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Willow | 50 comments ((I am so fab, check out I'm blonde, I'm skinny, I'm rich, and I'm a little bit of a bitch))

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Willow | 50 comments Instinctively, I grab Jinx's arm. "Who is he?! What the hell's wrong with him?! Is this some kind of prank?!"

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Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments (( Drugs man.. druuuuugggss))

Jinx stumbled back away from the shards of glass still flying wildly from the broken window where a hundred decomposing hands fought for a grip on the trembling window frame. The manslowly began to rise from his unnatural crouch the floor before them, body curled in on itself and an unnerving groan escaping bloodied lips. "W-what the fuck?!" Jinx screamed, one arm flying out in front of Willow. She looked at her friend, petrified, only to see her own horror reflected back. Without thinking, she stepped forward and kicked the squirming man as hard as she could, her foot connecting with his head and sending him flying back down to the floor.

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Willow | 50 comments The surrealism made it hard to think straight. Willow got to her feet, fear racking her body. This isn't funny. "Jinx, they're everywhere! Are they real?!"
Willow stared in sheer horror at the stinking corpse on the living room floor. Fighting the urge to vomit, she turned away and placed a hand over her mouth. That smells way too real to be fake.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments Bile surged to her mouth and Jinx, hands trembling, pushed her red locks away from her watering eyes. "Oh God.. oh god" was all she could utter. "What are we gonna do? Willow?" Her voice rose to a shout, grabbing her friend by the shoulders and shaking her violently. "Snap out-" her voice was cut off by a bloodcurdling scream as one cold, clammy hand grabbed Jinx's arm, yanking her down to the floor

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Willow | 50 comments Willow's hazel eyes bulged out of their sockets and without thinking she seized the walking corpse by its hair. Blood pulsed from a grotesque wound on the creature's scalp, staining her fingers. Screaming with effort, she managed to drag the zombie away from her struggling friend.
"Grab a knife or something!"
She shrieked with terror as the zombie spun around and lurched towards her, crooked arms reaching out to her. She staggered back, shouting, "Jinx!"

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments Jinx threw herself up from the floor, stumbling through the door way into the kitchen. She ripped the draws out, crashes echoing throughout the room as she searched desperately for some mind of weapon. There was a glint of light, reflecting off polishedmetal and Jinx's fingers closed tightly around the co black handle as she quickly ran back into the front room. Noise echoed all around her but Jinx could hear nothing, an almost eerie calm settling over her as she raised the glistening blade and plunged the knife down into the scalp of the struggling creature. Blood splurted, coating her hands like finger paints as the human like creature collapsed to the ground, body seeming to crumble in on itself, the knife buried deep in its skull, only the hilt protruding from already rotting skin.

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Willow | 50 comments Willow was trembling so much it was difficult to stand, but she knew she and Jinx had to flee. "Are you okay?" She muttered, feeling slightly faint.
Reality caught up with her as more zombies swarmed at the smashed window, stumbling over each other as they tried to get in the house. Their stench seemed to fill the entire house, and Willow struggled not to spill the contents of her stomach. She grabbed Jinx, saying, "Grab a bag, fill it with weapons, food, whatever, and make sure Harvey's safe. I'm going to mind to grab my dad's flares and Tucker!"

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments Jinx's whole body trembled and she stared in silent horror at the blood that coated her hands. She gulped, feeling sick rise in her throat at the putrid scent of rotting flesh. "O-okay," she stammered trying to pull herself together. She ran one hand over her face, accidentally smearing scarlet streaks across her deathly pale skin. She blinked furiously, exhaling slowly before she looked up. "Right, okay, go. Meet me back here when you're done. And willow? Be quick." Jinx said, inching her way past her friend as she spoke, scooping up her father's black duffle bag from the floor, and emptying the contents.

