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Heyyel Wilcox

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Gemma pulled the door open walking into the diner, she smiled to herself, today she was in a great mood for once. She stalked over to the cash register lady, the women smiled kindly. She hated being a skinwalker, it had so many possibilities of her death. Her hole family knew of her hertiage and she didn't mind. She ordered a slice of pizza and asked for a coke. She didn't want to stay in here for long, she never underestimated appearances of others. Anybody could be a supernatural like her or a hunter, who hunted supernaturals.

She only used her shifting abilities, when she needed to, because since she was a skinwalker, she could shift into a human. But skinwalking for to long could kill her, so she didn't use it that much. She wore pants with holes in them, she didn't like showing her body off that much. She had a gray tank top on with a leather jacket on, she had ankle high heels that were gray. She would sometimes wear heels, but it was rarely. Her hair lay limp on her shoulders, the lighting of the lights made her hair like a light brown, some of it looked almost black.

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Avery entered the diner. She had had a busy day and school, so she came her to unwind a bit before going home and facing her parents. She got on with them but sometimes they could be a little overbearing. She looked at the time, she had an hour before she had to be back as she had a hunt that night. It was a vampire so it should be an easy enough kill, the creatures that weren't easy to kill were demons.

She went up to the counter and ordered a strawberry milkshake and a plate of fries. She got her food and looked round for an empty table, upon finding one she sat down and looked around the place to see if there was anyone she knew.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) She grabbed her food, she had saw the girl walking in, she didn't trust her and who would, she was a supernatural. She sat down at a table as her feelings of content was crashed from the girl. She didn't know her, but something was off about her. She sighed, before taking a bite of her pizza. She put it down opening her soda, taking a swig, before looking around casually. There was some people here, but they weren't so many people. She liked it that way, being alone let her sift through her thoughts or sing while playing guitar. She didn't care how everyone thought of her, but she liked being a mechanic too. Her eyes locked onto the girl, she didn't smile, she wasn't one of those considerate people. She would say what she felt and she would never show weakness to anybody even her parents or sister.

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Avery put a fry in her mouth and chewed it. She then took a sip of her drink. She felt someones eyes on her and looked around. She saw a girl staring at her. She smiled warmly at her. From this distance she couldn't tell if the girl was supernatural or human. There was a difference in the way some supernaturals walked compared to humans. She sighed and ate a bit more of her food.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) She looked away watching out the window, before she took a bite of her pizza. She didn't have any friends, who would be her friend, she was different and she didn't trust anybody with her heart not even her parents. She loved them, but she didn't want anybody to betray her or even try to kill her. She had fun with her family, she had never met her real mother. She had died giving birth to her dieing after, all she knew that she was a great mechanic and that she was like me a skinwalker. This was, because the same had happened to her mother, her father she hated for he had tried to hurt her. That night still made her feel rage, he had wasted himself even he had a live. She was the cause of her mothers death, he would always say and she believed him even now. She hated that she felt this way, she pushed it out of her mind as she took a drink of her coke.

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Avery looked out the window lost in a daydream about what her life would be like if she was a normal human, one who could fall in love with who she wanted and have whatever career she wanted not a career that had to be based around her hunting. She often wondered whether the creatures she hunted where actually evil or whether they were just misunderstood but she put the thoughts out of her mind, things were confusing enough as it was without adding extra questions and morals to it.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Gemma stood up throwing her paper plate away holding her coke bottle. She watched other people, she didn't mind humans, its not like she killed them. Some supernaturals were killing humans and she usually was there trying to prevent the humans death. She didn't like how supernaturals killed innocent kids or adults for their own pleasure it disgusted her. She raked a hand through her hair knowing it was probably time to go home, but why would she leave. She wanted to be normal, but that would never happen, she sighed walking back to her sit, her heels clicking from the wood floor.

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Avery got up and chucked her rubbish in the bin. She checked her watch and saw that she had half an hour left before she had to get back. Well she might as well be sociable. She went over to the girl that had been looking at her earlier. " Hello," she said with a polite friendly smile.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Gemma looked over at the girl, "Hi, " She nodded acknowledging her. "What do you want?" She asked narrowing her eyes at her. She never would trust people, it was just personal, because of her father. She didn't mean to be rude, but she didn't like to talk to people much.

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" Just came over to be polite and I'm a little bored so I thought I would come and speak to you. You don't mind do you?" She asked. She didn't want to upset anyone just because she wanted to talk. She still couldn't tell if this girl was supernatural or human.

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(( night))

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) "Fine, " Mercy nodded looking at the chair across from her. "I'm Gemini, but people call me Gemma or Mercy, I prefer Mercy, " She said.

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"Avery. Nice to meet you," she said with a friendly smile, her English accent was quite thick on these words. She didn't have any friends at school and wondered how old the girl was.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Mercy nodded, she didn't say anything. She didn't know, but she felt like she needed a friend to know at the high school even if she didn't would trust her fully. "Okay, um. What do you like to do for hobbies?" She asked randomly, she wasn't good with conversation.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) ...

