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A H Hey!

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A H so, what would u like to do....? Wanna pick out stories from the list in our other rp.....or do u have some other ideas?

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Maybe we could do doubles again with

15. Summer camp(Either 2 campers or counselor/camper)
16.Band Member/Fan

I'd prefer girl on 15 and guy on 16 if that's ok

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A H Ok sure! I'll be the guy in 15. and girl in 16. In 15. can we have counselor/camper? And who'll be the what? Also in 16. who's the band member and who's the fan?

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Ya we can do counselor/camper. And idk for the band one, I mean I don't listen to many bands, we could possibly make up one

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A H Is the guy the counselor or the girl? And is the guy a band member or the fan?

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Could the girl be camper and the guy be band member?

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A H Ok sure! So, basically:

1st story:

2nd story:
Guy(you)-band member


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Yep! :), could you go first?

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A H Name : Mark Richardson
Age : 25
Appearance :
Personality : Good-natured and calm-minded. Is very kind and gentle with everyone and hates fights or disputes of any sort.

Background : Works as a counselor at one of the most famous counseling camps. Takes one-to-one sessions with the campers.

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A H Name : Reese Thompson
Age : 18
Appearance :
Personality : Is wild, fun and super-cool. Very smart and witty, famous in the whole college. Very beautiful and impulsive. Does what she wants to do.

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A H Waiting for your charries!

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Name: Gracie Rhodes

Personality: If you had just met Gracie you might've thought she was mute, and she might as well be, as she NEVER talks. She keeps to herself all the time and has a hard time opening up to people, or really being with people at all and has major trust issues.

Appearance: Despite being shy, Gracie could probably be wildly popular just based on her looks. She has think platinum blonde hair and major curves. Her electric blue eyes pierce into and makes you wanna give her the world.

Name: Toby Evett

Personality: Will is hilarious, and that's the first thing anyone notices about him. He's incredibly outgoing and would walk an extra mile if it could even get one laugh. He's all about fun and if your around him that's exactly what you'll have, fun. At least that's what he's like on the outside, to his fans. The other 5 boys in their band "Street Boys" understand him better, as well as his family, but he'd never get his more sensitive side out there.

Appearance: If you didn't believe in love at first sight, take one look at Toby and you will. He's a heart melter, and every teenage girl agrees.

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A H U'll start?

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Gracie drove up to the camp, she sighed then popped her trunk to grab her bags. After putting 2 on each arm she knew she was too weak to carry it all, but it's not like she was complaining. Gracie was mentally breaking down, no doubt she'd have to speak to someone to realize where to go, even the thought made her shiver.

Toby and the boys grabbed hands, lifting up as they walked up on stage to the thousands of adoring girls, their screams piercing his ears, as usual. Toby began the song "You'll always be mine" where he had the longest solo I. The beginning. Meanwhile, their security guard was finding a girl to bring up on stage, like they did every concert.

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A H Mark was going through some files in his office. He was aware of the new girl arriving in the camp, Gracie Rhodes and he was allotted for taking her sessions. He had read all the details, and everything about her. He started making a rough note of topics which he'd have to discuss with her.

Reese jumped in the crowd as the guys entered the stage. Her eyes fell on Toby, and her heart swooned again. She looked at the guards, looking that they were trying to find a fan to get onto the stage. She started jumping up and down. "Me!" she shrieked, trying to catch the guards' attenstion.

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Gracie bit her lip, troubled. She had no problem before, it was a straight path. But now they're were 5 different paths leading off and a huge building that seemed to be the offices. She looked around again, but decided that was probably where she had to go. She walked in, still struggling over the weight of her bags, a nervous look plastered on her face. She saw a young man sitting at says desk, looking down.

The guard heard one girls scream over all the others, a pretty blonde. He figured she was a good choice, she was obviously obsessed with the band, and she was also good looking, which was good since she'd get a VIP pass and the boys would be hanging with her all night. He walks over to her with a smile. "Come on"

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A H Mark looked up from his work, as the girl entered. "Yes?" he asked politely, "What can I do for you?" he asked. The girl looked troubled, and worried. There were a hundred expressions on her face. "Please have a seat", he said kindly.

"OMG OMG!!!" Reese shrieked and followed the gurad onto the stage. She was jumping up and down by the way she was on stage. She looked exhilarated, and for a moment, couldn't believe her eyes and just stood still.

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Gracie gave him a grateful half-smile, happy to put down the bags that were easily over 75lbs each. "I'm um new" She says so quietly, it's be shocking if you could even hear her. She bit her bottom lip nervously.

Toby smiled as the guard had the girl walk on stage, she was really pretty. He took her hand and lead her to a seat that had just risen from the stage. Him and the other boys stood around her, just starting to sing "Only want you"

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A H "Do you want some water?" Mark asked, half-amused and stood up and walked over to the desk where there was a jug of water. He poured water into a glass and kept it in front of her. Then he sat down, and clearing his throat, asked, "Your name?"