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Willow | 50 comments Willow took a final glance at her friend, hoping it wouldn't be the last, and ran to Jinx's back door. She opened it cautiously, as if zombies would be waiting to ambush her on the other side. Sunset was taking place and the sky had turned pink. It would be dark soon.
Willow had not encountered a single zombie while sprinting to her house nearby, only to find that her back gate was bolted shut. With great effort, she clambered over the wall, and landed with a wince on the other side. Relief spread through her chest when she heard the familiar sound of Tucker barking. "Thank God he's okay."
She tried the handle to her back door and, unsurprisingly, it was also locked. The rest of her family had gone to an allotment for the day and should be back soon, but she couldn't help panicking that her parents and sisters were in danger. She strode over to her garage and retrieved a metal baseball bat leaning against the stone wall.
With every bit of strength she could summon, Willow swung the bat through the air and smashed the kitchen window. The collision sent painful tremors through her arms and she grit her teeth. Glass shattered at her feet and on the other side of the door, where the dog was barking wildly. "It's just me!"

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments Jinx silently watched her friend disappear into the fading sunlight. Jumping into action, she ran slung the bag over her shoulder, running upstairs. She pulled on a few more layers of clothing, stuffing her arms into the slightly too long sleeves of her mum's rain jacket. Don't think about them. Don't think about it.. They're fine. They'll be fine Trying to keep her mind busy, she looked around, snatching the two small craft knives she kept in her draw, as well as two black switchblades and pocket knife she had hidden in the small space between her bookself and the whitewashed walls. Just incase. She slid them into the small bearshaped rucksack that lay on her bed, adding a few light items of clothing.
Jinx glanced to the small cage that sat beside her bed empty. She stuffed a small drinking bottle and food bag into the rucksack before gently scooping up the sleeping figure of her pet rat. "C'mon Lulu, we've gotta go." She whispered forlornly, sliding the snoozing rat into her jacket pocket. With one last glance, Jinx turned on her heel and left the room. But not before quickly placing her mobile phone into the rucksack, slinging it over her free shoulder. Running down the stairs Jinx quickly looked around at the chaos that was once her family home. With one hand, she reached out and grabbed her landline phone, dialing her parent's number as she sank to her knees beside the mutilated dead body sprawled across her floor. The dialing tone echoes as the phone began to ring. Gulping and trying to suppress her fear that they might not answer, Jinx opened the small draw in the table beside her sofa, pulling out two battery free torches, adding them to the growing collection in her bag.

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Willow | 50 comments Carefully, Willow clambered through the shattered window of her back door. The glass splintered the palms of her hands but that was the least of her worries; she needed to contact her parents.
With the dog watching her in bewilderment, Willow picked up the phone and frantically dialled her mum’s number. The familiar voice that answered made her heart leap.
“Willow? Are you okay?”
But her mum sounded terrified. Willow knew immediately just by her tone that she must be aware of the chaos happening. “I’m fine, mum. Where are you?” Her voice wobbled, but her mum’s was surprisingly soothing.
“We’re all fine. We’ve been evacuated but we’re not allowed to leave the Refuge under any circumstances. They keep telling us not to worry because they’ve sent rescue squads and soldiers into the infected areas.” She sniffed, and it was almost painful for Willow to hear her mum cry. “I’m so sorry we’re not there; you know we’d come and get you if we could.”
“I know.” Willow fought to keep the tears at bay. Then she remembered Jinx—her best friend’s house was practically surrounded by what Willow could only describe as walking corpses. Zombies. But that’s just stupid.
“Willow, stay away from those…things.” Her mum said.
Willow cleared her throat and run her hand along Tucker’s furry back. “Don’t worry. I will.”
After retrieving the biggest rucksack she could find and packing it with a few clothing items, Willow returned to the kitchen to raid the cupboards. Tucker stood wagging his tail obliviously as she grabbed a jar of peanut butter, a scone, three cans of beans—and stopped. Surely, now that zombie-like maniacs were roaming the town, she and Jinx could quite easily loot shops. And in the midst of chaos, the idea of looting was strangely appealing to Willow.
She grabbed the sharpest kitchen knife in the cutlery draw and gripped it in her hand. In case of emergency, she grabbed a jar of peanut butter and stuffed it into the rucksack. The sun was no longer visible but it left streaks of red and pink in the sky which was rapidly fading to blackness. She grabbed the heavy, metallic bat that was lying on the concrete floor among shards of glass, and unbolted the gate. Before stepping onto the morbid street, she whistled to her dog.
“Stay close, Tucker.” She said.

