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Hey hey!

So, what kind of mxm do you particularly enjoy?

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Whuddup? :D

Paranormal, if that's alright with you! I'm kind of in the mood for making my guy a certain specie. Either an angel or an elementalist of the sorts. Maybe a necromancer :oo

Ugh, anyway, plot first! Have you been having any sort if cravings lately? Or a character in mind or somethin'?

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Go do your homework, missy! Just kidding, stay with me and roleplay.

Oh, we should make one or two character each so I get to make two characters instead of just one Dx

I love fluff, but you're right. Well, if it's fluff we're looking for we could always do something where there's this huge war breaking between Heaven and Hell but we have it so that an angel and demon already have fallen in love? So there's fluff but also drama 'cause they have to sneak away and stuff and yeah. Maybe they're, like, the sons of really high up demons and angels in the hierarchy so it's even more forbidden and whatnot?

That could be one? :o Yes? No? Maybe?

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Depends, is there a certain creature you were wanting to make one of your characters? Maybe then we can work around that? Find a way to intertwine it in the plot? And if we can't, then I suppose we can do two separate rps.

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Yeah, that could work. We could go cliche and do vamps/werewolves or fire and air vs earth and water or dark witches/warlocks vs light witches/warlocks and then faes orr we could think of different species altogether like..shapeshifters vs elves or something xD

Just babbling :o

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I guess you're right, haha. So we just make random characters then?

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Yep yep, I'll probably end up making four characters but they don't all have to twine in with the plot right from the beginning. Two good and two bad, I suppose. :)

And who do you want to be? The Angel or Demon? Oh! I also thought that maybe, at some point, the angel and demon decide to start bringing together some sort of rebellion? That way we have a twining point with all of our characters? Maybe?

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Hi, sorry, no notis. But yeah, you can play the angel, I'll play the demon and I'll get to work on the character when I get back from school.

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