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~Melissa~ | 5015 comments Pat & ~Melissa~ - Damien

PepperP0t hey woman! so are we just gonna do Damien or finish off the series since it's only a couple of books? I'm good either way

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments Hey - we can finish the series here. I changed the title of the folder to Nightwalkers.

PepperP0t ok I'm good. I had reading withdrawal and started Forgotten Sins (Sins Brothers, #1) by Rebecca Zanetti , I'm really liking it (plus I needed it for another challenge)

I'm fine if Debbie or anyone else wants to join. Like you I don't think it matters if its in order, they have enough stand alone to be out of order.

PepperP0t so I'll start this tomorrow -- gonna go "chat" with hubs

PepperP0t Oh My God I'm bored with this book. I was wide awake when I started reading and then I couldn't hold my eyes open. It has to get better and soon. Its so overwritten I lose track of what's supposed to be going on.

At least now they've met.

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments I started this yesterday. I'm up to chapter 6 I think. I have to say I skipped over most of Ruth's rambling from when she kidnapped Syreena and don't think I missed much of the story. Is *new to this story* Jasmine Vampire supposed to be a big part of the Nightwalker world. Thinking she's kind of a pain and she hasn't even been in much of the book yet,lol.

I do feel like sometimes authors write way to much descriptive text - I tend to skim over when it gets too wordy. Of course, then if I miss something I have to go back and find it :D
will read more at lunch and tonight

PepperP0t I finished a book I loved and read a book I liked yesterday - then this! really? Life's way too short. she'd been kidnapped when I stopped. somewhere in chapter 5 I think

PepperP0t ~Melissa~ wrote: "I started this yesterday. I'm up to chapter 6 I think. I have to say I skipped over most of Ruth's rambling from when she kidnapped Syreena and don't think I missed much of the story. Is *new to th..."

so if you skim when it gets too wordy how can you read this at all? seriously a paragraph to tell me there is a rug at the end of the stairs, which you told me with one sentence at the end of the previous paragraph?

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments I know - that is my issue with authors. I don't need an entire wordy description of what the room looked like, what type of furniture was in it etc. Just give enough to convey what the tone of the room is and go from there - does that make sense. See why I would never be a writer!! One of my issues with KA at times - I think it was Heaven and Hell where there was lengthy paragraphs of every little detail of her outfit - uh yeah - not interested - can we get back to dialogue??

message 11: by PepperP0t (last edited Nov 18, 2013 09:44AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

PepperP0t it makes you scream -- life's too short (or at least me).
I agree that KA can be long-winded as well but the difference with the KA books is that before she goes off on those tangents she's taken time to build interesting characters. i'm finding these mind-numbingly dull.

i'm ok when you say there's a runner on the stairs and describe the runner if its relevant, but i'm not ok when you describe the runner, the weavers of the runner and where they live and the factory the runner was made in and the colors and how they blend or clash and come back and describe the stairs and the materials and origin or those materials and the banister and how it accents.........

PepperP0t if Damien wants to know weary, he should have to read every sentence of this book.

i'm about 35% and its a little better (but don't get your hopes up) at least i'm awake

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments I read some more on my lunch. I'm fine when the book revolves around them but when it involves the Monk's, Pride and other stuff my eyes appear to glaze over. I think we're in for a long read about Syreena's childhood which I think could do without. I'm hoping I'm wrong! I don't need a blow by blow of your childhood to know that you felt and still feel like an outcast...

They are apart now and missing each other. Damien has just talked with Jasmine about what he thinks is happening to him - how cool - he just turned into a raven. I think it would be totally cool to turn into something that can fly

PepperP0t that's as far as I got as well

PepperP0t i'm at chapter 11. I agree that its more interesting when its Damien & Syreena (doesn't seem to be as much aimless rambling) but I find them both dull! I'm not picking up their chemistry. Jasmine's more interesting.

PepperP0t but chap 11 is interesting

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1052 comments I'm having a really good time reading the comments here. Y'all are cracking me up!! I had to go back and see what I rated it.

message 19: by PepperP0t (last edited Nov 18, 2013 05:15PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

PepperP0t hi Leslie -- they'e dull as dust, but I confess the last 40% or so has been so much better, but I don't know if it was worth all the pain in the beginning. its even blah when they argue.

they so need another villain, ruth has become way too much of a supervillain

PepperP0t i'm so pleased I'm almost done. I didn't wanna stop and fix dinner because I was convinced the momentum was in my mind and if I stopped it would go back to the dullness. do you remember the neverending story and the nothing, that's what this is

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1052 comments Ruth did bug the crap out of me, but I have to admit to loving Damien.