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Willow | 50 comments ((dang i forgot the flare xD just pretend i did mention that, because this rp would be nothing without that flare. lol))

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments Ice shot through her veins like liquid fear as the sound of her phone cutting out, the ringing trailing into one long sound. Jinx rose slowly to her feet, body almost numb with paralyzing terror. The bag tumbled to the floor as she grabbed her phone with trembling fingers, dialing her mum's number again as through sheer speed would cause them to answer. The writhing mass of putrid bodie laying just beyond the barely withstanding fortress or her already smashed livingroom window did not fear Jinx. Nothing could scare her more that the sound of her call failing again. "Mum?" she choked out, half whisper half sob and quiet as a sigh. Her eyes flew from her phone to the window as another loud crash echoed. Jinx yelped like a wounded animal as a torrent of writhing bodies poured through the hole in the wall. The phone slipped from between sweat dampened fingers, falling to the floor and shattering her hope with each fragment that exploded.

A hand clamped around her ankle, seeming to disintegrate upon contact and Jinx let out a glass-shattering scream, lashing out and kicking wildly into the bundle of reaching limbs. Yanking her foot away roughtly, Jinx turned, grabbing her bag from the floor and sliding from the room just in time, slamming the door behind her. Jinx's back pressed flat against the wooden door, vibrating with every clawing thump. Taking a deep breath, she put two fingers in her mouth and let out three short whistles. A bark echoed from in the kitchen and out bounded and small, slightly muddied husky puppy. "Harvey. Harvey come here, come to mummy." She cooed, using one bloodied hand to wipe the few stray tears that escaped from her flushed cheeks. The puppy ran over eagerly, seeming unfazed by the groaning and moaning from behind Jinx. Jinx reached down and scooped up the now whimpering puppy, hugging him close to her chest. "Just run. Just run. Never mind the... The.." she murmured to herself almost like a mantra. Jinx closed her eyes, taking a few deep breaths before jolting forward as one outstretched, crippled hand burst through the door right beside her head, sending shards of wood flying everywhere. "Fuck!" Jinx shouted, not giving it a second thought as she threw herself forward, shooting through the kitchen and out the nearest door.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((Haha, okeydokey:P))

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Willow | 50 comments Willow heard the commotion before she saw it. She sprinted towards her friend, heart racing. Patches of Jinx's clothes looked sticky with blood. "Are you okay? What happened?" She asked hysterically.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments Jinx grabbed onto her friend's arm as though her life depended on it, eyes wild and hair plastered to her forehead with sweat. "Z- those thing.. We need to go." she gasped, looking at willow imploringly

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Willow | 50 comments "It's getting dark! D-Did you get hold of your parents?" Willow asked, slightly dreading the answer.

((imma go to bed now harold <3))

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((Goodbye gertrude))

"I know." Jinx murmured, avoiding the most important question. Gently placing Harvey on the floor at her feet, she took Willow's hand and slwoly began leading them through the fading light, navigating her way through a series of back alleys and sideroads by memory. I know somewhere we can go." she said, not looking at her friend. "And no. The phone broke when they burst in." she whispered, asthough saying it outloud would make this all real.

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Willow | 50 comments The wind pushed an empty crisp packet along the pavement; other than that the street seemed unnaturally quiet. Willow was so paranoid that she was startled by the grumbling of her own stomach. Even the dog looked on edge as the girls walked, hand in hand, through the dim street.
“I’m hungry; can we go to the green shop?” Willow asked, the question sounding far too mundane under the true circumstances.
Streetlamps flickered and shadows increased until parts of the street were completely black. Willow could almost sense lurking danger whenever they walked by a patch of darkness. She quickened her pace, gripping Jinx’s hand tightly as if her friend could vanish at any moment.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((I ducking hate typing on my phone))

The simplicity of that familiar question soothed Jinx as though those words would return their lives to normal. She glanced at her friend, feeling the soft touch of Harvey's fur against her cold legs, lines with goosebumps.
"Yeah," Jinx chuckled lightly, "I could do with some food." She said with a small smile, trying to hide her nerves behind a blanket of darkness and false humor. Inside her stomach rattled a thousand butterflies, more akin to dragons than anything else. "We've gotta be quick. We're lucky we haven't run into anymore of those.. Things yet." Jinx murmured, voice hushed to almost a whisper as the two girls wandered alone down the almost pitch black street. They neared the softly flickering light's of the green, and Jinx took solace in the familiar chipping green paint a fair smell of pastries.

