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Hey you made it !!!

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So you're blank right now in story department *raised brows*

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Well depends sort of I guess are you a realistic or fantasy roleplayer?

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well I do both :) I can do realistic, fantasy and dystopian too :) wbu ??

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Do you play guy or girl?

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I play guy, or we can do doubles :)

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Sure doubles might work for my idea.

Here's the vid:

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The link isn't working :(

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Try looking up Cool by Gwen Stefani on youtube

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Sorry I fixed the link.

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O.k I'm looking up wait :)

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O.k so you wants a realistic, post breakup scenario ?? As far as I'm able to deduce it..

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Well it doesn't have to be realistic it can be fantasy.

Here's my depiction:

Girl and boy have been friends for a long time and one summer tried to be more and being more only worked out for a few months because they were driven apart for stuff like possible career changes than ten years later they end up engaged with someone else.

My add in: Maybe what happens is the girl or guy supposedly dies then comes back to life. (view spoiler)

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o.k I see well that's a good idea, maybe our girls were sisters, who dies in a car accident ?? with their family.

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And come back to life around the same time.

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Yeah but how they comes back to life ??
and are they souls or human flesh ??

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Human flesh.

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ok, that cool, since I'm playing two ghost boys already :P

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They'll turn out to be angels since they were pure at heart.

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Ohh, so they becomes angels, that's cool :) and our guys are engaged to someone else... they becomes angels.
I'm thinking from where we should start ? before the accident or present time when they are engaged.

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My idea was for the girls to end up switching guys.

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Ohh that sounds more fun :):)

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:) Characters?

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You mind starting ??

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Name: Jennifer Jones
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Name: John Senses
Age: 26
Gender: Male

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Name: Clara Jones
Age: 25

Name: Michael William
Age: 24

((Thought I should use their acquaintances :P))

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((Michelle ??))

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((Yes would you like to start?))

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((of course, why there's a delay in a good work :P))

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((Would you like to post first is what I meant))

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((Crap, I didn't read it correctly and was waiting for your post....can you ?? *asks politely*))

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Jennifer Jones was very close and talkitive with her good friend John Senses. They were great friends and felt like nothing could seperate them or even make them want to be with someone else until the day Jennifer and her sister went out for the night and on the way home and got into a car accident.

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Clara's life was perfect, with a great sister and an awesome boyfriend plus with great friends. She never has imagined better, nor she had wanted a better life than this. She was looking forward to get married soon. But fate wasn't on her side, she was returning home with her family, when a drunk truck driver broke the signal and smashed their small hatchback. Everyone was killed on the spot, without even feeling how the pain of death feels.

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The stange thing is when death came to take her she had sprouted wings and flew away. What was going on? She did not know but she surely hoped that her sister was going to be alive too.

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Clara at first felt numb, her senses were all gone. Now finally, she will know what happens to the people when they dies. She slowly started to rose up in the air, and looks at her side, where there was a set of beautiful wings.

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Jennifer didn't see her sister anywhere but could clearly feel her presence all around her. "Clara where are you?" Her voice echoed with the only response she would get. With that she imagined a door and walked through it not knowing exactly where it would take her.(view spoiler)

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Michael sat on the edge of a chair, looking blankly at anything. He was upset, or kinda worried, that nothing was working good with Clara and now she was away with her parents on a picnic.

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