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message 1: by Lilac , Moderator (new)

Lilac  (lilac_wales) | 434 comments Mod
I made a new topic for Catching Fire so it's separate from discussions of the first Hunger Games film.

It's almost time for it to come out. I'm watching it on Saturday and am really excited!! :D

message 2: by Hanna (new)

Hanna (hanawe1) | 44 comments Just came home from the midnight premiere (Sweden) and I can't really think straight. It was so good. I cried. Alot. Wanna see it again, like now.

message 3: by Lilac , Moderator (new)

Lilac  (lilac_wales) | 434 comments Mod
Aaah, so cool! I'm seeing it on Saturday. Have just finished my flame nails (I know she has them in the first one, but still) and am getting really excited. :)

message 4: by Alice (new)

Alice Reeds (alice_reeds) I just came home from the movie and all I can say is WOW! The movie is sooo good and powerful, especially the last couples of seconds. It's just... I can't even put in words just how amazing the movie is.
And the thing that I love about the movie is that the whole romance between Katniss and Peeta and Gale is only like a side thing and not like the main thing.
And Jennifer plays Katniss just so overwhelmingly good, I really cannot imagine any other young acress that could play her just as great as Jenn does it.
I want to see the movie again, even though I know that I will cry again, a lot. And I want to scream when I think about the fact that we have to wait a year at least till the next one comes out :(

message 5: by Tia (new)

Tia (tia_jenkins) I'm going to see it in a half an hour!!! I'm so excited!!

message 6: by Lilac , Moderator (new)

Lilac  (lilac_wales) | 434 comments Mod
I agree with absolutely everything Alice said. This movie is amazing! It's a lot better than The Hunger Games and I just loved everything about it. The actors are better in their roles, there was enough focus on everything, and they really followed the book well. Ah, I really really want to see it again, even though I only watched it a few hours ago!

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