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Willow | 50 comments ((check out this band, they're like a male version of Lana Del Rey!
i'll reply in a min, just gettin some coffee;P))

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((COFFEEEEE XD And oooohhh I'mma go listen)

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments (((ooooooh, me likey:P ))

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments (Your idea of 'a min' appears to be different than mine;P))

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Willow | 50 comments ((omg i might be getting a job in that mansion/hotel/nursing home/thingy building on the seafront with the big iron gates *.* I’ll only be washing up tho lol))

No sound came from inside the shop and Willow felt obliged to enter it before Jinx. She didn’t realize that it was possible to fear for someone else’s safety even more than she feared for her own.
“Yeah. At least they’re slow,” she replied quietly. “Those things…let’s just call them zombies. I mean, what else can they be? If this is a prank, then it’s awesome. But if it’s real…then I don’t really know how I feel about it. As long as our family’s safe and we’re well-armed, we should be okay, right?” She longed for reassurance.
Immediately after entering the shop, Willow noticed that the shelves were almost bare. She felt a rush of relief realizing that her and Jinx can’t have been the only…survivors.
But that relief soon morphed into horror. The sticky red liquid that stained the floor made her want to vomit. It looked as if a dismembered carcass had been dragged along the floor, leaving a trail of stinking blood.
“Oh my god,” Willow muttered, tightening her grip on the bat. “What do you think happened to the Alexis dude?”

((sorry for takin so long :P))

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((WHATTTTTTTTT?!? HOW??? haha))

"Yeah, a town wide prank." Jinx muttered, glancing at the empty streets devoid of it's usual stumbling drunks. She glanced at Willow and her heart clenched with empathy. "Yeah, we're gunna be fine." she said softly, giving Willow a comforting smile.
Jinx followed Willow begrudgingly into the store, glancing around dubiously. After what had happened already that evening Jinx felt that her suspicion was justified. Her eyes followed the trail of blood before them but Jinx barely reacted. After a moment of silence, she held one long index finger to her lips, "Shhh, I don't know but I have a feeling it wasn't good." she murmured, very carefully crouching down. She reached out, tentatively placing two fingers into the long, thick streaks of still warm blood. A moment of uncomfortable silence echoed around them, only interrupted by the squelch of blood, Jinx let out a long, shuddering breath. "Oh god." she murmured, rising to her feet and turning to Willow. She uncurled her fingers to reveal one, dark straggly clump of almost black hair. Each strand was coated in blood and still connected to a shredded chunk of flesh. "Yep; definitely not good."

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Willow | 50 comments ((well, i'll only be washing up there and it'll be part-time :P mum and me will post a letter there maybe this weekend))

Willow shuddered. “We just need to stuff as much food in our bags as possible.”
She strode forward, stepping over the puddle of blood, and headed towards the sandwiches and pasties at the end of the isle. “We need food for Tucker, Harvey and Lulu, too.”
She was stuffing her bag with fizzy drinks when Tucker began barking wildly. Startled, she spun around and immediately saw what had grabbed the dog’s attention.
Willow screamed at the top of her lungs. It stalked towards her, its ghastly features so close up that Willow felt them burning into her mind, unable to be unseen. It had once been the shopkeeper, but his dark skin was now discolored and flaking. His face was sunken in, eyes unfocused. His mouth twitched and drooled. The smell of his decomposing body made Willow’s stomach churn.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((Cool:P How'd you find out about it?))

