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ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Could I be boy b?

message 2: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Aww.. I actually go easily with boy B because it's more comfortable for me.. Wait.. Which one is boy B again?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments The nerd.... I'm more of a geek myself.

message 4: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Me too. I'm a nerd.. How about twisting the plot a little? So there are now two nerds.. BoyB and BoyC. BoyA likes BoyB while BoyB and BoyC have a secret relationship? :D

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Now that just sounds confusing -.-

message 6: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Love triangle.

The popular one likes one of the nerds. But the two nerds are in a secret relationship. Better?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments I like the way it was before... could you try to be the popular?

message 8: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Hmm.. I'll do my best!!

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Kay character?

message 10: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Name: Eli Vandescent

Age: 16

Date of Birth: November 24th

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Eli is a little short for his age, but he is lean and slightly muscular. He has messed up chocolate brown hair that will stick up from time to time. His eyes are coloured light brown with flecks of gold in them.

Personality: Eli is a rather flirty type of guy. He's been in relationships more than anyone else has been, guys and girls alike. Currently his own personality would be the playful and sweet boy just to win over his latest one.

Hobbies and Likes:
~ Reading
~ Listening to music
~ Eating. He never gets fat no matter how much he eats, and simply only grows stronger, and soon to be taller.

~ Chores
~ Heavy Metal music
~ Weird Creeps

Markings: He has a small tattoo on his left hip and one on his right wrist. Oh and he also has one on his ankle.




ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Name: Collin Derant
Age: 17
Appearance: description

message 12: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Soo..? How's Eli?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments He's good... though I do like to keep mine simple. If I type a character out in great detail, I tend to ignore it and go my own way with it.

message 14: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Okay! Would you like to start?

message 15: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Jinx?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin was in the science lab helping clean the beakers for Mr. Forbes. His hands moved around each beaker, making sure that they were clean to the best of his ability. Mr. Forbes patted him on the back as he passed him to walk out of the room.

message 17: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Eli walked to his locker and prepared his belongings, passing by one of the girls he had been with. She gave him a glare as if she wanted to kill him, turning away afterwards. A random guy came up to Eli, asking him if he was free, which he was. Somehow they made plans even though Eli's heart wasn't in it. He saw Collin walk out of a room and smiled softly, going over to flirt.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin sighs softly, wiping his somewhat wet hands off on his pants. He smiles softly before heading to another class to see if he could help. Small whispers swirled around the hall, but he ignored it. He only stopped at his locker to grab his English book.

message 19: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Someone stepped beside Collin. Of course it was Eli. "Hey there, Collin." Eli said smoothly, smiling as he did. He wanted Collin to like him back but certainly that could as well be wishfull thinking.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments "What is it, eli?" Collin's voice was calm and nice like it was to everyone. His locker shut with a light click before he started out for English. He was always bothered by eli for some odd reason. Eli the popular play boy, that swings both ways, was after him and he could see the reason why. It kinda irritated him, and that feeling was rare.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Eli's next class was English too and he ended up following next to Collin the entire time. "What else, Collin? You still don't want to?" He sent Collin another flirty smile. One day, he swore, one day Collin would be his.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments "No." Collin says as he opens the door. "And I don't see why you persist with this. It makes no sense." He walks to his usual desk in the front and sits down. He pushed up his glasses as they started to fall. Mrs. Coals called the class to attention as the bell rang.

message 23: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Smiling still, Eli took his usual seat at the back of the class. He though over Collin's question and silently answered it. ‘Because you're cute and smart, Collin’.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin passed out the tests they did yesterday and to no surprise, he had gotten an A. He sat down in his seat when he had finished. He waited for his next instruction for which to obey.

message 25: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments To his surprise, Eli found he had gotten a B+ Which was a rare score for him. He usually got Cs or lower than that.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin lays his head down as Mrs. Coals started to reach. He listens closely to the the words. His mind wonders of as he fell asleep, a rarity for him, though he still took in what the teacher taught that class.

message 27: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Eli watched Collin, chuckling to himself when he saw the star student fall asleep.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin woke up when his name was called for a question, which he answered correctly. His rubs his eyes from under his glasses. A small yawn came out of him as he fixed his glasses on his nose.

message 29: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Eli gazed in amazement at Collin wondering how he could do that. Of course. He was the smartest so he could certainly do that.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin let out another yawn before he got up to pass out papers to the class. He was excused by the teacher to go to another class to work on his classwork.

message 31: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments ‘Well there goes my chance..’ Eli sighed and began on whatever task he had just received.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin heads to the art room and starts to work. He was asked to help with the middle school class Mrs. Mobly had at the time. He smiled at the kids as he helped with idea and a few complicated thing in their project, but nothing more.

message 33: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments He would have to try again later on. For the meantime Eli would concentrate on the task for once. After reading the instructions he set to work, finishing faster than he expected to finish.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin laughs as a kid squirted paint on their shirt. He got caught in the crossfire and he laughed harder. He took the kid to the sink in the back so they both got cleaned off.

message 35: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments He art class was next to the English class and whenever Eli heard Collin's laugh he felt warm inside. Collin tended to do that to him.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments "A small stain your mom can get out when you get home. See this is why we wash it out before it dries." Collin smiles to the kid, who nodded and ran off to his next class. He smiles, running a hand through his hair.

message 37: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Eli was fidgeting around, wanting to try to get Collin to like him. H thought over his entire plan but he didn't come up with anything.

(( well how will Collin start liking Eli? Help me think?))

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin sits in his normal chair in the class and opens his sketch book. His pencil glided over the page as he started to draw.

((He could take Collin's sketchbook.

message 39: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments (( and.....))

Eli was done and he found out they could have free time. He smiled and watched Collin draw, deciding to just watch his crush.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments ((Look through it))

Collin finishes his doodle and flipped to a different page. He started to draw something else.

message 41: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments (( what can be in it?))

Silently, Eli walked up and watched over Collin's shoulder. "You're really good." He said in surprise.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin jumps slightly at Eli's voice. Where did he come from. He hadn't heard him come close.

((Dragon, wolf, a detailed fairy))

message 43: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments "Collin, I'm saying the truth. You're really good at these. I can't draw for anything.." Eli trailed off in amazement at the dragon, the fairy and the wolf.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin felt his face heat a little at Eli's words. They were nice and flattering. He looks down at the picture that he was drawing and sighs softly.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments "You're really amazing." Eli hesitated because he wanted to say something more but he decided against it and went back to his seat.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin put his pencil down, now having artist block. He rubs his forehead with his fingers.

message 47: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Eli opened a book and began to read, his mind thinking about Collin the entire time.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin shakes his head lightly as Mrs. Mobly started class. He doodled blindly as she told the class about their project.

message 49: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Eli listened, noting own they needed to create an essay about human rights and what laws they would create if they got the chance to.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 1301 comments Collin sighs and starts to work on the project. He stops writing when his hand started to cramp.

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