PepperP0t pass the eye bleach! this book made me skim some I don't do that. I need a comfort author right away!

anyway done! (view spoiler) (used spoiler cuz I don't know where Melissa is

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1052 comments No worries on the spoiler. I've read the entire series. And Melissa is probably hanging out watching MNF!!

PepperP0t you're right I forgot today was Monday.

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments Ok ladies - I finished it last night. Made myself as I didn't want to have to open it again today!!
Pat - I have no idea what happened in chap 11. Did they finally get together - when she went to him.
Have to say I liked Elijah and Sienna's book much more so than this one. I couldn't stand Jasmine - what a whiny bitch. Please - oh boo hoo he doesn't love you - give it up. I had to go and look at the blurb for Noah's book cuz I was afraid she will be his hea and another book with her will make me want you to pass me the eye bleach!!

I'm still surprised that Ruth had Jasmine that whole night and did not turn her over to her side - that was what I was thinking would happen.
Nico(psycho) - was not seeing Ruth turning another Nightwalker to her side but you know she lost her daughter who fawned all over her - she needs another follower

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments Pat wrote: "i'm at chapter 11. I agree that its more interesting when its Damien & Syreena (doesn't seem to be as much aimless rambling) but I find them both dull! I'm not picking up their chemistry. Jasmine's..."

Yeah - there wasn't a lot of chemistry with these two which surprised me after Sienna's book.

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments ~Leslie~ wrote: "I'm having a really good time reading the comments here. Y'all are cracking me up!! I had to go back and see what I rated it."

:D - we aim to amuse Leslie

message 28: by PepperP0t (last edited Nov 19, 2013 07:15AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

PepperP0t Chapter 11 wasn't such a great chapter, it just had some chemistry -- it was between ruth & jasmine! but this book so needed some chemistry between somebody. and someone you could either cheer for or complain about. this couple was so middle of the road a secondary character at least had the gumption to make you not complain about their complaining!

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments Oh - chap 11 was the night of Ruth and Jasmine together. Ruth is a complex character at least.

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments Hey finished both The Darkest Craving (Lords of The Underworld, #10) by Gena Showalter and Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) by Kristen Ashley this week.
DC - maybe it's me the characters are starting to aggravate me. They always do the same crap - can't tell her what I'm thinking - don't deserve blah, blah, blah and the girls do the same thing. Drives me kinda batty as it is in every book. Wondering who Torin's mate is going to be. Interesting set up with William the ever Randy's kids in the mix.
Knight - ok - I was good for a while there except for her calling him Daddy all the time which totally squeeged me out on a whole bunch of levels. Um yeah...just no... I had one and trust me -love him but that is not who I want to be thinking about or saying that name while doing it.
Then (view spoiler) ok end of rant. Didn't love it -didn;t hate it - will give book #2 a go.

I want to read the Immortal highlander first and then will probably get to Noah as I have it from the library. Maybe Wednesday. Would that work for you? I'll have it for three weeks so can fit in whenever.

PepperP0t OMG! your super powers are working really well. I was just thinking we had to get Noah out of the way because my buddy read calendar is filling up! Wednesday is good.

I felt the same way about both books. except I kept referring to LOTU as POTU (Princes instead of Lords)& LOTU-light. I liked Knight other than that, I don't get guys wanting to be called Daddy when they aren't with my Mom

I got a read with Debbie starting next week on Jennifer Ashley's Highland series
In January I have the read with you and Ezi for Guardians of Eternity - we need to come up with a date
In January I also have a read with Debbie and Dawn - we're doing Maggie Shayne's Wings of the Night and we have to come up with that date too.
I don't think I'm incapacitated by Nyquil anymore I've been completely drunk on it for a couple of days - had me rather stupid - ok TMI

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments OMG - hubby and I hate Nyquil *hangovers* as we call them. We don't take the liquid anymore ever. We do the gel caps. I can only handle taking one. I'm a total wuss when it comes to meds. No high doses of stuff for me. I hope your feeling better soon. Stinks to be sick and not making sense :D

Yeah - every time I thought an okay Daddy or yeah Daddy was coming up I had to gloss over - otherwise I would have frequently needed your eyewash. I can handle just about any other endearment (if you can even consider that an endearment) but that one,lol

Excellent will plan for Wed with Noah. I have the Mercy Thompson BR with Leslie first week of Dec. Then a few ( I think 4-5) m-m BR's with Ezi and Jennifer C - no clue why I did that to myself in Dec?!? Probably to force some quiet reading time.