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Avery sighed. What did she do apart from hunt? " I like to dance and I also like shopping and researching history," she said. She wasn't afraid of looking a bit of a nerd.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Mercy nodded, "Nice, I like singing, dancing and mechanic stuff, " She said. What she disliked was what's she was, but she doubt that she would tell this girl.

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" Sounds cool. What type of music do you like?" She said. She was just trying to make conversation.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) "Um. Rock and roll, country and pop, " Mercy said looking at her.

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"Cool. I like country and pop," she replied with a friendly smile.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) "Nice, " She let a small smile spread across her lips. "What's your favorite song?" She asked looking at her.

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"Hmm probably I almost do by Taylor Swift or Counting Stars by one republic" she answered.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) "I love counting Stars, " She smiled. "I, also like Deal with the Devil by Pop Evil, " She said.

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" Haven'y heard that one, but I'll check it out," she said with a warm smile.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) She nodded smiling at her for once.

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Hayyel Wilcox walked over to the table were two people were sitting. She had a pen in one hand and a note books in the other " would you like to order anything more or a refill on drinks?" She said putting her weight on her left leg

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Mercy's eyes shifted from Avery to the other girl standing in front of them. "No, " She shook her head, she could see that she was leaning on one of her legs like she had hurt it or a disability. She wondered what she had done to have hurt herself or did she have a disability.

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" ok"she looked at the girl " an accident " she said as I'd she new what she was thinking and walked off to the back of the counter

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) She watched her leave, before she looked back to Avery. She was different then others, she was the only skinwalker in this town. She only shifted into a human, when she was in distress or she lost control of her power.

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Boba Jonah walked in his usual duster with some armor plates on it, he walked in and sat in a booth off to the side and slide his legs up to take a whole side of the booth and he crossed his legs his belt making a slight noise though it was louder then it should have been.

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Hayyel walked over to a man sitting in the far booth, she had a pen in one hand and a white flip book in the other " would you like to order" she said liking at the flip book then at the man

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Boba He took off his wide brimmed cowboy hat, set it on the table and asked "Y'all got whiskey?" He looked at her with his hazel brown eyes with one unique quality, they had a Bullseye print on them, lines crossing the pupil both vertical and horizontal.

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She looked at the mans eyes that stood out so much, she was going to ask him about it but thy went allowed to enquirer about a customers looks or personality " sir this is a diner not a bar" Heyyel said leaning on her left leg

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Boba "Hmm just a Coke then," He said noticing her leaning "You hurt yur leg little lady?" he asked wondering if she had gotten hurt recently. His duster slid down reveling his dual holstered S&W 500 revolvers.

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She noticed his guns " no" she lied " anything else you want to order?" She said changing the subject quickly

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Boba "Hmm you got a decent steak?" He asked noticing she had dodged his question and he shot her a knowing grin saying 'I know you just lied'.

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" yeah we do" Heyyel said jotting it down on her flip book " well I'm not a very good liar" she said

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Boba He smiled and tipped his has head, "Most can't lie to me Darlin" he said his accent of being a southern man coming through.

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" I feel and tripped" Heyyel said, she was telling the truth but she just wasn't adding in some of the important details, that's all

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Boba Jonah had seen enough people lie through omission to hear its subtle inflections after all he was master of sound. "I feel there is more to that but I will let you get to work, maybe on your break or when your off we can chat?" he asked moving a hand through his slick brown hair.

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"S-sure" Heyyel said, she walked back to behind the counter to get the chief to make his meal, she came back with a drink of coke and a steak with a side of salad, she place it in front of him " my shift is over now" she said sliding into the other side of the booth

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Boba Jonah gave her a half grin as she handed him the food, it changed to a full grin when she sat down. "So the real story behind the lean?" he asked gulping some Coke then eating the salad.

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She hid her hands under " I fell from a er" she tried yo think of a word to use" high place and hurt my leg"

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Boba Jonah eyed her curious "Trying to jump or accident?" he asked wondering why such a pretty lady would do the first. He soon was eating the steak a little fast but it didn't bug him.

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" err accident" Heyyel said " I was fly- er I mean running and I just tripped that's all" she said not keeping eye contact

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Boba "Flying eh?" Jonah asked hearing her slip and continued eating not shaken in the least. He was near done then finished his last bite and wiped his mouth.

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" no" Heyyel said uneasily, she tried to keep her voice straight but she let out a quiver when she said no. How could I let that slip!, she said angrily with herself

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Boba Jonah caught her waiver and grinned "No need to hide it from me Darlin, unless you have a bounty on you?" He asked curious if a woman such as her would get a bounty.

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" no, I don't" she said in protest but then went back to shy " it's just I don't tell many people who I am" Heyyel said looking down at the table, fiddling with her hands underneath

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