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Megan Is it still coming out? I haven't heard anything from the author or even rumors in a while.

Julia I believe it is
They've found someone to write the screenplay (Julia Hart) recently so it's on its way :)
If you go on Jamie Mcguire's site she put recommendations on who she wanted to play the characters for the film, so excited!

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Lysa Heard bad news the 2nd book isn't as good. Any other opinions on that? Walking Disaster.

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It would be great if they mixed both Abbey's and Trav's POV in the movie. But whatever they choose, I can't wait. :)

dils When I first read the book I fell in love with Travis Maddox, and I searched his name in the Google search bar and clicked images...Colton Haynes popped up. Oh My God! I have never heard of him before, or seen him before, and he was exactly how I imagined him. I watched Teen Wolf because of it. I know so many people who loved this book and have said the same thing. I hope they decide to cast him as Travis Maddox. I have high hopes for this movie, it truly is one of the greatest books I have ever read, and I hope everything is as good as it was in my head when I read it.

dils Pick Colton Haynes as Travis Maddox. OMG PLEASE.

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Amy Movie??? What! I think my heart just stopped! Where can information be found about this....

J.S. No info really that I can find other than its def happening- imdb confirms this. No cast confirmed yet, still in preproduction.

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GB Noriega Lysa wrote: "Heard bad news the 2nd book isn't as good. Any other opinions on that? Walking Disaster."

The second book, from Maddox's perspective, is good. I skipped a lot of what I had already read in the first, you know, the repeat conversations. But the world through his perspective is very interesting and funny. He made me laugh quite a few times with the way he described certain things. You also find out what happens when he was not around Abby.

Zhan'quin ogmigod, ohmigaaaaaahd!!!! I seriously need to see this movie, Beautiful disaster is actually one of my top fav books, i read it whenever i have nothing to read which is quite often, i never get sick of it


OMG :( everyone check this out! although they have a writer production will take a while!! It wont be as soon as we hoped...

Humera I think this would be better than these erotica movies that's coming out, if so because its annoying and this is perfect.

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