Reese's mouth was nearly hung open, as she stared at the guys around her. She started whispering the words of the song, looking at Toby.

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She nodded her head in thanks. "It's um Gracie" She says in a tiny whisper, shyly looking at him, biting her lower lip again.

Toby ignored the screeches of jealousy and focuses on her. During one of the other boys solos he leans down and asks "What's your name?"

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A H His eyebrow jerked up and he asked, "Gracie Rhodes?"

"Um....Reese", she gulped, and whispered. She couldn't believe it was really THE Toby Evett talking to her.

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She nodded her head slowly, he seemed so excited at her name, did she accidentally do some thing she didn't know about?

"That's beautiful" He tells her smoothly before going back into his microphone, singing his heart out and glancing between Reese and the crowd.

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A H "I've been waiting for you", Mark said, "Oh, and I'm Mark, your counselor. I'll be taking your sessions here, prescribing you remedies. So basically, I'm the one in charge of you", he summarized. 'Any questions?"

Reese was on the verge of collapsing when Toby went and started singing again. He ended the song and the audience erupted into deafening applause. She joined into the applause.

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"Um no" She says shyly, playing with her hands and looking down.

Toby gave her a smile and yelled into his mic, "Now this next sing here is dedicated to the lovely Reese!!!"

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A H "Okay, so we begin our sessions tomorrow", he said and called up his one of the peons to come to his office. "So, he'll take you to your room. Tomorrow, 9 am sharp I wanna see you here", he said.

After half an hour of a mind-blowing performance, the boys went down back-stage. Reese went with them, thrilled at the idea of spending some time with them.

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She smiled at him shyly

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Before turning and going back to her cabin nervously. 'Ill probably have to talk, goodness...' She thinks.

Toby smiles at the boys and says "Brilliant guys, brilliant!" Then he turned to Reese. "You ready to learn what us 'Street Boys' do after the show?"

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A H ((skip to next morning?))

"Um...yeah", she said, slightly nervous. "What are we doing?" she asked, barely able to keep the excitement off her voice.

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Gracie hikes herself out of bed an hour before she was told to come to him. She throws on a plain black tank top except for a little silver detailing around the top and some miss-me jeans and a tall black spiky heel. She typically dressed more flashy because she was so shy and her clothing made her look confident enough that people didn't want to bother her, which she appreciated. She curled her hair and put on a full face of makeup. About 5 minutes before 9 she showed up to the office, shyly knocking on the door.

"We party!!!" One of the guys shouts. "That's right!" Toby agrees and picks up Reese bridal style, running towards the now empty stadium and laughing. The boys really were all about fun.

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A H Mark woke up at 7, his usual time and after showering and having his breakfast, he walked into his office. He read all of Gracie's files, again, and knew that he would have to handle this girl with care. At exactly 9, when she knocked on the door, he said, "Come in". Once she was seated, they began their session. "So....you're here not because we wanna scold or punish you for whatever you did, but for helping you to recover the incident. Is that clear?"

Reese was surprised but also excited with this new adventure. She was delighted when Toby picked her up and looked at him with enthusiasm.

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She slowly nodded her head, she didn't want to be here at all, even if she wouldn't be scolded nor punished, she'd much rather just be in her room, by her self, not needing help.

Toby set her down, out of breathe after running around the whole stadium. "How was that for a little Street Boys fun, eh?"

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A H "I can understand how you're feeling now", he said gently, not wanting to scare her. "You must be feeling like locking yourself up in a room and stuffing it all - the anguish, pain, guilt - inside you. but believe me, that won't help you. What'll help you, is talking to me" he said and touched her hand. he hadn't thought about doing it, it just happened involuntarily. He flushed and withdrew his hand.

Reese looked up at him, exhilarated. "That was....fun", she breathed out. "You guys do this a lot?"

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She bit her lip, quickly looking down at her small hand covered by his, but then her hand reappeared as quickly as it had been covered, filling her with some weird sadness, but she brushed it off. She nodded her head shyly at him when he said to share her feelings, but she had no intention on talking.

Toby flashed her his signature, stupid, goofy grin. "Do we do what often? Carry around beautiful girls in our arms while running around crazily, or just run around crazily?" He asks, his grin not going away.

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A H Mark could see so many expressions on her face. Fear, nervousness, discomfort, and had he imagined the sadness on her face when he withdrew his hand, or had it really happened? He brushed off these thoughts and concentrated on his task. "Okay...so let's start with the basics. How exactly was your relationship with your parents. Not only your mom and dad, but both. How were you around them? How were they around you?"

Reese grinned and said, "Run around crazily I guess. Do you get such beautiful girls very often?" she laughed and chuckled at the joke.

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Gracie stayed silent for a while, but eventually spoke up, her voice so quiet almost not legible. "Umm well... They didn't really talk to me all that much..." She admits. "It's not that they nessisarily didn't like me, I just did my thing and they did theirs." She tells him, her voice not wavering from the slightly eligible whisper, and not meeting his eyes once.

