractive as he was, she was sure he was going to end up messing with her mission.

((Psh, I don't know what you're talking about. Supernatural? I don't even know that show. (Don't look at my icon and I might be able to get away with it.)))

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Andi | 49 comments ((Hahaha! Love the show been watching it since I was like 5?? Dean is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fit!!!))

"Hey," The waitress tried to get his attention but ended spilling coffee all over the front of his top. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!"
"Don't worry it's fine!" He took off his top exposing his athletic build, and muscles as well as the 'tattoo' on his back.

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Nani Greyson | 208 comments ((I only started earlier this year, but I watched everything on Netflix and now I record the season 9 episodes and watch them. I'm much more a fan of Castiel.))

Meg raised an eyebrow. She leaned over to another patron, lightly touching his arm, willing her darkness to enter him. "Isn't there a rule about this somewhere? No shirts, no shoes, and all that?" The man frowned and, whereas before he had been baffled, was now angry. He quickly stood.
"Hey! You can't do that in here."

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Andi | 49 comments ((yup yup haven't even seen series 8 yet, hasn't come out in England :( And I almost did call Him Castiel...))
He looked around as the man started shouting. "Dude calm down, she spilt coffee over my shirt I was just taking it off to get another one from my bag!" he manifested a bag on the ground, before picking it up and grabbing an Asking Alexandria band tee.

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Nani Greyson | 208 comments ((Haha. I couldn't think of any other names for her. I figured Meg was a common enough name to get away with, then I couldn't think of a last name and figured, "Ah, to hell with it." And poor England. I thought you guys got everything first.))

"You can do that outside. There are children in here!"
Meg sat back, smiling quietly to herself. Another man stood, going towards the first.
"Jerrod! What are you doing?"
Meg blew a kiss at the second man, who quickly turned to the tattooed man.
"What are you doing, just yelling? We need to take his ass outside."

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Andi | 49 comments ((No!! America does!! It's so sad!!! We're just getting season 8 on TV and I HAVEN'T GOT THE CHANNEL!!!!))
*There's no hope for this town, just let the demon get them...they'll pay for treating us the way they are...*
^No! You need to stay for they do not know what they are doing! They do not who we are!^
"Guys, please...I just want some coffee." He strained out with the voices in his head, he looked the girl, who he knew was controlling them, and sent a message to her mind..."I want to be here just as much as you do, you and I we are very similar, we were both sent here to do something...for unknown reasons...please just let me get on with it."

((Oh, yeah he's kinda cray ** = bad voice ^^ = Good voice))

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Nani Greyson | 208 comments ((That is such a sad story. I feel for you. I also watch Doctor Who and Sherlock, and everywhere I look says it airs in England before America, so I just assumed all shows were like that. We're about a quarter of the way through season 9.))

Meg raised a single blond eyebrow. Only one being would think that tactic would work with the likes of her. I have a feeling we're here for exactly the opposite reason, angel, she thought back at him, 'saying' the last word with a nasty twist.

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Andi | 49 comments *She knows kill her she'll only get in the way*
^No we cannot kill her, even is she is a demon^
..."Clever girl or should I say demon"...
He said to let her know he knew what she was. The conflict between the voices showing in his eyes.

((I can't watch Doctor Who with Matt Smith in it! I prefer David Tennant!))

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Nani Greyson | 208 comments ((I love David, but Matt is still phenomenal. Can't wait for Peter Capaldi. I love how every Doctor is different. He's a character that can change with the actor, because that's just who the Doctor is.))

Oh, so demons don't have gender? I had no idea. Meg rolled her eyes, crossing her legs and sipping her coffee. She took a deep breath, reveling in the musky scent of madness. This would be an easy town to overtake... as long as the angel didn't fight.

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Andi | 49 comments *KILL HER!*
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" He screamed aloud before collapsing to the ground unconscious

message 34: by Nani (new)

Nani Greyson | 208 comments She raised an eyebrow, watching him. Looked like he wasn't interested in fighting. She finished the rest of her coffee and stood, making her way out of the cafe, brushing her hand across any skin she could get to, spreading her madness.

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Andi | 49 comments Raz was llying on the floor unconscious, unaware of what was happening around him.

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Nani Greyson | 208 comments If that was all the 'good guys' had to send her, the town would be living in sin within a matter of days. Meg smirked to herself, whispering suggestions in the ear of a passerby. She looked confused, before the suggestion took root and she quickly went off to do it. The patrons of the cafe had all been taken by her madness, too busy fighting to notice the still form on the ground.

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Andi | 49 comments ((skip a bit?? and i'm only on for a couple of hours then I have to go))

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Nani Greyson | 208 comments ((kk, sounds good))

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