Jinx nodded solemnly, wiping her hand on on her jeans leaving a dark red smudge. Thinking nothing of it, she walked in the opposite direction as her friend, filling her half empty bag with any non perishable foods she could fin as well as cans of dog and cat food. The soft whine of the small huskey reached her ears moments before Tucker began barking. The booming noise echoed throughout the shop and every cell in Jinx's body froze with fear. "Oh god." she hissed, her heart thumping wildly with the adrenaline of terror. "WILLOW!?" She screamed back the second her friend's shudder enducing cry reached her ears. Jinx dropped everything she was doing, spinning around and bolting toward the back of the store. She skidded, in the thick blood that coated the floor, crumpling to the floor with the cry of a hundred cuss words. Coated in blood with her bones aching from the jolt, Jinxc threw herself back up onto her feet, gripping the barren shelves for support and turning the corner of an aisle. She was still half an aisle away from Willow, all she could see was the sloped , shredded back of the man who had once been a shopkeeper, someone she has spoken to, joked with. Beyond the crooked rise of his shoulder Jinx could see the petrified face of her best friend. The distance between the two was closing steadily and Jinx looked around in panic. What do I do?!
Jinx crept closer, body pressed tight against the shelves asthough she could simply disappear into them. The creature, whatever it was, was closing in on Willow, and Jinx's mind was clouded with panic. "Hey you!" she shouted, completely oblivious as to wether or not the thing could hear her. Jinx pulled one of the slightly dented cans of baked beans from her bag, lobbing it at the drooling creature which had twisted its decomposing head at an unnatural angle to look at her with bloodshot, bulging eyes. The can hit the creature exactly between its eyes, knocking the thing backward onto the floor. Jinx ran over, not hesitating as she drew her leg back, plunging the slight heel of her boots into it's flaking flesh. Again. And again. And again. Tears ran down her dirtied face, as she stamped on the creature repeatedly. "What are you?!" she hissed with venom, only stopping at the unsightly view of grey, wrinkled slime seepign from the bloodied crevice between the fragmented shards of bone. Brain. Jinx stumbled back, bracing herself against the shelf. Her chest rose and fell rapidly and one mangled eyeball was speared on the end of her heel. Jinx glanced from the re-dead creature to Willow, "Leave my friend alone."

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((Comment blitch))

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Willow | 50 comments ((I just thought of it and told my mum, because I have no money :P))

The bat slipped from Willow’s hand and she flung her arms around Jinx. “Thank you.” She sobbed. “What are we gonna do?”

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Willow | 50 comments ((sorry mine is sooo short compared to yours ^^' i'm really losing my touch.))

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((Wow Izz, you wrote so much;) And oh right, theyn maybe we'll both have money and I can stop buying you drinks!!;) ))

Jinx wrapped trembling arms around her friends, "Oh god, Willow, I though he was going to kill you. Eat you, I don't even know." she whimpered, holding her close. After a moment, she pulled back, wiping her eyes quickly as if to stop Willow from noticing the tears she had shed. Lulu had crawled from her hiding place in Jinx's sleeve and was currently grawing on a strand of Willow's hair. The normailicy of it made Jinx smile slightly. She looked at her best friend and the somber expression she had been supporting all night returned. "We need to get out of here, to somewhere secure where we can see what's going on." she paused for a moment, before an almost devilish grin lit up her features, "I have an idea."

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Willow | 50 comments The familiar sight of Jinx smirking made Willow feel a sense of relief. "What's your idea?"
She quickly wiped her tears and picked up the bat.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments "Do you remember that Look and Sea center we went to? With the lift that takes you up about four floor, glass walls? You can see everything" Jinx glanced at Willow, before turning to the shelves, she grabbed a pack of rubber bands from the side, ripping it open and using them to tie back her hair.

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Willow | 50 comments Willow nodded hesitantly. "Okay. Lead the way. I'll...cover you or something."

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments Jinx chuckled lightly, biting back a smirk and simply nodding at her friend. She made a clicking noise with her tongue, and Lulu skuttled from seemingly nowhere and burrowed inside of Jinx's bag. She glanced down to where Harvey was waiting patiently, taig wagging, and then they made their way through the shops and back out onto the streets. The sun had set now, the sky once filled with molten reds and oranges was coated in thick darkness. Sporadically along the streets where flickering lamposts, flashing on and off as the power dimmed. Jinx glanced around, seeing only a couple of sloped, straggling bodies limping slowly along the streets. After a moment, she glanced at Willow and the two began running down the street.

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Willow | 50 comments ((frizzabelle apologizes))

The muscles in Willow’s legs were burning by the time they reached the Look & Sea centre. She was panting just as much as her dog, who had decided to sit to catch his breath.
“Are we gonna break the glass?” It was a stupid question. “Of course we are. But what with?”
She glanced around, only to be reminded that it was pitch black. Then she remembered the torches Jinx packed for the both of them. “Torch, Jinxy.”

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Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((Finally;P ))

They finally stumbled onto the threshhold of the look and sea center and Jinx all but collapsed, clutching her stomach and groaning between desperate gasps for air. "Must... Do.. More.. Cardio."

