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message 1: by Dora (new)

Dora (dora95) Hey everyone,

We've gone a little quiet, so I thought it wouldbe a great idea to discuss the novels you're studying at college/uni.
I'm not at college yet, but currently working on an essay on David Copperfield.

message 2: by Holly (new)

Holly (hollycoulson) Well, I'm studying some in English Lit at school.

Brideshead Revisited - I'm hovering between really hating this book and really loving it, it's a weird experience.
Arcadia - a play of pure genius. It's basically Tom Stoppard showing off what he can do. It's great though!
Songs of Innocence and Experience - Blake is such an interesting guy that you can see in his poetry, and he's a surprisingly modern man!

We're also planning on studying As You Like It later this year, which I'm super excited about.

message 3: by Dora (new)

Dora (dora95) Originally I asked about novels, but let's just discuss anything you study.

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