Toby considers this "Run around crazily? Well that's basically all we do, meet beautiful girls? Well only every once in a while.." He replies with a laugh

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A H Mark sighed. This was not going to be easy, he thought. "Ok, let's begin again. You're a single child, right. And both your parents are working. So it's probably that they may not have that much time for you. Now, I want you to tell me exactly what you did when. When you used to wake up, who would cook the meals, tell me everything", he said and looked at her expectantly.

She joined in their laugh and flashed her lovely smile. "So, what now?" she asked, perching her hands on her hips, not wanting this night to end.

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"Y-yes, I'm a single child" She stuttered. "But when I was real little there was someone else who lived in our house, like an older brother or something, he only live there for a year then went away, mom and dad don't talk about him anymore, but it's fine with me, I remember feeling really uncomfortable around him anyway." She tells him, for some reason actually feeling comfortable to talk around him. "And normally I cooked for myself, but when I could drive I typically just went out to eat." She tells him quietly with a shrug.

"Well normally after the show we go out to eat at a nice place, but first we have to disguise ourselves. You would not believe some of the things those fangirls do when they see us!" He tells her with a chuckle.

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A H Mark sighed once, then looked around. "Okay, I want you to think this over:What is the meaning of happiness? Think this over today and report to me tomorrow morning, 9 am again. Can you do that to me? Just tell me what happiness means. And your session for today is over", he said, rubbing his palms on the table.

"Well, I think I know more than you", she said with a smirk. "I am one of them.....remember? And where are we going to eat?" she asked, her hands perched on her hips.

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"Um okay" She says uncomfortably gathering her purse she brought in and having no idea how she would answer that. She looks at him, a loneliness in her eyes from thinking about her family. "Well goodbye" She says sweetly turning to leave.

He shrugs. "But you're not insane!" He counters putting on a pair of shades and a hoodie that his management were giving him to wear.

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A H "Goodbye. See you tomorrow", he smiled and got up, walking to open the door for her. He hadn't missed the loneliness in her eyes, and ached to take the sadness away from her. Instead, he opened the door, and waited for her to go out.

"Ah, come on", she said and blushed. "You've known me for only half an evening. You'd go crazy if you heard from my friends what I did for you guys",she said and smiled naughtily.

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She managed a smile as she walked out the door and muttered a 'thank you'. As soon as she stepped onto the sidewalk she sprinted towards her cabin, wanting to get away as quickly as possible from the place where the bad memories were relived.

Toby smiled at her and gave her a naughty look back. "Oh and what would that be missy?" He asks her curiously, a smirk plastered on his face.

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A H ((skip to next day??))

"I'm not telling you that",she said, wiggling her finger and trying to get away from him. She laughed out as she ran, she was having the time of her life.

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Gracie woke up dreading the next session, she knew it was needed, but she still hated it. With a sigh she rolled out of bed, first jumping in the shower then putting on a pair of high-waisted short denim shorts and a plain white crop top, leaving her hair loose and slipping on a chunky heel. When she arrived she knocked on the door, just realizing she hadn't found an answer to the question.

Toby's smirk turned into a puppy dog face and his arms feel down to his side. "Aww tell us, pwetty pwetty pwease!" He asks her trying to sound cute

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A H Mark was sipping at his coffee when a knock came on the door. "Come in", he said aloud, and stood up as she entered. "Ready with your answer?" he asked, sitting down again.

"Not so easily", Reese said and twirled her finger around her hair. "Can't reveal all my secrets to a stranger", she said sternly, chuckling.

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Gracie uncomfortably sat down. "Not exactly no.." She mutters. "I mean, how am I suppose to know what happiness means? I can't tell you what it means if I've never had it." She says incredibly fast, her voice think with emotion, and is surprised at her own self.

Toby pouted, but couldn't help and laugh a little. "Pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee tell us!" He whines like a little child.

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A H Mark sighed, "I guess that's what I wanted to hear. But I'll change the question : Just imagine, a future where you're happy. What do you see in that future? Close your eyes and think for a while", he said, sitting back with his arms folded.

Reese chuckled, "Ok well, one secret at a time. My house, and it's damn big I'll tell you, is covered from top to bottom with you guys' pics. Plastered to the wall, kitchen table, shelves, except the floor of course. Not even an inch of the walls is uncovered".

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She leaned back and closed her eyes, her lips for once forming a nice smile. "Well...I see myself in the arms of someone who loves me, a guy who loves me" She tells him quietly. "And I have a nice warm home, and the weight of what I did doesn't weigh down my shoulders" She told him quietly, but honestly.

"Every inch, eh?" He says with a smirk. "Well I must say, I don't blame you, I certainly wouldn't mind looking at myself every second of the day!" He gloated, arrogantly

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A H Mark smiled a small smile and nodded. "Good....so based on this imagination, tell me what exactly is important for a person to be happy". He called Martha, his assistant, and asked her for two cups of coffee. "Think about it', he said quietly.

"Yeah, every inch", she said smiling. She was embarassed to say this in front of TOby but something told her that it was all right, he wouldn't mind.

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