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Alana (alanasbooks) | 730 comments Mod
November thriller time. The Grey is a fairly recent release, with just one film adaptation, starring Liam Neeson. It involves and plane crash in Alaska and takes "survival" to a new extreme.

I haven't read the synopsis yet myself, for fear of getting spoilers, but the few sentences I read are reminiscent of a few other stories and films.

What is your take on the story? The film? Similar premises to any others?

Silver I think the premises of man being pitted against nature and himself being brought back into a more primal state in order to survive is a very familiar story. The movie in particular (which I saw before I knew it was based upon a book) brought to the mind of the movie Alive.

I just started reading the book today so I have not yet got that far in reading but so far I enjoy the narration of the story. I think the book does have a bit of a more original take on the subject because the narration style gives the book a very psychological aspect. One thing I like in the book that you don't really get the sense of in the movie is the narrator seeming to have a moral conflict with what we does. Within the book you get a sense that he does not seen to really enjoy doing what he does.

message 3: by Elena (new)

Elena | 109 comments I saw the movie and somewhat liked it... However, it was too gruesome for me to attempt to read the book too - I just saw no need... It's a standard man vs. nature drama (like Silver said - brings to mind movies like Alive, etc...).

Zeljka (ztook) | 2833 comments Mod
I read The Grey two weeks ago. From the note at the beginning, it is somewhat expanded version of the first story upon which the film was actually done. I don't know what exactly was expanded unfortunately, but what I've read was really good. Gritty and frightening. I adore animals and am for their protection, but if some would go after my companions and me in such relentless manner... Ugh. So not appealing.
I was impressed by the writing style. The story didn't require me to like the characters, yet I cared for them and felt compelled to read asap what happens next till the very end. Much of it was translated pretty well to the screen, although I would have to see the movie again, because I remember the ending of the film irked me, while the book now didn't so. Maybe the movie tried to make the story less realistic, more transcendental; while the book has some mystical elements, but I think they are rather in the narrator's mind than real. Maybe I just misunderstood the point :)

Alana (alanasbooks) | 730 comments Mod
I found this whole story rather odd. I couldn't help but think of the movie "Identity" (view spoiler) and a combination of the end of The Hunger Games, at least the part (view spoiler) and Life of Pi (view spoiler). Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it felt like it was in some sense all going on in his mind, like he was internally fighting off all of his demons, slowly working through them, but reluctant to see them go, at the same time. His biggest demon was the fear of influencing his son to become like him (ergo, the largest wolf). Maybe I've just read too many metaphors in stories, but honestly, who has ever heard of a pack of wolves acting like that? They hunt or kill something when it threatens them, but to relentlessly chase down someone without the intention of eating them? I don't know that much about wolves, but I just don't remember hearing about things like that. Unless you go down the "they left no survivors" track.

Anyway, it got very strange by the end, and I'm just not sure what I think of it yet.

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