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Kathy | 905 comments Our newest Q&A is with author and fellow Page Turner, Amy Bird. She is the author of Yours is Mine.

Yours is Mine by Amy Bird

Please post questions by 11/24/13

Here is the synopsis:

How far would you go to get your life back?

Kate Dixon is miserable. So when an email arrives from psychology student Anna, offering her a no-strings-attached, three month long life-exchange, she jumps at the chance. After all: what has she got to lose?

But she doesn’t bank on how much Anna has invested in the swap. How long she’s been watching, putting her immaculate plan together as she waits to enter Kate’s life. And as more comes to light about Anna’s past, Kate finds herself in a desperate race to protect all she holds dear.

Leaving your life in someone else’s hands is a dangerous game; Kate’s about to find out just how seriously her opponent is playing.

Yours is Mine is a chilling psychological thriller perfect for fans of Gone Girl and Before I Go To Sleep.

Want to know more about Amy’s inspiration for Yours is Mine click here: Amy Bird ‘Yours is Mine’ interview

Review for Yours is Mine:

‘Absolutely gripping…a real page turner.’ – 5* from Fernando on

‘…Amy Bird weaves together a world where nothing can be taken for granted, and the past comes back to haunt those who deserve it or not.’ – 5* from AdamJordan on

‘…there are twists and turns in here that you will never see coming.’ – 5* from Emma Kerry on
- See more at:

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Kathy | 905 comments What is your favorite author?

Who in your life inspires you to write?

What happens in the writing/publishing process?

message 3: by Mpiggy (new)

Mpiggy Do you start wherever in a new novel? Like at a random chapter? Or right from the beginning?

What's your favourite part of having a book published?

message 4: by Olivia (new)

Olivia McCloskey (brewingupbooks) | 2470 comments Mod
How do you create your characters? Do you model them after actual people?

What convinced you to start writing?

message 5: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 905 comments Here are the answers:

What is your favorite author?
Right now, I am very impressed with Gillian Flynn and Colette Mcbeth. They have a real skill in creating thrilling page-turners, but their prose is engaging and interesting too. More widely, I love Kate Atkinson, Zoe Heller, E.M. Forster, Joseph Connolly, Daphne du Maurier, Thomas Hardy and Evelyn Waugh.

Who in your life inspires you to write?
The characters that I think of are the ones that ultimately make me sit down and write. But in terms of who gives me the support and encouragement, that would be the tutors and fellow writers that I'm still in touch with from my creative writing courses; my husband, who is always enthusiastic to read my work and give feedback; and my editor at Carina UK, who I love working with.

What happens in the writing/publishing process?
Usually, the novel starts from a 'What if?' moment. For ‘Yours is Mine’, my debut psychological thriller, that was: ‘What if you surrendered your identity voluntarily?’ Then I'll turn the idea over in my mind, fleshing it out, until I've got a whole plot arc. Next comes the business of actually writing the novel. I tend to write the novel from start to finish, then on a second draft I'll go through and finesse it. After that, I'll get my trusty first reader (my husband!) to have a read to spot any glaring errors or suggest improvements, then I'll send it off to my editor. She gives my suggested structural/ plot/ character revisions, which I'll work into a third draft, then she'll give me more detailed revisions, and then finally we get to line and copy edits. While all that is happening, the design and marketing team will be liaising with my editor about cover ideas, and she'll present their proposals to me. With my current publisher, because they're digital, the speed from submission of my manuscript to publication is great - about three months - so all a bit of whirlwind.

Do you start wherever in a new novel? Like at a random chapter? Or right from the beginning?
I start right from the beginning. Usually, I have an idea for an opening, which sets the mood for the novel. Of course, once I've finished the book, I'll revisit the first chapter again (and again, and again) to check that is the right place to start, and hone it down, but the arc usually starts in the same place.

What's your favourite part of having a book published?
Getting my stories out there and sharing them with readers. I love it when people come up to me and say 'I read your book - great ending!" or something like that. It's so gratifying to think of people spending the time to read it. One person said it had kept them reading until 2am - I was really chuffed to hear that.

How do you create your characters? Do you model them after actual people?
The characters are usually inspired by the situation. So for 'Yours is Mine', I thought about who would actually surrender their identity. The answer was Kate, this very naive woman, bereaved and tired after her father's death from cancer, and lonely while her military husband was overseas. Then the question was: who would want to exchange identities with her? The answer was her polar opposite character, Kate's nemesis, Anna. You'll have to read the book to find out about her - I don't want to spoil it! My characters aren't based on actual people, but I hope they feel real.

What convinced you to start writing?
I'd always loved writing when I was younger, and then I wrote some sketches at university, which people seemed to respond well to. I saw how much fun my husband had writing as a hobby, plus I guess I'm a bit competitive - if he could do it, I was sure I could! But the key point was in 2009 when I had the idea for 'Yours is Mine', which opened up lots of other ideas for me. I haven't stopped writing since.

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