After a moment of heavy breathing, she glanced up from her fetal position on the cold, dew dampened floor. "Oh, right.." she muttered, pushing herself up and rummaging through her bag. Behind her, Harvey bounded around as though someone had put duracell batteries up his ass. "Calm down!" she hissed, finally finding the torches and throwing one to Willow. "Break the hardest to reach window and give me a boost through, or I'll give you a boost, and one of us can go in and let the other in."

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Willow | 50 comments ((we are so unfit :P btw you called 'Willow' Izzy omg XD))

Willow took the torch and switched it on.
"I'm so glad I got stuck with you and not anybody dumb and boring. You can be dumb, but a clever dumb. I don't even know. I'm acting weird because everything else that's happening is weird."
Her eyes scanned the building for the highest possible window she could reach. The pale light of the torch sent darting shadows across the wall of the building. "There," she said, pointing with the bat at a window she could easily reach if she wore stilts. But she had not packed any stilts. "Can you, like, throw me up there?" She smiled weakly then realized that humor and stupidity were the two main things that were going to keep her sane.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((IKR! And oyfg hahaha))

Jinx laughed softly at her friends babbling stupidity, keeping her voice low just incase. "I know, non of this feels real. It's like I'm dreaming." Jinx glanced at Willow and nudged her friends shoulder playfully. "I'm glad I got stuck with you aswell, you can be smart too, if you try really hard!" she teased jokingly before glancing up at the window. Jinx looked at it thoughfully before jumping wildly at the groaning sound echoing from behind them. "Lets do this." she hissed quickly, running toward the window that Willow had indicated to.

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Willow | 50 comments The sound startled Willow and sent a shiver through her bones. Heart pounding, she raced after her Jinx. "Oh my god, oh my god.."
She looked up at the window, slightly breathless after running a few yards, and returned her gaze to Jinx. "Do that thing we did when I was tryna get onto the garage roof!" Her eyes were wide and serious in the ghostly light of her torch.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments "BUT THAT DIDN'T WORK!" Jinx screamed at her, face stretched, eyes wide with terror and surprise. She glanced down at the yapping Harvey and softly panting Tucker before sighing, sliding down onto one knee. "I don't have a ring." she teased, looking up at Willow from her half kneeling position before linking her fingers like a step, looking imploringly up at Willow. "Quickly." she hissed, the sound of shuffling groans growing ever closer, ever louder.

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Willow | 50 comments Willow placed her foot on Jinx's hands. "I'm not as fat as I was back then." ((hopefully that will be the case anyway))
She counted to three then leaped, swinging the bat with her. The window shattered and Willow flinched as shards of glass exploded around her. She dropped the torch and it smashed into a thousand pieces on the concrete floor. "Gaargh--sperm!" She spat furiously and landed on her feet beside Jinx. "Are your hands still on?"

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments Jinx grumbled something almost unintelligebly about that making her obese in comparison before grunning with the effore of propelling Willow up befor shards of glass cascaded down like razor sharp rain. Glinting shards nestled their way into Willow's hair and she laughed nervously at her friend. "Sperm? really?" she giggled, but her voice was frought with tension as the voices grew louder and louder. Harvey, curled around Jinx's feet, whimpered. "Come on, just do it." she said, sinking back into a crouch and re linking her fingers.

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Willow | 50 comments ((I've got such a bad headache Dx didn't go to school today))

The distinct—almost comical—groans of the undead made Willow shudder. They sounded alarmingly close and despite their slow, clumsy movement Willow had visions of one pouncing on both her and Jinx from the shadows surrounding them. That thought alone caused an adrenaline rush, and she placed her foot on Jinx’s palms and, using the muscles in her other leg, launched herself into the air.
As quickly as her weak arms would allow, she gripped the windowsill, wincing as minuscule splinters of glass dug into her fingers.
Grunting with effort, she clambered through, accidentally kicking Jinx on the shoulder. "Sorry!" she said from inside. "See ya sucker!"
She stomped her feet to make the sound of running footsteps, as though she had abandoned her friend.
"Hehe, bare jokes." She poked her head out of the shattered window and held a hand out to her friend.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 40 comments ((Ahw, didums:( I wish I hadn't gone to school today!! Just bought one part of your prezzie! Btw wanna come over and be lazy tomorrow? <3 ))

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