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Jordan (jordyleigh) | 1146 comments Alannah Hansen



She is very nice and caring. She loves the sport, soccer. She brings the team to state. She may be the captain, but she isn't popular. The cheerleaders and football players hates her. She sticks up for herself, and others. She speaks her mind, but not if it hurts people.

Her parents died when she was young. She never had anybody to turn to, except for her brother. They were really close after their parents died. When he left for boot camp, she was devistated. She thought it was forever until the day came. She is adopted, but their parents never cared about her. Her dad came home, and secretly beat her up, not infront of her brother. He doesn't know about it, because her adopted dad made her not tell him.

She has a necklace that her mom gave her before she died. She has never taken it off ever since.

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Jordan (jordyleigh) | 1146 comments ((When I mean by she was adopted, they were adopted after their parents died.))

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Jordan (jordyleigh) | 1146 comments I don't care. Older than she. My brother had to be 18 to go to boot camp.

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Jordan (jordyleigh) | 1146 comments Hello?

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Jordan (jordyleigh) | 1146 comments Okay

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