PepperP0t gotta get my dinner ready for the oven, afterwards I'm gonna start Noah (Nightwalkers, #5) by Jacquelyn Frank & The Way Home by Cindy Gerard

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments Happy Thanksgiving Pat! We are headed later today to my sis in law. I have to get a dish ready later. It's nice not to have to make the whole meal. I'll be hosting Christmas so will get to make the meal then.

I started this last night and read some more this morning. It appears that there is a fairy tale story written into the book as well. Could be why it is almost 500pgs long!?! Noah has already managed to piss off Bella. His destined mate - all rough around the edges :)

I started Possession (Fallen Angels, #5) by J.R. Ward too. Not too far in yet.

PepperP0t happy thanksgiving ma'am. We're home today were invited out but hubby has strep. I'm only just thru the prologue so I haven't met the mate yet, but already so much better than Damien for me. I also plan to start The Way Home

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments Hope hubby feels better. It has been better than Damien so far. Hopefully it stays that way ;)

PepperP0t it's gotta cuz Damien was pretty close to a narcotic (& not the good kind)

PepperP0t have fun at SIL's. dinner was great here. so I guess I can read some more.

PepperP0t we could just make a drinking game out of this book too. there are so many opportunities here.

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments Not sure how far in you are. I just finished up chapter 15. Actually really enjoying Kestra and Noah. If not here yet wait for spoiler (view spoiler)

message 43: by PepperP0t (last edited Nov 29, 2013 11:46AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

PepperP0t I finished it already and am debating if I should just go on and clear away Adam. I agree, they were better than the last book, the writing makes me nuts. surely it doesn't take a paragraph or a half page that can be covered by 3 words

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments I have to say - like with other authors - when things get overly wordy for describing things that are unnecessary .... I skip ahead :)

message 45: by PepperP0t (last edited Nov 29, 2013 11:56AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

PepperP0t yup but with this you skip so much and have to back up to see what you missed.

I liked Kes and Noah showed us how far they would go - even more than Kane did

did you have a good time at SIL's?

I have a few that are around for last looks (one book to catch up or complete series) and I don't know which to choose! decisions, decisions. but I think I'm in the mood for something light

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments Yes - we had a good time. Good food, fabulous desserts and fun with family. We celebrated my children's birthdays while there as well w/hubby's family. Their birthdays are approx 2 wks apart between end of Nov and beginning of Dec. It was a little overwhelming though as she has a large family on her side - probably just me though - I'm not big on crowds.

PepperP0t sometimes family can be a crowd on their own and then you feel guilty for feeling that way :(

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments how true - how true :)

My Review from Book Bingo: While I did end up enjoying this installment of the Nightwalkers world. I found it to be much too wordy. Not sure we needed to add the fairytale about Noah's parents. Also, did we have to have this one end up revolving around Damien and Syreena - again. For me personally one book for them was more than enough. I did totally enjoy the play between Noah and Kestra. They ended up being a wonderful couple and was fun to watch them develop. Noah - a tad bit impatient with the girl getting with the program for someone who has waited 7 centuries to find his HEA. Not sure that was really plausible for who his character was in the last books. Woohoo - one more book and then I'll have a series completed.

I know that it was Samhain and feelings etc are extremem I just had a hard time believing that Noah could be that impatient with Kestra. Secondly - OMG this means the next book is going to be about Jasmine and Damien/ Syreena again. Blech!

I'm planning to try to finish Adam next week. So I can have it done. Will see if it works for either of my team challenges.

How is hubby's strep? Antibiotics doing their thing??

PepperP0t his strep is going away, but the moaning continues. i'm gonna get rid of adam this week myself. I want to be done with this series. I love the premise of it - the execution, not so much. it's too wordy and the characters seem all be schizophrenic. in one book they are one way, another - totally different, a third book brings out a third personality. way too much for this girls brain, just give 'em different names since they're gonna be different people.

ok end of rant! have a perfect day

~Melissa~ | 5015 comments I started Adam last night. Hated the first 30pgs. Within that time frame she managed to blow up everything from the first 5 books. Really that was necessary?!?! Thank God this is the last one.

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