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Ken (kensamcampo) Teachers do not need approval and neither do Coaches and Parents. Students don't need approval either anymore. It was too much of a hassle. Teacher characters go on this thread.

Name: First, middle, and last
Age: 50+
Subject they teach: Biology, ect.
Grade the subject they teach is mainly for: 9th, ect.
Appearance: description, link, or pic

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Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Hathor Femi-Khepri-Monifa-Mosi-Mukamutara-Mukarramma Larroquinte
Meaning (First Name): The name of the Goddess of Destruction
Meaning (Middle Names): Love, Morning Sun,Lucky, Born First, Daughter of Mutara, and revered
Age: 58
Subject they teach: Biology
Grade the subject they teach is mainly for: 9th (but some older students take this class if they got kicked out of their other schools)
Theodore "Teddy" Larroquinte (Son, Open for Creation) [16 years old and on the football Team]
Dakkota "Dak" Larroquinte (Husband)
Martin Larroquinte (Brother, Open For Creation. Chemistry Honors Teacher of PineCrest. 56 years old)
Mutara Larroquinte (Mother, 90 years old. Open For Creation. AP Government Teacher of PineCrest)
Nuru Larroquinte (Sister, 55 years old. Open for Creation. Physiology Teacher at PineCrest)
Panya "Pan" Larroquinte (Twin Sister, 58 years old. AP Art Teacher at PineCrest. Open for Creation.)
Akhom-Akiiki Larroquinte (Father, 90 years old. AP WoodShop Teacher at PineCrest. Open for Creation)
Anpu Larroquinte (Brother, 53 years old. Open For Creation. WoodShop 1 Teacher at PineCrest)
Atsu Larroquinte (Brother, 53 years old. Open For Creation. WoodShop 3 Teacher at PineCrest)
Azizi "Zee" Sudi Larroquinte (Brother, 50 years old. Choir Teacher at PineCrest)
Personality: Hathor loes football and she loves soccer. She loves Biology and she loves teaching. She loves talking to students and helping them with their homework. She loves being able to talk to the other teachers and to have fun. She loves music and she loves the song Mamma Mia. Hathor loves her family and she loves being around people like him. She loves skateboarding and she loves sports. She loves going to watch Teddy play football games. Hathor spends a lot of time with Biology and she loves doing so.
Other: Grew up playing football and soccer. Skateboarded and still does. Was Always The Best in Biology compared to her siblings. Speaks Fluent English and Fluent Egyptian.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Azizi Sudi Larroquinte
Meaning (First Name): Precious
Meaning (Middle Name): Lucky
Age: 50
Subject they teach: Choir
Grade the subject they teach is mainly for: All Grades
Teddy Larroquinte (Nephew)
Dak Larroquinte (brother-in-law)
Martin Larroquinte (Brother)
Mutara Larroquinte (Mother)
Pan Larroquinte (Sister)
Nuru Larroquinte (Sister)
Akhom-Akiiki Larroquinte (Father)
Atsu Larroquinte (Brother)
Anpu Larroquinte (Brother)
Personality: Zee loves football, soccer, and wrestling, and he loves to watch Teddy playing in football games. Zee spends a lot of time with his guitar and with music. Ever since he was a young kid, Zee loved and he still loves music and choir. He also loved and still loves singing. He loves teaching kids how to improve their talent in singing and he loves talking to students. He loves putting on concerts for the rest of the school to see and he loves helping students improve their talent and teaching students how to sing. He loves skateboarding and he loves talking to people.
Other: Grew up playing Soccer, Doing Wrestling, and Playing Football. Grew up playing Guitar. Grew up doing Parkour. Still Plays Guitar and Sings. Goes By Zee. Grew up skateboarding and still does. Speaks Fluent Egyptian and Fluent English.

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